Those in charge of running the planet can only reconcile what they are doing with their inner self if they believe that they have a mandate to do it. A vote, support, consent. Everyone going along with it.

I think they are all psychopaths. They have no empathy with others, and they see others as objects for their own use. They like to control. But they do not see themselves like this. They think they are doing right. To create this belief, they have carefully manipulated the population to support them, or at least appear to support them.

The psychopathic mentality is prevalent in paedophiles. It is astounding that paedophiles believe that what they are doing is ok. But they have a way of creating this belief in their twisted minds. They manipulate the kids by grooming them, bribery, special treats, and threats and fear, over a long period of time, controlling their mind and their thoughts, until the child is cornered into what appears to be consent.

Is the same mentality at work with the powers that were (tptw)? It seems to me that it is exactly the same manipulative process.

Consent is crucial in all this. Paedophiles are always defined as wrong, because children are always defined as being unable to give their consent. Quite rightly so. (Though there are moves afoot, notably in the Vatican, to make paedophilia acceptable). With sex crimes against adults, there is always a doubt arising from the question of consent.

As adults, we are groomed from birth to go along with the powers that were and their manipulation. We get cornered and see no way out. We are offered bribes, goodies, shopping, holidays, jubilees. And we are threatened with social rejection, imprisonment, death. But as adults we are considered mature enough to be able to understand the manipulative powers, and extract ourselves from it. And the more of us that get out of it, the less prevalent psychopathic behaviour will be in our collective world. And maybe that in turn will reduce the power of the paedophiles.

Another tendency of psychopaths is a panic when they feel they are losing control of their victims. This is their worst fear. They react by trying to tighten up the control. And that sort of feels like what the elites are doing at the moment.

It is not surprising that some conspiracy researchers claim that many of the elites, including heads of state and the Royal Family, are paedophiles. And that paedophilia may well be the driving force behind the desire to control the planet.

(See also: By Consent, They Want Us to Know)

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