Drinking Water

For some time there has been debate about the quality of our drinking water. I have been going round in circles with the subject myself for years!

Many people drink bottled spring water instead. Many people install filters to purify the water. Though these may give good improvements, they have some drawbacks. Bottled water usually comes in plastic bottles. The plastic leaches into the water, and you get through a lot of polluting plastic bottles. The water has to travel to get to you too. Filters probably help, but cost a lot to install, so not good for people who are moving on, or don’t own their own house, or are poor.

So I have been experimenting a bit with other possibilities. Water is an incredibly powerful substance, and it seems that it can morph and change quite easily with certain influences.

There are some ways of improving tap water. One is to boil it first, and drink it hot or cooled. Hot water is surprisingly nice, and is caffeine free too! Another way is to put the water in a jug, preferably ceramic, and let it stand. This helps evaporate off some poisons, like chlorine. Another way is to add some positive substances to the water, such as herbs, to make hot herbal tea, or a touch of lemon juice.

In the middle ages, or thereabouts, people drank ale as their water intake. Ale in those days was slightly alcoholic water. Not the strong percentage stuff we have now in supermarket cans. Perhaps a bit like ginger beer which has about 0.5% alcohol. They made the water into ale to cleanse the water, because it was not safe to drink otherwise, too contaminated. Even today, alcohol is used regularly to sterilise things, such as medical equipment, or open wounds. So that’s another way we could make our drinking water better. Alcohol has become almost a dirty word, something that healthy people avoid. But good quality, additive free alcohol, used in the right amount at the right time, is very beneficial.

Spring water is another option. Unless underground sources are contaminated, it is hard to see why spring water taken from or near the source should not be fine just as it is. Even further downstream may be a possibility too. All the green weed and rocks provide natural filters for any pollutants, as has been proved with compost toilets which use plant filtering to purify sewage. Of course, you can apply any of the tap water improvement methods to spring water too.

Boreholes and wells were used in days gone by to get water direct from the earth below us. Boreholes are still used today in the UK on islands which have no mains water, and therefore no water utility company! Their location is determined by divining.

And last but not least, talk, or think, nicely to your water. A Japanese researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, has studied the effects of this by observing water particles under a microscope. The differences are incredible! In the same way that snowflakes are formed by ice, water can form different patterns too. The water that is treated well (another watery word! ) is far more beautiful.

There is a lot of media talk about droughts to come. Despite the vast amounts of rain. What I think they are talking about is tap water drought. I feel that the utility companies are going to get more and more unreliable. We will still have other water around us, and I think it is good to remind ourselves that tap water is not the only source, we could manage without it, and that we also have ways of decontaminating water.

Ref: Talking to your water experiments: http://www.highexistence.com/water-experiment/

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4 Responses to Drinking Water

  1. george silver says:

    I only drink distilled water. Water is full of chemicals and hormones plus minerals that the body cannot utilise. These minerals are deposited throughout the body in joints and even the heart.
    The only minerals your body can use are ones that have been processed by plants. Wine is processed by a plant and is beneficial. So that’s nice.
    Buy a distiller.

  2. suliwebster says:

    I haven’t looked into distillers. Maybe I will now. I had an interesting experience yesterday drinking large amounts of herbal tea all day at work. I started the day with a mild migraine. Work is usually a good way to make it worse. But yesterday, it cleared up during the day! By the end of the day, I actually felt not just cured, but very well indeed! I must have had 2 or 3 pints of herbal tea though!

    Surely spring water is ok, if not interfered with? And that comes up through rocks, not plants. Or is further away from the spring better, because it has been through some plants then?
    I am a big fan of plants.

    • Eugene Erwin says:

      Distillers are only good for getting the solids out of the water. The chemicals will distill the same as the water and there is plenty of proof that the minerals in the water are good for you. The water softening companies have been circulating this misinformation for self gain.

  3. suliwebster says:

    I guess a distiller would be useful for sea water.

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