Clones and Doppelgangers

This subject keeps cropping up, almost hinting that I should pay attention to it. Today’s hint was from reading a bit about David Bowie and discovering his son made a film called Moon in 2009. I find a lot of art very interesting as it seems to tap into things that exist under cover, or from the past or future. This film explores how there are many clones of one person, being exploited by a Moon mining company. And then one clone accidentally meets another, thus realising they are clones.

Yesterday’s hint was Wayne Rooney. I am sure he is different, and the haircut is just a cover story so we will think any differences are down to his new haircut. Beckham, similarly, looks odd these days. And the Queen in her Jubilee appearances, similar to the Queen I am used to seeing, but not quite the same. I have been wondering recently if they have several understudies, in case one is sick, or misbehaves, or stops towing the line. Paul MacCartney was substituted in 1966, I have no doubt, and look how much he is wheeled out these days as part of the establishment. Celebrities of course can be made to look a certain way through makeup, clothes, camera angles etc.

And what is Madame Tussauds for? They have detailed information of every celebrity, exact measurements, exact skin colours, eye colour! That makes it easy to create a replacement. A bit of plastic surgery, and makeup, costume, acting skills.

I have recently had two long time friends separately tell me they have come across their doppelganger. Maybe the percentage occurrence is higher than we think? One was treated by locals as if she was that other person, so the similarity must have been very convincing. I have known these friends for many years, yet not heard this before. It is not a common subject of conversation. I was struck that not only do they have a doppelgänger, but they also happened to be in the same place at the same time, as if magnetised towards them.

I saw an Alan Bennett play recently, called The Lady In The Van. I have read the book, and there was only one Alan Bennett in the book. In the play, there are two Alan Bennets! Always on stage together. In some ways this represents the two minds that we often find ourselves in, and the debates that you often have with yourself (well I certainly do). In another way, it meant more characters on stage to liven up the play. On a third level, it was troubling me, because it was clones again.

Charlie Duke is an Apollo astronaut. The night before he went to the moon, he had an intense dream that when they got there, they saw people who were exact copies of themselves, from thousands of years earlier. Astronauts are military trained people, not exactly renowned for this kind of thinking or dreaming. I read this only a couple of weeks ago.

So where does it all come from? Is it cloning, or is it genetics? Or something else? And are the similarities only in the physical appearance, or in mind and behaviour too, as you get with separated twins, who have shared a womb. Do we all have some kind of separated twin somewhere, one that we shared a pre-womb life with?

I have seen stories recently about black babies being born to white couples, who are unaware of any black ancestry. This is explainable by genetics, whereby the black gene is carried over many generations on both sides, and eventually, by probability, manifests as a black baby. It is possible that the same thing happens with doppelgangers. That over many generations, and carrying down of genes, the same combinations, or almost the same combinations, eventually come forward.

Or is there some interference going on somewhere, whereby we are all being cloned? Wouldn’t be difficult. Hospital takes a few cells at birth, grows another one of you in some underground society or space base. The Boys From Brazil is an interesting book that explores the cloning of Hitler.

Or maybe there is some careful selection going on with IVF treatment, so that IVF treated mothers are unwittingly participating in a eugenics program.

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2 Responses to Clones and Doppelgangers

  1. George Silver says:

    What are you smoking? Sounds like good stuff.

    On the other hand:- Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has a three-inch scar, mostly hidden in her hair above her left temple and Prince William has one similar. Could this by why they both seem like automatons?

  2. suliwebster says:

    Curious that another commenter thought I might be on some drugs in order to think differently to the norm. It is almost assumed that this is the only way, and that what you think in that state is rubbish because it is drug induced. I actually find I don’t need any substance help to think differently, though I am aware that some people find it helpful.
    How do you KNOW, actually know they have this scar? I would not be surprised at all. Though surely they could be controlled by psycho stuff without the need for implants or removals. I saw in The Sun a couple of weeks ago, a picture of Simon Cowell where they honed in on a healing taped up scar behind his left ear. So that’s an interesting coincidence. Are they making it all up to lead us on a wild goose chase, or is it “real”? Difficult to know with the press. Simon Cowell is 100% part of the World Stage Show, no doubt about that, he will probably be at The Olympics.

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