Profit from Prisons

The latest profiteering scam I have come across is from prisons. There is now a huge financial incentive to send more people to prison.

Private prisons…
In the US they have private prisons which profit from the number of prisoners. And judges have shares in them, or can be bribed, and so they can make money out of creating more criminals. A criminal is created by the conviction of the Court, which is ruled by a Judge. I do not know if we have private prisons in the uk, but if not, we will surely see it soon.

Prison labour…
Here and in the US they are using prison labour as free or low cost labour, to manufacture arms and anything else. The prisoners are often innocent and have no moral choice about what they do for work. Again, a massive profit incentive to send more people to prisons. The judges and corporate execs are part of the same elite group, which benefit financially from creating criminals.

Minimum wage…
People on minimum wage are competing for work against cheap or free prison labour, and are not surprisingly, losing the game. No minimum wage in prisons! So will the unimprisoned unemployed get more desperate? Work for less? Maybe they will sign up for the increasing number of clinical trials on offer, with high expenses “reimbursed”.

Small businesses…
Small companies can’t drive down their costs in the same way as the big corporates, and they may not want to use free prison labour, even if it was available to them. So they will get driven out. Same old story, everything set up for the big corporates to win. And the number of things now considered a crime is going up and up. What a convenient coincidence. More crimes, more prisoners, more profit.

It is starting to get like WW2 by stealth. Under our noses. All the things we say should never happen again. Slave labour camps are already here in the UK. They are called prisons and you do not need to be a criminal to be sent to one.

Workfare is a new government scheme for cheap or free labour. This is similar to the prison scam, but with the idea that it helps get people back into work. And that’s how it is sold, as a good idea, via the media, to the general population. The general population is led to believe that their fellow human beings are not worthy of any better treatment, and that somehow they have done something wrong in order to get in the position they are in. A bit like criminals.

The middle classes are not exempt from this. University graduates are increasingly working for free as interns, in the hope they will get a job at the end of it. Why would employers pay them, when there are truckloads of graduates going free? More and more of them pouring out of universities. And if they are not going free, then the market pay rate has surely dropped as the market is flooded.

Is money disappearing?…
I am all for money disappearing. And the Queens Head icon with it! Maybe it is disappearing. Maybe there is a battle going on for how the new No Money world will pan out. The elites want slaves, and they are working hard towards this goal. Me, I would like to see people giving their time, energy and skills willingly to what they want to give it to, when they are able to give it. Thus the things that people believe in and support will live and thrive, and those that don’t will crumble. The outcome will depend on where people put their belief, faith, energy and support.

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