Too Many Problems

Fracking is a problem I looked into a few months back. A new way of damaging the Earth, supposedly to get cheap gas. But I have lost track of what is happening with it now. Because I have been sidetracked by so many other issues. There is a similar thing going on with charities. All the causes seem valid, which one do you give your energy to? The problem is that there are so many problems!

As well as fracking, there are phone masts going up where no one wants them, wars, chemtrails, child abuse, animal cruelty, slavery, sickness. The list is endless.

Each one of these attacks on the planet and its inhabitants requires an enormous amount of effort to defend. Groups are set up to spread the message around, lobby politicians, collect signatures, research information, fundraise, provide a spokesperson for the media. This is all really good stuff, and sometimes there will be a success.

But even if we stop one thing, another one springs up. In fact I would say the rate of new attacks springing up is rapidly increasing. So there has to be a better way forward, one where we are not constantly in defence mode, or creating charities to try and sort out the damage. A way forward which creates lasting change.

I don’t think I have fully worked this out yet, but the phrase “Occupy Yourself” often springs to mind. At some level, we are all contributing to the attacks on ourselves and the planet, by contributing to the system that causes it. Fracking cannot happen if noone wants to work for the Fracking companies, for example. And the people that work for these companies are human beings, same as everyone else. They want a job so they can pay for their rent, or mortgage, bills, and food. It’s set up that way.

So how much of your own life contributes to the system? Do you support high house prices? Are you happy to make a profit from your house? Do you ever dig up the ground with noisy tools yourself? My street is always full of neighbourhood DIY noises, it’s like a mini fracking site. And I think that makes the whole thing more acceptable, more normal. It’s the same with chemtrails. We can protest about those, but how much do we contribute to the system that drives people to the jobs that make them happen? How much air pollution do we cause ourselves, from driving, or gas boilers etc?

It’s sort of convenient to blame chemtrails, fracking or whatever for the world’s problems, but there are mini versions of the same thing all around us. If you are against war, look at how much you hate other groups of people. If you are against slavery, look and see if there is anyone around you who you claim some ownership of, or anyone who claims ownership of you.

I often find that if I am angry at someone or something, if I look a bit deeper, I find that I am angry with the very same thing in myself! This is actually really good news because it is much easier to change myself than to change anyone else. And certainly easier than changing the world.

A quote from Rumi…
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”

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4 Responses to Too Many Problems

  1. george silver says:

    The meaning of life is having a good time, the rest is propaganda.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is wierd as I was only thinking this yesterday – or was it today? The challenge I think is to still care deeply (as opposed to switching off or becoming self interested “winners and losers” mentality) whilst realising that if you try and solve it all you become filled with fear and then this feeds out into the cosmos and makes things worse.

    Today I saw a sign for “save our park” campaign and would previously have wanted to join the protest – instead I internally applauded it and acknowledged that there are already people in place to fight this – I felt this was not a cop out but a positive reaction.


  3. suliwebster says:

    I think having a good time is a good meaning of life as long as it doesn’t stamp out other peoples good time. My view of the meaning of life is something to do with joie de vivre, freedom, and growth (of the soul).

    Yes I agree Pam. Good to let someone else do it sometimes, whilst supporting them from your heart.

    I love it when people think the same sort of thoughts at the same time! It seems to be happening more and more frequently to me.

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