Safe as Houses

A leaflet through my door today is advertising new super double glazing. SafeStyle UK it is called! Anything with the word “Safe” in it puts me on instant alert (Safeguarding children is another one). The double glazed windows have very secure locking mechanisms and ARGON GAS in the sealed unit.

Here are two quotes from Wikipedia about Argon…
“Argon is an asphyxiant in the poultry industry, either for mass culling following disease outbreaks, or as a means of slaughter more humane than the electric bath. Argon’s relatively high density causes it to remain close to the ground during gassing. Its non-reactive nature makes it suitable in a food product, and since it replaces oxygen within the dead bird, argon also enhances shelf life.”
“Argon is used to displace oxygen- and moisture-containing air in packaging material to extend the shelf-lives of the contents ”

So it looks like argon is a killer to me, especially if you are sealed in with it. My experience of double glazing is that they frequently develop leaks over time and the sealed units are no longer sealed. So the argon will potentially leak out into the house. Probably not enough to kill, but enough to reduce our brain functioning. Now this might be survivable if we had all our doors and windows open, and some healthy draughts. But this is not what we are being driven towards.

Regulations for Eco homes say you must keep the windows shut. An important feature that is being pushed big time is to SEAL EVERYONE IN. Well they say it is to seal the heat in, but we get sealed in too. Eco homes are big business now, they are even on modern housing developments. And no one is questioning the health effects on themselves or the planet! The very thing that “Eco” is supposed to help.

Somehow everyone has been duped into thinking Eco is good. It was once, before the government hijacked the cause. It seems like Eco is being used as a vehicle to introduce unhealthy homes. The motivating factor is that you get brownie points for being a good citizen, if you are Eco, and you save money on your bills. The best way to save money of course is just to buy less, consume less.

Another thing I get bombarded with these days is insulation. Everyone seems to want to insulate my house for free. One company even claims to have a van that drives around spying on houses, to detect which ones need it! Good cover story for spying. Insulation materials are being pushed big time. What are these materials made of? I looked round an unfinished self build eco home the other day, and the insulation materials are not very nice. They look like a load of very unnatural, unhealthy chemical based stuff.

Solar panels are being pushed too, the thing to have if you are a true Eco person. I don’t know why that is. I used to think they were a good idea, but as soon as the government starts pushing something in a big way, and it is out of the hands of the grassroots people, it takes on a different agenda. I guess solar panels are introducing electricity into your roof as well as through all the floors and walls. And maybe this contributes to electrical interference in human beings.

Our homes are turning into sealed gas chambers. Though, as usual there is always some sort of choice. Before long though, we will find that it will be socially unacceptable to have a non Eco home, and those that don’t will be criticised and ostracised.

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4 Responses to Safe as Houses

  1. George Silver says:

    The whole idea of “Eco” is a con. One rule of thumb:- If the government has a hand in it then it is a confidence trick to relieve you of money.

    Having got that out of the way the idea of back-gound radiation in fascinating. The South of France has twice the back-ground radiation than most of the UK and people are healthier.

    Some places in the World have many times more back-ground radiation and the people are even healthier. Sounds mad. The reason seems to be that the radiation jump-starts the DNA process for the best.

    Obviously if you are suddenly confronted with abnormal burst of man-made radiation then this will lead to bad health. Things are never straight forward or simple no matter how hard we try to make them.

  2. dognamedblue says:

    I used to work for city of edinburgh council as a computer/network engineer & every time you had to work on the main frame you had to go through a security door system where one door locked behind you & you had to walk through this small cramped corridor to the next locked door & if there was a “spark” then the passage would be flooded with argon killing you along with any flames, it would have taken them longer to reach you under the building than you could hold your breath

    [we’ve had our loft insulated twice for free :]

  3. suliwebster says:

    That sounds pretty risky, dognamedblue. Maybe the machines were considered more important than the people? I have just found out that crisp packets and lettuce leaves packets have argon in. Hence the Shelf Life! (see earlier post). So every time a kid opens a crisp packet, they get a small dose of argon. Just enough to numb their brain a little bit more. Does it get into the food as well? Best to eat home grown, home cooked stuff whenever possible. Or at least stuff that is not plastic packed.

  4. suliwebster says:

    George, maybe the background radiation is something to do with Earth Energy. Maybe there are different types of background radiation, ones that have a bad effect, and ones that have a good effect. Even Earth Energy can be used for evil purposes. So there can be lots of factors at play.
    I agree the government led Eco thing is a con. I am pretty keen on grassroots eco (small ‘e’) stuff, like growing your own veg, and building Hobbit Houses (google it!), living more simply etc etc. Not only does it make me happier and healthier, but it does the same for the planet too.

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