The Bath Standing Stones

It is not common knowledge that there are three standing stones on the outskirts of Bath. I stumbled across them a few weeks ago in one of my favourite fields, Bushey Norwood, one where I often linger because it has such good energy! The land is owned by the National Trust, and adjacent to the University of Bath.

Hidden in plain view….
The stones are hidden by a bunch of trees and undergrowth. One stone is slightly away from the trees, and can be seen from the field, and it is almost as if it is set up that way for people to discover. Though I must have walked through that field hundreds of times and missed it! It is difficult to say if the stones form a circle or a snaking avenue, or something else, as they are not quite aligned. It is interesting that the larger first and third stones run exactly North to South. The middle stone is smaller, and slightly off to the West.

More stones…
I have been back to do some more exploring, and found several other potential standing stones, lying down. Often right next to a tree, as if the stone was tipped over and the tree grew in its place. All the stones seem to have a hole through them, off centre.

There seems to be some historic analysis suggesting that the stones are part of an 18th century racecourse, not an ancient stone circle at all! This would imply two parallel circles or ellipses, and I wonder if this is a cover story set up, waiting for the moment when someone maps out the entire arrangement. By strange coincidence, they are a stone’s throw from the running track, where 100m Olympic Gold Medallist Jason Gardener trains. And even closer to the Bobsleigh run where Gold Medallist Amy Williams trained. Every year, the Cancer Research Race For Life takes place here in this field, and thousands of people run right past the stones, without noticing them! So a bit of a history of racetracks permeates the area.

Olympic Earth Energy…
Now I happen to know that Earth Energy can improve your health, strength and performance. Is it a coincidence that the University is one of the top ranking in the country these days? And that the land produces two Gold Medallists? One of them the Gold of All Golds, the Men’s 100m sprint?

An Avenue?…
I thought I would check out the parallel lines possibility, and found that each of the three stones had a second possible stone about due East, marked by a fallen stone or stone in the ground. The East West distance between the first and third stones and their partners was about 25 paces, and the distance between the second one and its partner was about 40 paces. Possibly this is marking an avenue of Earth Energy.

Since Bath is connected to Avebury and Stanton Drew stone circles (the two biggest in the country) by Earth Energy lines, I would expect any stone circle at Bath to be a pretty major layout.

Another line?….
An adjacent field (closer to the Olympic running track) had another curiousity going through it, with several concentric aligned circles where the ground is raised to a slight mound, and the grass is darker around the edge, possibly indicating some standing stones that were once there. I followed the line going roughly NNW off the edge of the field to the car park, where a modern giant stone had been placed in perfect alignment! The other end of the line heads directly to the Bobsleigh run.

Ralph Allen…
The standing stones are a stone’s throw away from a very impressive Manor house, Claverton Manor, which is now the American Museum, the only one in Britain. Manor Houses are frequently found on or near important Earth Energy lines (Avebury has a Manor). In the days of Ralph Allen, back in the 18th century (the date of the supposed racecourse), Claverton Manor was his sort of second home, though his official residence was at Prior Park, about two miles away. It seems that Claverton Manor was for his “business” dealings, a bit like an office, only bigger. And it seems right next to a stone circle complex. I wonder what his business dealings included. Was the stone circle still there in the 18th century? Ralph Allen is buried in Claverton churchyard just below Claverton Manor, in a pyramid topped mausoleum. And this is surprising, as you might expect him to be at Bath Abbey.

When I was looking around Bushey Norwood, I saw a group of people in the field gathered in a circle. Curious! Then I realised they were from the Sealed Knot, practising for a battle reenaction. Of course! A reminder that a battle took place here, as is so common at Earth Energy hotspots. People fight over the energy nodes. They still are, all over the world.

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See this website for information on seminars, books, and courses on Earth Energy lines and dowsing, particularly around Bath and Wiltshire….

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