Russian Dolls

A while ago, I was looking through some old pieces of Art and other work that my children had done. One of them was a story that involved someone falling through a hole in the ground and landing in another world, another Earth inside our Earth. Kids seem to have so much more intuition (in-tune) with the truth than adults, and it gets drummed out of them as their life proceeds.

Around the same time, I had been visualising the Earth as existing inside a giant sphere, with the stars painted on the inside, and a large hole for the light to come in, or possibly the Sun as a projection from the Moon (which may EMIT light rather than REFLECT it, as we are currently led to believe). This is quite possible if the Moon is actually a lens, as fires can be started using a lens to concentrate electromagnetic waves. And the Moon is ALWAYS pointing at the Sun.

The next stage in thinking is that there must be something outside of our sphere. And maybe it’s another Earth! A bigger one, surrounding our one. And if you go the other way, there is a smaller Earth inside of the one we are on. Like Russian Dolls. It almost seems too far fetched. Except today I came across a reference to someone who claims to have experienced the inner Earth.

Admiral Byrd, who is now dead, discovered a hole in the Earth on a North Pole expedition in 1947, and there is quite a bit on the internet about him. Instead of this being explored as an interesting possibility, it has been rejected because it does not fit with the world view we are taught to believe. It seems there might be a hole at each pole.

This also gives rise to the idea that there are intraterrestrials as well as extraterrestrials. My vision of the ETs is that they come into our sphere via a hole, possibly where the Sun is. This might also explain why certain people in history attempted to fly to the Sun, to see if they could get out.

As usual, I now have more questions than answers. Is there an ultimate outside Earth, and if so, what is beyond that? And is there an ultimate inside Earth, and if so, what is inside?

Are stargates actually holes into the Inner Earth through which beings come and go, and is that why they are so carefully guarded by the elites? As far as I can gather, there is one in the Caucasus mountains in Iran (hence Caucasians), one in the Bermuda Triangle, and one in Tibet. There may well be more, I strongly suspect Utah. And how can we monitor global population accurately with all these comings and goings? Is this why they need more housing? Is this why the population is supposedly growing, despite all the global killing? Is this where all the missing children go?

How does this fit in with Earth Energy? Sometimes the Earth Energy seems to disappear into the ground at node points. Is there some sort of energy exchange between all the layers of Earth?

Are the Earths all growing, like trees? Are they at different developmental stages? So that the biggest eventually dies, and then the next one becomes the outermost. Meanwhile a new Earth begins in the very core. This seems part of the natural cycle of birth, life and growth, death and renewal. And therefore quite possible. Or does it go the other way? Do the Earths shrink as they get older, and a new one forms as the outermost layer?

The idea of Jacobs Ladder comes to mind as a stairway between the Earths. And the phrases “As above, so below”, and “As within, so without” by William Blake.

If this is the true representation of our planetary existence, what is in store for us next, as we race forward to destroy our planet? Is a big change approaching?

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2 Responses to Russian Dolls

  1. george silver says:

    The only reality you know takes place inside your head. Your brain interprets incoming signals which it amylases and creates a “fictitious” world. This process takes time so you are always living in the past. All matter is different states of vibration. You are living in a sea of vibration.
    Do things exist or only exist because we think about them. Live the now. See the now. Experience the now. Inside outside worlds. Why does it matter?

  2. suliwebster says:

    George, I frequently ask myself “Does it matter?”. And usually the answer is along the lines of what you say. But then I am curious, and at the moment, in the now, I am enjoying the curiosity and the journey. So as long as I enjoy it, I will continue. Curiosity killed the cat, I remind myself. But then cats have nine lives!
    I am guessing you get the same ambivalence, otherwise you wouldn’t read and comment on my blog?

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