Opinion Poll Control

Have you ever wondered if we need elections? All we need is the opinion polls really. The opinion poll results are practically the same as the actual outcome. So the election is just a confirmation of what we already know, isn’t it? Just to prove we really did have a say, and it wasn’t the opinion polls dictating the result.

Wisdom Index is a new type of opinion poll, which has apparently proved very accurate. This is very curious because it doesn’t ask people what they want or what they will do, or what they are going to vote. It asks them to predict the outcome!

So for example, it asks people if they think the Monarchy will carry on. Even if you don’t want it to, you might answer yes. Or it might ask you what you think the outcome of the general election will be. How does such a sample of our predictions actually get to come true?

The results are published, and like the Jubilee, the weather, and Xmas, it is impossible to escape the opinion polls. There is an almighty media frenzy over them. Even if you ignore the media, lots of people you know will talk about it anyway. You cannot avoid the opinion poll news. So we all have implanted in our minds what the super accurate opinion polls say. Whether or not the opinion poll results are rigged is another question altogether, my guess is they ask the question in such a way as to get the answers they want.

Even if you want the monarchy to end, the opinion polls will lead you to BELIEVE that it will not, saying most people believe it will continue. So we all get swept away with the perceived crowd belief, the perceived collective thought. And if you want the monarchy to end, you are deceived into thinking you are a minority. You are deceived to think that most people WANT the monarchy to carry on. This is different from thinking that it WILL carry on. So you lose your own WILL to want something against the crowd. Our collective belief becomes a belief that the monarchy will continue, even if that was not originally the case. The opinion poll itself creates the outcome.

Opinion polls have always had this effect of self fulfilling prophesy. But now they are making it even more obvious how it is actually working. I first came across the Wisdom Index last week in the Daily Telegraph, a mainstream paper. The first web page I found on it has a nice picture of the Cult of the All Seeing Eye, a pyramid with an illuminated capstone, very very thinly disguised as a red carpet leading to a distant window, (see link below).

There is a way round this! Ignore the opinion polls. Continue to believe and think what you want to think, and to use your WILL to will the outcome you want. All our wills add up, a bit like votes do. And they all count. Our will can only be manipulated if we allow.

And if you think that most of the population were joining in the Jubilee, think again. Even mainstream papers were talking about 6 or 10 million people joining in. What were the other 50 million people doing then? Thinking they were in a minority for dropping out?


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2 Responses to Opinion Poll Control

  1. george silver says:

    Opinion polls and referendum are the weapons of the mindless majority imposing it’s will on the minority. Opinion polls, referendums and voting are ALL rigged. If voting ever changed anything it would be banned.

    We live in a World of subtle mind coercion. Some people are slowly waking up.

    ALL the controlled main-stream media has the task of indoctrinating the Sheeple.
    All the people who follow sport avidly are taken care of and no problem as far as our masters are concerned.
    The Royals and “personalities” cater for the next group of zombies.
    The TV “soaps” are for changing mass opinion with continuous indoctrination.
    Next the stories in the media that have no comments allowed are pure propaganda. i.e Syria.
    Then there are the health and climate scare stories to keep the chattering classes at each others throats.
    So what are we being guided away from?
    Fukushima and financial collapse which are flying our way like two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
    Both unstoppable. Be prepared.

  2. suliwebster says:

    I agree with what you say about the controllers and their methods. Though it seems as if they are making it more and more obvious all the time what they are up to. Either so they can gloat in how complete their control is or because they want us to know! I keep getting a very strong feeling that they want us to know, but how hard to they have to push us to wake us all up?

    You could well be right about Fukushima and the financial collapse being two things they are hiding behind the increasingly manic smokescreen. I feel that the skies and the planets might be playing a big part too.

    Any ideas about the other two horsemen? Biblical references always seem to creep into all this somehow.

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