No Audience, No Show

Sometimes it seems almost random which way the money flows. Here are some examples…

Counsellor and patient
Landlord and tenant
Performer and audience

The one on the right pays money to the one on the left for their services, by our current accepted norm. But I notice the the services rendered go the other way too. So if things were defined differently, the money could go the other way. Or there could be simply no flow of money at all. Just an exchange of services.

The counsellor is curious about the patient, and learns much from studying a live specimen. Many psychologists/psychiatrists write books and papers about their studies of their patients. They NEED patients to study.

A tenant looks after a house. If the house was empty, the landlord would need to pay a cleaner, gardener, security guard, decorator, and pay for heating to stop the house being damp. Landlords NEED tenants to look after their property. Sometimes property owners do pay people to house-sit, which recognises that the service goes the other way too.

The performer has no show if there is no audience. Even a too small audience diminishes the performance. There is something about the energy of the audience that spurs on the performer to a greater delivery. The performer NEEDS the audience as much as the audience needs the performer.

Which leads onto the Olympics, billed as the greatest show on Earth. The world will be watching. The world will be the audience. Some will watch the athletes. But there will be many watching to see what awful disaster unfolds. It almost seems like a natural law of the universe, that if there is a great audience, then something, someone must step in to fill the expectant void on the stage, to satisfy the combined wishes of the audience.

I sometimes find myself thinking that I will watch the Olympics with interest. Not actually watch it, just mentally be aware of it. Then I realise that by doing that, I am taking my seat in the world audience, waiting expectantly for the performance. And by doing so, I am contributing to the energy which will fuel the performance. This would be fine at a music concert, for example, but not so fine when we are expecting to watch disaster screened live to the world. It is starting to get like a Ben Elton novel come true.

It is hard to resist the pull to the Olympics, whether you want to or not. It has been seeded in the global mind big time. It’s in the atmosphere. But I will do my best to leave a vacant seat, and put my mind elsewhere, away from disaster. Maybe meditate on a positive outcome. They can’t do a big show to a small audience. It just won’t have the same power.

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4 Responses to No Audience, No Show

  1. George Silver says:

    So if I grow more food than I can consume I should give it to you because you are a “consumer”.
    You do not believe I should obtain money from you for my effort which could provide me with the extra to provide seed to furnish more food next season.

    Dear Suli. You seem to give the impression that you want something for nothing. The World owes you a living.

    If everyone thought like you then we would would all be waiting for someone else to do something.

  2. suliwebster says:

    George, I don’t think I even mentioned not paying you for food you grow. You seem to get quite reactive every time I mention money in my posts. It is of course, up to you how you choose to think of me, but bear in mind that you are making a fairly severe judgement of me based on not knowing at all how I live my life. You have also assumed that any ideas I have about giving and receiving means that I just want to take greedily from others. I have to say that I get more joy from giving than receiving, and I give freely in my life quite a lot. If you have never experienced the joy of giving, maybe you could practise it a bit and see how it feels. It gets rid of the debt mentality which we have all been indoctrinated with since birth.
    I agree it would not be good if everyone thought the same as me. It is much better that we are all different.

  3. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli, You are absolutely right. I do not know you or how you live. I sometimes fall into the trap of creating an image in my mind when using the medium of the internet to talk to people.
    My mistake above was to personalise my comment.

    I once struck-up a intellectual “friendship” with a blogger who my wife and I eventually met. Person to person I’m a good judge of a people but boy did I make a mistake.

  4. suliwebster says:

    Everyone makes mistakes, but they are always good for learning from! Strangers on the Internet is another subject on my list to write about! I think it’s quite interesting the way people relate online, and how you don’t have the normal barriers of physical appearance, dress code, location, social circles, etc. So it broadens the interaction possibilities across many “categories” of people, and more esoteric subjects. No wonder the government are always trying to regulate it or scare us off it! But yes I agree, on the other hand, you don’t really know your cyber friends in the same way, because there is no physical presence.

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