We Are All Right

Imagine a load of people standing at various points around a hill, all looking at the hill. If everyone took a photo from where they were standing, all the photos would be different, because no two people would be in exactly the same place. Some photos might be very similar, and some might be dramatically different. But each photo would be a correct view of the hill. I think this is analogous to our viewpoints in life.

Different people have different views of everything. And I think all our views are right. It depends on where you are standing. It also depends on some other things. Which way you are facing, for example. You could face away from the hill, you could face the people next to you, you could look down at the ground, or you could look up. You could move elsewhere and get a different view, from above, or below, or the other side of the hill. You could get a different camera, one which filters the light differently, or only does black and white. You could focus on the foreground or the distance. Or you could take your picture at a different time of day, or year.

We could all argue with each other about the correct view. The general pattern of thought that we are trained in is “My view is right, there is only one correct view, so therefore your view is wrong”. So we have a conundrum, everyone beleving they are the only one that is right! Either we squabble a lot, or we all have to stand very very close together to get almost exactly the same view, and even then there would still be small differences to argue about, and it would get very crowded!

I think a better thought pattern would be “My view is right, and so is yours”. Collectively, we could have a really big picture of that hill, far more interesting and useful than just one. If only we could accept that diversity, and encourage that diversity. No one person can get a really big picture, you can’t be in two places at once, or look two ways at once. And we waste a lot of time and energy squabbling, instead of sharing.

I believe that most of us are standing in much the same spot, because we have been herded together and directed to look the same way. Anyone who steps out of position or looks the wrong way is ridiculed or punished. This is achieved by parenting, schooling, religion, TV and marketing, and other methods. So our collective view has become very small. It also means that lots of hidden activity can go on where no one is looking. And we cannot get the big picture at all. Just lots of very similar photos, that we argue over, wondering which one is right.

Self-righteousness is considered a bad thing. What I don’t like about it is the other-wrongness that nearly always accompanies it. Maybe we need to move to All-righteousness. We are all right.

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3 Responses to We Are All Right

  1. george silver says:

    Moral of the story is when you go to cross a busy road don’t rely on the view of the person looking at the ground.

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