The Queen’s Debt

The Queen has many servants and others working for her providing her with everything she needs and much much more. Her huge buildings and land need looking after. She has animals and possessions to look after. She needs food, and clothing. If you add up what is required from others to keep the Queen going, it must be huge. And what does she give back to everyone that gives to her?

She gives them bits of paper. Maybe she says ” Instead of giving you something in return, I will print off bits of paper for you as IOU’s. They will all have a picture of me on them, so you know that they are valid, because I am the Queen and I am honourable”. She most owe a lot!

Then the people who have these bits of paper with the Queen’s Head on, they sort of know deep down they will never get anything in return from the Queen, even though she is the Queen and therefore trustworthy and honourable. But then they realise they can do the same thing! So they get people to do stuff for them, and give them stuff, and in return they give them the bits of paper. Everyone is really quite happy with this because they all see the Queen’s Head and they know that this is good.

And so it goes on. The bits of paper go round and round, and down and down the pyramid. It all relies on us believing in the bits of paper, and thinking that the Queen is good, honourable and trustworthy. So it is important that we all worship the Queen to sustain the system. We do that because every day we carry around many copies of the Queen’s Head on bits of paper and lumps of metal in our bags or pockets. Every day we give the Queen our attention and focus. And from time to time a good Royal event reminds us that she is good and honourable and trustworthy.

We are caught in a little trap. Because nearly all of us use money. I don’t have much or want much, but I also know that I am not at the bottom of the pyramid. I can buy more with my money than I give to get the money.

I don’t think the Queen will ever pay off her debt. She owes so much. If she chose, she could give away all her land and buildings and possessions, downsize a bit. And maybe she would start a trend, because we have a tendency as humans to do to others what is done to us.

So the Queen’s Head represents the Queen’s Debt. She is not the wealthiest in the world. She is the most indebted. She owes big time.

(See also: The Gift Economy, The Cost of Money, The Jubilee)

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12 Responses to The Queen’s Debt

  1. George Silver says:

    You are confusing two things Money and Currency.
    The “currency” we have in the World since 1971 is FIAT (by order) and is based on nothing but an illusion. This is collapsing World-wide because eventually all FIAT currencies go to zero.
    The reason Governments and their politicians like FIAT currency is because they can “print” as much as they like thus stealing from people’s wages and savings. This is the devaluing of the Pound in your pocket (Government stealing)

    The “money” is precious metal. Gold and Silver. Some of the best “money” has the Queens head on it like Gold Sovereigns. This is money the Government and Central banks cannot steal by “printing” more. Governments and Central Banks hate Gold and Silver for the population in general because it makes people independent of Governments and Central banks.

    Example from the USA:-
    In 1966 if you had $2500 paper OR Silver Dollars you could buy a Ford Mustang.
    Now your $2500 paper Dollars will give you a deposit on a Mustang.
    Your $2500 in Silver Dollars will buy you THREE Mustangs.

    • George Silver says:

      P.S. To myself.

      The laughable thing is that under the system of “fiat” money all governments do not have to tax anyone. All they need to do is “print” money and increase the money supply.

      As a simple example:- The government finds itself with zero money but the people have in total £1000. All the government has to do is print another £1000 and suddenly the people still have £1000 but this has the equivalent spending power now of £500 and the government also has the spending equivalent of £500.

      The government and Bank of England do this to people all the time.

      • suliwebster says:

        But the governments are greedy! They say there is a recession, put up the taxes and probably print more money too! I would estimate the amount of stealing to be about 80% of what we have, if you add up all the bits. Which means that about 80% of our efforts, or work output, is run by the government. Something like that, anyway.
        I didn’t know that the FIAT thing kicked in at decimalisation. I guess the decimalisation was a bit of a smokescreen.

    • suliwebster says:

      Does that then rely on people valuing silver and gold? I don’t find I need either of them in my life.
      So what you are saying is that we use the term “money” incorrectly, as we are always using currency these days?
      And the gold would be of value whether or not it had the queens head on it?

