Earth Energy Lines

I have just been to a talk on Earth Energy, known as the Seth Seminar. The talk was given by a dowser, and geologist, who has been studying and recording earth energy for many years. The talk included material from Ron Pearson, an eminent engineer who is able to explain a lot of psychic happenings (such as the afterlife, remote viewing, dreams) with his scientific theory. Apparently the world of Physics is in crisis because quantum physics cannot be reconciled with the Theory of Relativity, which despite being a “theory” is treated as non-negotiable fact in Physics. It was fascinating stuff, much of it corroborating my own experiences and discoveries.

Huge numbers of Earth Energy lines have been mapped over the years, showing interesting concentrations and nodes (where they cross). There seem to be 4 different thicknesses of lines, at 5 paces wide, 10 paces, 20 paces, and 30 paces. There are loads of them, which is really good news. Plenty available for all of us everywhere.

The lines always come in pairs as does the well known Michael/Mary line. I am curious as to whether they are always male/female pairs, as their names seem to indicate. Another pair is Apollo/Athena. Interestingly the leading letters match and are well used in our society as symbols. AA and MM. Since BB often appears in society, I would expect there to be a major energy line pair with the initial letters of B.

The lines move! Almost like the tides do. From side to side, but in a snake like fashion, so the whole line doesn’t move at once, it’s more like a Mexican wave. The movement varies according to the width of the line, and surprise, surprise, the Moon’s influence too. And there may be other factors. It takes around 6 hours each way, but there are variations.

Nodes and lines can be fixed by buildings, pyramids, churches, standing stones, obelisks, monuments etc etc! This is as I have suspected for some time. Now we know what these things are for. It is quite likely that battles and wars were waged over the best spots. And I believe they still are. The reason people fixed nodes is to own them, to stop someone else coming along and moving it. Because lines and nodes can be moved. It seems that the complex arrangements of lines at Avebury and Glastonbury may be due to them being moved from their natural harmonic position. Whether for good or bad motives, I do not know.

The energy lines seem to be an extension of our collective human consciousness. Or maybe we are an extension of them. They respond to human intent and mind communication. They are an essential part of our well being.

Nodes can be repaired. If they are out of order due to being moved, it is possible to move them to where they want to be, simply by asking them where they want to move to. Interestingly there were several nodes in Bath Abbey, but repairs have been done and there is now only one node. You can tell where it is because the stone floor is much more worn there. Surprise, surprise, the Abbey is hogging one of the biggest hotspots in the whole area. Apparently the lines often want to move to where people might be, such as a footpath, which seems to demonstrate a huge affinity with humans.

Healing and Energy..
Nodes in particular are very powerful for healing, and it seems there is an increasing amount of scientific backup for this, as well as personal testimony. They also give us energy. Once you have got the idea of it though, you can go there remotely, from your mind. So the nodes are like learning or recharging centres. This is good, there is no need for them to get crowded. Which makes me wonder what all the fighting is about. There is plenty to go round, so it seems the purpose of the battles is to prevent certain people having access, or to misuse the energy for evil purposes.

The Big Four…
There are four nodes worldwide known to have extra special superpowers of linking with the above and below. These also have the greatest healing potential. One is in China and access is completely forbidden. Now you now why there is a lot of fuss about China. The other locations seem to be secret.

The lines have an almost musical harmony to them, and there are days when they are in harmony, and days when they are not. There is a big tie in with music, and music and sound can influence the connection to the lines and nodes. The harmonious days are the ones when you get the best energy.

Equinoxes and Solstices….
All lines are all in harmony on the solstices and equinoxes, and it seems the day before. The narrower lines seem to have a longer period of harmony. The Michael Mary line is only in harmony for a day or so. A message from Rory to those that care about the healing of the planet is to meditate on an energy line or node on the 20th December 2012. Don’t wait for the 21st December, because the lines will be in harmony and ready to receive and give on the 20th, which is the more important day.

Interestingly, the earth energy is blocked during a solar eclipse! The Moon at work again messing things up.

(See also earlier post: Power Points, Round Tables, X Marks The Spot) For Seth Seminar information, see

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3 Responses to Earth Energy Lines

  1. George Silver says:

    “Apparently the world of Physics is in crisis because quantum physics cannot be reconciled with the Theory of Relativity,” Yes it can. In the tenth dimension.

    I am a great fan of Hugh Everett III. I suggest you read his theory. That’s why I believe we ALL live to approx 105 years. That is why the church states that suicide is a sin. They know people cannot commit suicide. If you want to know more about this crazy subject I’m happy to tell you.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Ok the 10th dimension is probably slightly beyond where I am at. I have not even heard of it before. 105 years sounds about the right length of a human life to me. In properly harmonious societies, this seems to be the natural age of death (of the human body).
    I am very intrigued by the idea that you can’t commit suicide, as that sort of intuitively makes sense. Does that mean that all suicides are murder at some level? And how does this relate to the Bridgend suicides? Brian Gerrish is on the case with that. As far as I can gather, he believes that the suicides were all programmed into their victims’ minds. Maybe Bridgend is an experimental pilot scheme for the rest of the country.
    And the Church again!! Do you mean a sin against natural law? Are the Church actually bound to this somehow?
    Will add Hugh Everett to the reading list (mountain). So much to look into!

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