Queen Worship

The Day of Queen Worship is fast approaching on 5th June, and everyone is being hyped up into a state of nationalistic fervour. It is another one of those things when the government decides when you have your time off or business closure, and the government decides what you are going to do with your time off! Same as the Royal Wedding last year. They make it look generous, but it is all about control.

The Olympic Torch…
The Olympic Torch is another example of government dictating things. Schools were allowed time off to go and look at this little gas powered flame! (Though parents are crimnalised for taking their kids out of school for a family occasion or holiday). Businesses shut. People lined the streets to get a glimpse of what is actually a large cigarette lighter. What an incredible feat of marketing that is, to get everyone so hyped up about a gas flame? People were reporting how lucky they were to get close enough to see it. As if it was a famous person or an incredible show, but it’s only a gas flame.

It was interesting that the good weather arrived at roughly the same time as the Torch. People were really happy because of the lovely weather. The lovely weather also encouraged them to go to the Torch. Somehow the happiness has now been associated with all things nationalistic. I suspect people will now believe that it was the Torch, the Olympics and the Queen that have lifted their spirits, not seeing the Sun properly for the first time in 4 weeks. And I am guessing that good weather has also been ordered for Queen Worship Day.

Worship creates Energy…
What is the effect of so many people all focussing on the Olympic Torch all at once? A huge number of people focussing on the same thoughts, or acting the same way at the same time, can create something similar to a power surge. We have a whole summer of this coming up with the Jubilee, then the Olympics. All focus on our nation, our state, and glory in Brittania. Will it give them enough power to go to war? All our good energy is triggered, directed and carefully captured for other purposes.

Torch worship is pagan..
As part of the Torch celebrations in Bath, five concentric human rings were formed in The Circus, a piece of Georgian architecture based on Stonehenge, and Stanton Drew. This seems very reminiscent of pagan worship, and I strongly suspect that The Circus is centred on an Earth Energy point.

The Biggest FatCat on the Planet?…
The Queen owns a huge amount of the world. She is incredibly rich. She creams money off us all by sucking it up through the giant pyramid of control. She could bail us out of the recession single handed and barely notice the dent in her purse. Another huge marketing feat then, to get us all to worship her, to worship money, to worship control, to worship the state.

(See earlier posts : It’s the Thought That Counts, Power Points)

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3 Responses to Queen Worship

  1. suliwebster says:

    I have just found out that the Olympic Torch originated with the Nazis. Symbolic of burning Jews. And that explains why it has to be a gas flame. It was started at the 1936 Berlin Olympics to control and direct people’s energy. The 1940 and 1944 Olympics did not happen due to the War. The next Olympics was London! In 1948. The year George Orwell wrote 1984. The London Olympic Committee decided to continue with the Nazi gas flame in 1948, as they have done now in 2012. Are we repeating history? Don’t buy into it this time round. Let the Olympic Torch go out, it represents the continuity of the Nazi regime.

  2. george silver says:

    Is the Queen happy?

  3. suliwebster says:

    Good question, George. My experience of people who are significantly higher up the pyramid than me, is that they are not particularly happy. But I do not know the Queen very well! I do not envy anyone in the Royal Family, and what they are born into, with their lives controlled so heavily from before they are born.

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