Word Play

Words are handed down over the generations and they often have lots of clues in them as to the truth. How was each word originally formed, and why? Some words we can see changing over time, and we witness new words springing up all the time. Other words have morphed way back in history, but still have some of their original meaning bound up in the letters.

Google, hoover, wifi are new words. “ugo” and “wego” are new words on Plymouth buses! (we already have ego and ago, where did they come from?). “shan’t” is a good example of a word that is in the process of morphing. It used to be “shall not”, then “sha’n’t”. Before long it will be “shant”. And maybe “shall” and “not” morphed from something else way back in history.

Text language is rapidly speeding up the morphing process with things like “gr8” instead of “great”. The G8 summit is g8 which means gate in text language. Advertising is speeding up the process too, by planting new words in our minds, like “kidz” and “skool”, as well as brand names that eventually take on meanings, like “google” now means internet search.

Sometimes it’s interesting to put together words with the same stem and see how their meaning might be linked. Are you a Ju? Julie, Judy, Julius Caesar, Jupiter, June, July, Jew, jewel, jury, justice, judge, just, jeudi (French for Thursday). Are Jews and Justice and jewels and the planet Jupiter and Thursday somehow linked? (Each weekday corresponds to one of our closest 5 planets or the moon or the Sun)

Money is moon.eye. Monarchy is moon.arch. Monastery is moon.aster which is moon.star. Hormone is whore.moon, and the Moon certainly controls women. It starts to make you think differently, it gets you wandering (wondering) in your mind, making new connections and discoveries (dis.cover is un.cover). So your mind is opened to new possibilities, expanded, simply from looking at words differently. Experiment = experience mind.

Government is govern.ment is control.mind (from the Latin gubor mente). So the most important thing that we can do to free ourselves from government control is to free up our minds. We only use 10%, so there’s 90% left to find out about.

Here are some more similarities….

Wifi we know is from “wireless fidelity” (well I assume it is copied from hifi). So how did the word “wife” come about? Wife = wi.fe. Interestingly we also have fe.male. And fe.mi.nine. What does “fe” mean? As that seems to be the key for the female? And is a wife a wireless female, (starting to sound like Stepford Wives).

Kin, kin.g, kin.dred, kin.d, man.kin.d, kin.k. Are they all related words? One of a kind, to be kind, kindred spirit. How does king fit in? Has the word been hijacked from something that used to be good? Maybe king was once a word that meant you felt like a king, in control of your own life and at one with your kin, with mankind.

Eco means “home”, from the Latin “ecos”. Economy means “home management”, ecology means “home knowledge”. I see our home as the whole round planet, not a numbered rabbit hutch square house in a named straight street. Economists should really have more KNOWLEDGE of the planet (ecology) before they try to MANAGE it.

So if the planet is our home, it is interesting that we are “homo” sapiens. And does “human” derive from “home”? Maybe the human race is also our home? Home is where the heart is, and I find my own definition of “home” includes being with my loved ones, other humans. It is not just a place.

“Amo” is Latin for “I love”, but somehow we now have “ammo” meaning ammunition! How did that happen? We also have the word “am”, from the verb “to be”. So maybe to be is to love? “I love therefore I am”. Back on the war theme, we have war and war.m, war.n, and warmonger, and warrior. How did “warm” get to contain “war”?

Be.lie, be.lie.f, be.lie.ve. Is a belief system a lie? Quartz and Courts both have great power, one natural, one created by the elites. I would like to know what London means. Lond.on, Lond.res (in French), Lond.is (a chain of corner shops). “Lond” is not a common word stem, though it is quite similar to “Lord”. Die means death and also more than one dice, as if it is luck of the dice which leads to death. Though I also think its possible to influence the dice with your will (see Possibility Theory).

The return of the dot is interesting. I have seen very old inscriptions with words separated by dots instead of spaces, and now the fashion is returning. A modern example is Will.i.am. Which could be “I am will”, or “I am my will”, to mean someone who uses their will to determine outcomes. So some words are morphing together, but other words are morphing apart! It is quite possible that this has been happening for thousands of years as a natural process.

I wonder if once, long ago, each letter was a symbol with a meaning. 26 little letters, 26 capital letters, each with its own meaning, like Chinese letters and nautical flags. Then you can adjust or combine the meanings by placing two together, as we do with Roman numerals. Five (V) can be adjusted to four (IV) or (VI) by putting an I before or after it.

I have been playing with words like this for several months now, and the more I do it, the more instinctive it becomes. Everything I read or hear presents with several different meanings, and I can choose the one I like the best at the time. The possibilities are endless, and that’s how the mind becomes truly open.

(See also earlier posts: Possibility Theory, Mind Blowing)

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2 Responses to Word Play

  1. George Silver says:

    Did you know there is a science attached to words and groups of words and how they appear on the internet. There are people who have programmes that search the internet for phrases and sentences and they can predict future events. It seems we are all clairvoyant. We all have psychic abilities and en masse we predict the future which appear in words before the actual event. Like animals predicting an earthquake.
    If you are interested here is a site to look at:-

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes I had something like that. I remember it being about filtering for words on Facebook etc in order to work out what the global mood was at the time. So I guess they can use that analysis to work out what might happen next. Or maybe even hijack the mood for their own ends. Then we get onto the question of whether or not the future is all predetermined! I do think everyone has psychic abilities but we are trained out of using them or even knowing about them from very early on.

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