More Moon Ramblings

I am reading an amazing book called Who Built the Moon. Some of what I am reading is matching up with things I have observed for myself, which is good corroboration. The book is written from a scientific standpoint, and is carefully researched. Most of this post is information extracted from that book. The coincidences in the moon’s construction and behaviour are way beyond the realms of random chance.

400 ratio…
I have already observed that it is a curious coincidence that the apparent sizes of the Moon and Sun are identical, as seen at a solar eclipse. The exact relationship is the ratio 400, a somewhat neat number for people who count in 10’s. It is also 20 squared, which is rather nice too. The Sun is 400 times bigger and 400 times further away. Very very neat.

This is an indisputable number for the Sun Earth relationship. The Earth takes exactly 366 spins to complete a full revolution of the Sun. (We usually have 365 days, due to the sidereal effect). 366 is a number that crops up with the Moon too! The Moon orbits the Earth 366 times exactly for every 10000 Earth days. Very very neat.

Sunrise, Moonrise…
I have been noticing for a while that the Moon appears to have a relationship with the Sun, almost as if it follows it round the sky. This book explains how the Moon mimics the Sun. At the equinoxes, the Sun and Full Moon rise and set in identical positions. At the solstices, they rise and set in opposite positions. So the winter solstice moon rise is the same place as the summer solstice sunrise. Although all this is easily observable, it is not common knowledge, because people simply don’t bother to observe it!

Sun Worship, Moon Worship…
The next stage of thinking is that any buildings or monuments that are positioned towards the rising or setting sun at particular times of year, could equally well have been built for moonrise or moonset. The one that most interests me is the Summer Solstice Sunrise position which is also the Winter Solstice Moonrise position, as is carefully marked at Stonehenge. This is North East.

The flattest Earth circumference…
If you find the flattest circumference of the Earth ie. the one that traverses the most sea, you can get one with 98% sea. There is one land spot on the planet that is equidistant for all points on that circumference. Stonehenge!! Wow.

Pendulum facts…
Pendulums are independent of the Earths spin, so a continually swinging pendulum appears to change its direction as the earth turns. A pendulum swing is heavily influenced by a solar eclipse, which implies the moon is butting in and interfering again! You can use a pendulum as an accurate measure of time and distance by adjusting its length, so that it’s swing fits with the apparent movement of Venus across the sky. This means that we can recalculate the same time values and length values using only knowledge. We don’t need to carry a ruler or a clock.

Hospital admissions and the Moon…
Animal bites, aggression, and suicides all increase at Full Moon. Psychiatric emergency admissions peak at first quarter (waxing moon), and decrease around new and full moons. NASA try and fob off this idea as “wacky”. Which is not a very scientific approach. You would think they might be interested in such a coincidence.

Illuminati numbers and Moon missions…
Apollo 13, it would be 13, wouldn’t it, had a big bang at a certain point in their mission, when something went wrong. The bang was at exactly 55 hours and 55 minutes into the mission. And on 13th April!!! Was it planned?

Another meaning for rod…
If a pendulum is made out of just a straight wire, instead of hanging something on the end of it, it is called a “rod”. I would say that if a pendulum can be used to calculate distance and time measures, and it has the property of not being affected by the earths rotation, then a pendulum is “divine”. Rod and Divine are two very Biblical words which I am always curious about.

Squares and Circles…
Ancient measurements used in Ireland and elsewhere (similar to stuff I have seen on the Pyramids), can be analysed to give come a measurement called a Megalithic Yard, or MY. The MY multiplies up neatly using 366, 6, 60 and 366 again, to give the polar circumference of the Earth! Astonishing, early people were not so dumb after all! 366 is nice because it is the number of days the Earth takes to go round the Sun including the sidereal day. If you take the MY as your base unit of measurement, it neatly squares up to our old imperial measures of pint, feet, inches. If you use circles to convert instead of squares, you get our modern metric system. Thus both systems are based on the same measures as ancient days! The book pointed out the connection, but I am quite chuffed that I spotted that one is squares, and the other is circles. So in the UK, we have moved from squares to circles, as of 1971. Interesting. This also explains why the Moon turns at exactly 1km per second! Even though kilometres are supposed to be a modern invention!

The Moon is designed…
The evidence is overwhelming that the Moon is neatly designed to fit with the Sun and the Earth, and particularly from the perception of intelligent life on Earth. I have not yet got to the final punch line which will tell me WHO! To my mind it is quite possible that the Earth and Sun are also “designed”, and possibly all other planets.

(Ref: Who Built The Moon, by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler)

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One Response to More Moon Ramblings

  1. george silver says:

    I’m reading the book as well. I don’t think man ever got to the Moon. Still why let the facts spoil a good theory.

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