Moon Walkers

I have recently finished a fascinating book about the men who walked on the Moon, 12 of them, nicely fitting with 12 months, and 12 disciples. The book deals very much with the human side of things, tracking down the remaining nine moonwalkers left alive. The author is very open about his own reasons for the quest, and includes his own reflections and feelings as part of the story. He is someone likes spotting coincidences, as I do, and there were plenty of them. The book has given me new facts and insights into the puzzle of the Moon.

Conspiracy theories…
The author seems to favour “the mission was for real” argument even though he looked into the hoax argument. This seems to be because the Moon Walkers themselves had such incredible experiences and reactions to what they’d been through. By the end of the book, I was pretty convinced it was a hoax, even though it was not presented as such, nor was it presenting the NASA point of view. I wondered if the Moonwalkers could experience amazing things just because they BELIEVED they went to the Moon. Just going there in your mind is enough to make you view life on Earth very differently.

The missions were carefully controlled from base. Every little detail was planned for them. You come away with a feeling the astronauts were little tots in a nursery. Told what to wear, what to eat, when to eat, instructions on exactly what to do on the Moon, exactly when to sleep, and for how long. How could you sleep? You would surely be too excited to sleep! Even the piloting was done remotely from base by computer, despite having very skilled pilots on board. Very very busy schedule collecting rocks, once there, keeps them distracted from looking around them. What was in their food? I suspect some mind control drugs, so there is no chance of them twigging it was all a fake. The lyrics from David Bowie back this up if you read them a certain way. “We know Major Tom’s a junkie”.

All the astronauts were military pilots. Accustomed to indoctrination and institutions, and obedience. They were all only children, or eldest of sons only families. Several, possibly all, seemed to have demanding ambitious fathers, which made them driven to impress with high achievement. Not much female influence then.

The book comes back to this many times, that it was a massive PR stunt to show how great the US of A (now known as the US) really was. Global theatre, and cheaper than the vietnam war. I am struck by the similarity with our current times, 40 years on, as we now have Royalty and The Olympics occupying our daily lives. From 1969 to 1972, the Apollo missions were a good distraction from the Vietnam war, and the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, amongst other things. And whipping up lots of National pride and patriotic fervour. 9 Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich (Germany again) 1972 Olympics, the last year of the Moon Missions, 40 years ago.

Mickey Mouse…
Time and time again, I was struck by how mickey mouse everything was. The technology constantly failing, things going wrong, buttons that they didn’t know what to do with, lots of things that no one had predicted could happen, bad design. How strange with all that money being poured into it. WHERE WAS THE MONEY REALLY GOING? The rockets look quite tinny, and one astronaut comments that the 2005 hire car the author was driving had more technology in it than the rockets that went to the Moon. Mmmmm. Doesn’t sound very convincing does it? There was one occasion when an astronaut found a strange button in a crisis situation, pressed it, then everything was sorted! This was a typical scenario on the missions. Very cartoon like.

There were originally no windows in the rocket designs, but the astronauts campaigned to have one put in and eventually got their way. Why did NASA not want windows? It must have cost a bit to put a window in that wasn’t really a window, just a movie screen.

Of course all the astronauts had training in simulators. And there is no reason why they couldn’t still be in a simulator when they supposedly went to the Moon. Several of them compare the simulator to the real mission in their accounts. The difference was that they just had to get out somewhere for a bit, on some dusty ground with rocks to collect, where they could see a hologram of the Earth.

Wernher von Braun was a high level Nazi from Hitler’s time. Responsible for some very nasty perpetration of evil. But here he was, working for NASA, in the Cold War space race, engineering the Apollo missions. How blatantly obvious can it get that the governments are all on the same team.

Space Aviation…
Neil Armstrong is an advocate of “space aviation”, i.e. planes that can fly to space. There is a consensus that if there wasn’t huge political pressure to have the Moon missions right then asap, then space aviation technology would have developed at its own steady pace and achieved far more. I would guess that it probably has, but in secret, and the NASA sideshow has smoke screened that one nicely, whilst diverting money to it at the same time.

The Celebrity Circuit…
Many of the astronauts are clearly private people, and I was surprised at how they are all drawn back into celebrity talks, reunion dinners etc, though it is obvious that some of them hate it, Neil Armstrong being one of them. It seems as if their NASA contract continues at some level and I wonder what that contract is. I think that some of the astronauts realise it was a fake, and some don’t. But the ones that do are duty bound, or bribed or threatened, to not let the cat out of the bag. No wonder they are in such inner turmoil. Dave Scott says of Jim Irwin “He really believed something real happened to him”. That seems quite a revealing statement.

The astronauts were carefully quarantined after the mission. For 3 whole weeks. In a sealed cage, like monkeys n a zoo. No chance of them speaking to anyone without NASA controlling it. And plenty of time for some serious mind indoctrination to take place.

