Nature’s Free Internet

The Internet is a brilliant resource for information, ideas, and communication around the world. The downside for me is that I need a computer, or a similar device like a mobile phone, to access it, and I don’t like sitting at a computer. Luckily there is an alternative. Nature’s original internet.

If a tiny little thing like a mobile phone can transmit and receive data with 100% accuracy, imagine what our human brains are capable of.

I have been playing with telepathy for sometime now with increasing success. Though I am still very much a beginner. I have noticed at least two types of interaction. There is the one where you target someone in particular with your thoughts, a bit like an email or a text. Then there is the one where I write to the common knowledge store, our shared library in the ether. A bit like a blog post. Anyone can access it at anytime, and it’s written up there forever. Free to download and read.

When I write a blog post, it first goes onto Nature’s internet. I do this by writing it in my head with the intent to publicly transmit, rather than hide it. I think this first version is usually the best, the freshest. I am not slowed down by writing or typing, or even words, and I don’t have EMF radiation interfering with my thoughts, and making me feel a bit ill. And I can write anytime, anywhere, with no tools needed. Some of my thoughts then get written out in my notebook, not all, because I am limited by time and having my notebook around and not being otherwise occupied. And finally, some of my notebook makes it to Suliwrites. I do come up with new ideas as I write, but generally it is much more limited than using my mind directly.

As I am shortly going to be offline for some weeks, I would like to tell my readers that I will still be writing to Nature’s Internet, and you may be able to pick it up from there, either deliberately or subliminally.

It feels to me that the technology of computers is rapidly catching up with the human mind. Everything that computers can do, we can do too. For example, new technology will soon have every mobile phone as a transmitter mast, so no phone masts will be needed! And then the next stage is to embed the mobile phone into the body, a bit like a mini brain. But we can do that as human beings already. We have brains, and we are capable of transmitting and receiving data. Our telepathic skills and knowledge have been suppressed, and they need freeing up.

It’s as if the ultimate goal of technology is to reinvent ourselves, or perhaps invent our replacements, and thereby make ourselves redundant. In the process, we are reminding ourselves of what is possible. It’s possible for huge amounts of data to be transmitted accurately and instantly and globally through the sky. Amazing! All we now have to do is believe in the power of ourselves, to believe that we human beings are more powerful and more skilled than the machines we have invented. That we can do it without machines.

Of course it is quite possible that we, Homo Sapiens, are the replacements of a previous species, such as Homo Erectus! Maybe they made themselves redundant by developing technology to replace themselves. Another giant cycle in history maybe repeating.

If our manufactured Internet breaks down, as it has recently threatened to do, it is nice to know we will still have Nature’s better version. We just have to get more skilled at accessing it. And we don’t even have to wait for the machines to break down. Nature’s Internet is there for all to use freely right now.

(See also earlier posts: It’s The Thought That Counts)

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11 Responses to Nature’s Free Internet

  1. George Silver says:

    So you’d rather communicate through thought than the internet. I must try this while your away.
    If you never receive any more communications from me then search your mind and see if I’m there. I suspect I’ll wipe you from my “bookmarks” and you’ll cease to exist in my electronic World. If you want to communicate then just think of George Silver and I’ll try to return your thoughts. I have a strange feeling it’s not going to work.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes I would love to communicate more through thought than Internet, and possibly I do without realising. At the moment it feels like I am better at the man made Internet than the telepathic version, but I have been playing with the man made one for over 20 years, and telepathy is relatively new to me. One of the difficulties with telepathy is the lack of evidence that someone has received your thoughts, though from time to time I do get feedback of success. The Australian aborigines were masters of it. One reason why they had to be wiped out. I will try a bit of direct transmission George, and you are right, it may not work. But on the other hand, it might!

  3. paul says:

    clif ‏@clif_high 16 hrs16 hours ago
    Ack! ok, so data shows ‘unknown big something’ going to ‘splat/splash/crash’ onto ‘A4’ roadway b4 end of Dec. Vids apparently coming!
    7 retweets 14 likes
    Michael Butler ‏@mbutler101 14 hrs14 hours ago
    @clif_high FYI, A4 is also on the Economist 2015 cover…purportedly Queen Elizabeth’s Land Rover license plate # A444RYV

  4. paul says:

    also see 11.5 and 11.3 on that economist image – rearrange to 13 11 15 for the paris staged event

  5. paul says:

    watch the A4 – on the image above the queen is driving a land rover and the A4 is showing on the number plate
    clif ‏@clif_high 16 hrs16 hours ago
    Ack! ok, so data shows ‘unknown big something’ going to ‘splat/splash/crash’ onto ‘A4’ roadway b4 end of Dec.

    • suliwebster says:

      that image is very creepy, reminds me of sergeant pepper album cover, and the Brotherhood artists (see The Badminton Game).
      i am very interested in the A4. It is the Bath to London road. Our paper (papal) cntrol is through A4 paper. There are several Bath to London routes, including the Wansdyke and the Via Julia Roman road, and the KA (Kate) canal. The Queens postcode is AA which is like A4.
      The A4 goes through Queen Square in Bath, part of the Queen Key.
      The A4 was once known as the Great Western Road. Sounds like the great western way of living administered by West Minster.
      The A4 starts in the City of London, where Orange Sainsbury’s HQ sits at the head. It goes through the media street of Fleet Street.

      It could be that we are being shunted round to A5. Which leads to William and Anglesey. Possibly Cull The Queen is about to happen, though really I should stop trying to predict these things ! It will be the best excuse ever for a very big SWITCH (xmas switch on, electric switch) to martial law and no more cash. A stark choice, either you are in the electric world, (the new solar system) or you are out. We will be split in two, yet again.

      If things are heading West, then it must be something Royal too. They have just lowered the floor of the Box tunnel by 2 foot, my guess is they have been upgrading the elite bunker where Churchill sat out the war. Box is on the A4 and the media cover story is they are “electrifying” the line. (my next post is about electrifying stuff).

      The Paris thing is the biggest news item since maybe 911, though road kill amounts to far more deaths, 1.25 million per year worldwide, 5 a day in the UK. I dont see tv or news, even alternative news any more, yet still i know lots about the Paris soap opera because everyone is talking about it, it has hijacked the collective mind big time.

    • suliwebster says:

      George Street and Charlotte Street are both part of the A4 in Bath. George is about 100 yards away from Queen Square on the East. Charlotte exits Queen Square on the other side. As you go round the Square roundabout one way system from George to Charlotte you pass ON THE SQUARE the Francis Hotel of the Pope’s namesake (see The Pope and The Queen). Francis where the Paris attack happened.

    • suliwebster says:

      thanks paul will check it out

    • suliwebster says:

      I don’t think we will even need the injections, our code is being altered by what we do. The more time and energy we give to the internet, the more we become it. The more we upgrade our things, the more we become upgraded ourselves. And whatever we do to animals, we do unto ourselves. (same applies to the plant world, look at the horror of tree management these days).
      I would like to unplug, and I constantly ask myself why I am still plugged in. Maybe it is the feeling of power, like an appliance gets power when plugged into a socket, or a man when plugged into a woman. Power goes to our heads.

  6. paul says:


    Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution… evolving us.

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