They Want Us To Know

Everything is getting more and more obvious. It’s as if they want us to know. Chemtrails circling the skies daily, or in crazy patterns. They could be more discrete if they chose. But it’s more and more in our faces, impossible not to see. News is like a constant soap opera. Politicians are more obviously doing completely crazy things, like leaving their small children abandoned in pubs! The weather is totally out of season and more extreme.

How bad does it have to be before people realise? Before people start to question things? Before people stop doing as they are told?

I have had a strong feeling for several months that they want us to know. It’s almost as if they are obligated to try and tell us what is happening. But they can’t tell us directly. They have to leave clues, or put it in code. Or just keep prodding us until we react.

Maybe this is the only way. Because to become enlightened, you have to seek it yourself. Enlightenment can’t be taught or told. But it is there if you want to work towards it on your own journey. ” Seek and Ye Shall Find”, said Jesus. And maybe he was talking about enlightenment.

The next logical step in the thinking is a bit crazy sounding. But hey, lots of my blog is crazy sounding! Those in charge want us to wake up, but the only way to do it is to drive us all into trauma and overload, push us to our limits. People start to wake up when they experience something extreme, maybe a terrible trauma, that causes them to seriously examine their life and question everything. Therefore those in charge have to create terrible scenarios in order to raise our collective consciousness. Not a nice job.

(See earlier post: Freemasons Are Humans Too)

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4 Responses to They Want Us To Know

  1. george silver says:

    One of the reason I comment is because I feel you have woken up. You sense there is something wrong. A bit like Jim Carey in The Truman Show. The World has become a vast Truman Show. Most peoples World view is through the Television and Newspapers. These are all carefully controlled propaganda outlets. The major propaganda used to be religion but this has lost it’s power to control. We now have endless sport and “soaps” and news bulletins to soothe the masses. The people who like to control us have become arrogant. They now talk to each other in the open. This what you are picking up. The fly in their ointment is the internet although they control many outlets.

    Welcome to the real World.

    Something interesting that may or may not be true you judge:-

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes it could be arrogance. Or it could be something else, something more to do with their psychopathic tendencies. I might do a post about that soon! I guess the more they put it in the open and still get away with it, the more they can test how effective their control has become.

    I was thinking only today about how religion must have been total control at one point. Then as religion started to lose its grip, compulsory education came in. All kids and their families are carefully channelled through the education system.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Looked at your link on the Syria disinformation and media created wars. I think all this is very likely. I have looked at a few things by John Pilger, ex BBC war correspondent, on wars which are along the same lines. The idea that the people can be manipulated by preempting the outcome with a false statement, false pictures or forecasting is something I have written about myself. It is not just wars. To make the manipulation easy, the education system teaches people from an early age to follow instructions, and to do whatever is planned for them next. John Taylor Gatto does some good stuff on compulsory schooling (though there is still a legal get out clause to home school, you just face social isolation and ostracision instead).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ditto. But isn’t that exactly what The Roaring Girl is about? Wasn’t Moll Cutpurse (Mary Frith) actually a psychopath, by any reasonable definition of the term? I suppose it all depends upon how you define “psychopath” ~ i.e. someone with no conscience who could not give a crap about the potential consequences of their actions? Sounds like a good definition of a genocidal maniac like Francine Haeberling to me. But then again, what would I know…?

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