Eyes Wide Shut..
This film was released posthumously on the exact date of the 30th anniversary of the first Moon landing. The release date was specified by Stanley Kubrick the director. So I guess there’s a clue in there. The idea, I think, is that things can become so familiar that you look at them without really seeing them.

Historic importance….
Someone pointed out that it would be of greater historic significance if the Moon missions were faked than if they were for real. I agree.

Closing down the Missions…
From 1969 to 1972 there was an intense flurry of Apollo missions. Why has there been nothing since? I suspect there has. But not in the public eye. Possibly NASA did not foresee the effect it would have on opening up people’s minds, getting everyone thinking about other planets, and the very big question: Who are We, Where do We Come From? Time to shut down our minds again.

New Moon…
We don’t see the Moon at New Moon time, for about a week inbetween the two crescents. Unless there is a solar eclipse, in which case we know the Moon is there by what it does to the Sun. It is odd to me that the New Moon is so invisible in the sky, and I have long puzzled over the symbology of the Crescent Moon. It is possible that it really does have this invisibility property. It is also possible that the Moon is not actually there. Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut was able to explain a plan of how a spaceship can continually shuttle back and forth to Mars and Earth using free energy and orbits, and was disappointed that NASA are not pursuing this. Maybe the Moon is whizzing off somewhere.

The author compares the Moon Hoax theory to folklore, our modern day mythology, which I find a very interesting observation. In previous times, it was witches, or demons associated with the Moon. Whoever is perceived to be our evil controller gets attached to the Moon, and nowadays that is governments. My view is that the Moon IS the evil controller. Whatever is happening there is running the whole show. Maybe we somehow subliminally know that, so we map our visible earthly evil controller to the Moon. Here is a quote from the book referring to our governments… “What more evil trick could this all-seeing, all-powerful and yet somehow utterly clueless leviathan play than telling us that they – that we – did this magical thing, waltzed into the stars and set down on the Moon, when we never actually did?”

(Ref: Moon Dust by Andrew Smith, first published 2005).
(See also earlier posts on the Moon, almost too numerous to mention now, most have the word “Moon” in the title, apart from “Blood Sacrifice”).

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5 Responses to Moon Walkers

  1. George Silver says:

    Every mission was faultless except mission 13 which was when public interest was waning. Unlucky number “13”. Coincidence?

    Over 40 years ago they managed several Moon missions with a 480,000 mile round-trip.
    The International Space Station is the distance from London to Blackburn. Just get a globe and see that this distance it is just above the surface.

    They went through the Van-Allen belt without any radiation protection and their cameras had normal film but miraculously all of the photos were perfect.

    My theory is that they were taken to a studio in the desert to “practice”. The Powers That Be couldn’t afford to have the World watching as stranded spacemen slowly died on the Moon or were killed in a rocket explosions. So they faked it and probably used mind control techniques as you say.

    Unfortunately for NASA their photos are beginning to be analysed with powerful Photoshop tools and people are discovering they are fake.

    Even the Moon rocks are disappearing after one was found to be a petrified tree.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Apollo 13 had more coincidences. The numbers 13 and 55 cropped up somewhat too often. The missions were not faultless by the astronauts personal account in the book. There were a huge number of things going wrong, but they were all fixed. It came across as a very amateur operation. Normally rigorous standards are expected in critical systems, and this was not apparent at all.
    I haven’t yet studied the conspiracy theories out there. I prefer to arrive at my own decisions, then corroborate them. The photo thing did cross my mind. It seems odd that an ordinary camera would work out there.
    Your theory of going to a desert studio to practise seems to fit the facts. So does this mean they don’t have the technology to go to the Moon, or are they are at it behind our backs? Maybe the technology they do have is what they don’t want people to know about. There is plenty of information about it flying around, but difficult to know what is true or false unless you can back it up with something you KNOW for sure. There are a lot of people running scared of tptw technology at the moment, and maybe it’s all just Wizard of Oz stuff to create fear.
    Another thing I picked up from that book is a sense of there being a large percentage of people who think it was a hoax, or at least are open to the possibility. I was quite surprised at that.

  3. George Silver says:

    Our rulers have their favourite position on all things and that is to lie.

    They always lie. Our politicians lie. The State media lies. Their power exists on lies.

    Once you stop listening to them. Once you stop voting for them. Once you stop following their rules. You are free. Just remember this:- when confronted by forceful state authority just smile sweetly and say “yes” but hen quietly do “no”.

  4. Christine b says:

    Hi Suli! You always remember those odd ball teachers that make you really think. In high school, my teacher asked, how do you know they went to the moon?? Of course we all argued that we saw the pictures. It really took me another 25 years to see that it was totally fake. A great website with some fantastic research is by David McGowan. His articles called “Wagging the moondoggie” proved to me it was filmed in a studio in Laurel County California. He also debunks the hippie movement, 9-11 and Boston. Very good reading!!

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes those odd ball ones make more sense as you get older. I have a few moments in my school education that stand out like bright stars in my memory. It is a reminder that the important things stick in your mind and ping up again when you need them.

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