      • George Silver says:

        Gold and Silver have certain intrinsic qualities to be real money. They both have been money for thousands of years. They are difficult to obtain and have scarcity. They are divisible and portable. When you have a valuable painting and cut it into pieces it becomes worthless. If you take a bar of Silver or Gold and cut it into pieces the sum of the pieces equals the bar.
        There has never ever been a more urgent time when Gold and Silver were needed by the average person. All “fiat” currencies are going to zero. Protect what wealth you have by buying Gold and Silver coins.

  2. tapestry says:

    Money only has value if people behave with responsibility to each other. Gold can be useless as a currency if its possessors horde it, as with silver. The Queen is hugely asset rich. The Rothschilds act out the ‘we’re hard up’ and ‘we don’t have any power any more’ routines. The Queen is of illegitimate Rothschild descent.

  3. suliwebster says:

    The money that we currently have is of no use whatsoever unless you can swap it for something that is of use, like potatoes, or shoes. I don’t see gold or silver being any different in that respect. I don’t have any financial wealth, and I don’t really want any financial wealth. Panic buying of anything, petrol, gold, silver, whatever is just going to unbalance its availability, and create a division of hoarders and have-nots. A bit like we have at the moment, I think.

    If money is only of value if we behave responsibly to each other, then we don’t need money! If everyone is responsible, what is the point of the money? It’s supposed to keep a count of everyone’s contribution, but it doesn’t, quite the opposite, look at the Queen. It’s a massive enslaving and control device, whether it is paper or gold, pre or post 1971.

    As I don’t really believe in the future of money, I use it less and less, following the principle of “Be The Change you want to see in the World”.

    • George Silver says:

      As Spock would say “fascinating”.
      As George Silver would say “how does it work then this money-less society?”

  4. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli I’ve asked you a question but before you answer (that’s of course if you want to) you may be interested in what my leanings are. Take the time to watch this interview on this site:- then click on the interview “Anarchast Ep. 29 with Ben Lowrey”

  5. suliwebster says:

    Thanks George, for the link to the Ben Lowrey interview, which I enjoyed watching. He has a very good energy about him. Funny I have just been thinking about the so called free market and how it is completely unfree! The idea that the Black Market is the true free market is a good one. I also like the distinction between voluntarianism and violence in money transactions. I agree that entrepreneurs and ambition are good healthy things in themselves.
    Exploitation is not good, and I sort of feel they missed something in their explanation of sweatshops. At some level the workers are doing it out of choice because that is the best choice available to them. But this usually comes about because it has been set up by stealing land, thus making sure the people have only one survival choice, and that is to work in the sweatshop. I am now getting back to the old chestnut of the land grabs, stealing land, landlords, rents and mortgages! Mortgages and rents are another form of tax, (money for nothing) the biggest tax we have, and I feel very strongly it needs to be removed.

    • George Silver says:

      I see nothing wrong with Landlords, rents and mortgages as long as they are not regulated. It’s always regulation that distorts the free action between people and destroys the benefits of competition. We seem to be entering a time when Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is becoming ever more true.

  6. suliwebster says:

    I don’t believe in land ownership. Which means I don’t believe in landlords rents and mortgages. Somewhere back in time, each bit of “owned” land was stolen. It still can be stolen, legally. if you find a patch of land that no one owns yet, there are ways to claim it. The way everything is set up at the moment, there is very little choice, other than living on your own boat. But now more people are doing that, the laws are tightening up….
    If you deregulate, then there can be no ownership, can there? One of the biggest bits of regulation is the Land Registry and the Title Deeds. Which says who legally owns the land.
    I think most of Britain is owned by Royalty and the Church (practically the same thing ), with the National Trust creeping along in third place. The vast majority of us own a tiny tiny amount between us.
    I don’t think land should be bought or sold, any more than people, children or animals.

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