Olympic Medal Decoded

The 2012 Olympic medal is a map of where the London Olympics are. The river Thames runs through it. The lines are leylines which are very concentrated in the middle. There is a square and a triangle clearly marked, the corners of which mark key points in London.

Each letter of ZION (2012) is carefully constructed so that the straight line edges sit exactly on a background leyline. That partly explains the strange design of the ZION logo.

There are some things I do not yet have the time to check out, but here are my guesses so far. I am not sure which part is the Olympic Stadium, though I suspect the dot of the i (eye), or the O where the Olympic rings are. I guess that each letter also maps to a certain part of London too. Is the square a Square Mile? Is it the New Jerusalem? Is the river at the East Gate? Is there an entrance to the square East of North East? As with Jerusalem, Stonehenge and Bath? Probably other places too.

A huge amount of energy is set up to be focused on the Olympics by the use of Earth Energy lines and electromagnetic forces. A leyline runs from Windsor Castle to the Olympics. Possibly this same leyline runs back to Avebury, a major world centre for earth energy, and Bath Abbey, a control centre. Another thing to be checked! The London Eye is also a control mechanism to focus energy on the stadium. And look at the pyramid shaped electricity pylon type structures all around.

The energy for the Olympics is designed to crack open the planet. This has been planned for centuries, maybe longer. As far as I can gather it is going to be in the form of sound waves, which are very heavily linked to Earth Energy. The sound will be like a bell, a very large bell, a 27 ton bell. Big Ben will no doubt have something to do with it. The whole planet is connected by Earth Energy lines, and key control centres in the form of abbeys, cathedrals, manors, castles, palaces, the Vatican, Stonehenge, obelisks, etc etc are all sitting at key points on the lines around the world.

Which part of the Olympics is it planned for? About 4 billion are expected to watch the Opening show, which will be like a Hollywood movie. This will be bigger viewing figures than ever before. The men’s 100m final is another possibility. Or the Full Moon on 2nd August, the Games being almost entirely under the control of the Full Moon fortnight. Are you curious to find out what will happen? Will you watch?

I read recently in a mainstream paper that the 911 disaster was the most popular viewing in the last 10 years. It has ratings! Watching thousands of people die on live TV is pulling in the viewers. Great for advertisers and viewing figures. Higher figures than the Olympic events themselves.

There is a good Ben Elton book (fiction) on this theme, whereby the viewers determine whether or not someone is murdered. If everyone switches off their tele, the murder will not take place. If they don’t switch off, the murder will take place. It’s a bit like X Factor, but it’s murder. That’s what’s happening for real with the Olympics. Will we watch or will we not? Any disaster can only happen if we give it our energy. If there is no audience, there is no show. This is a really big test for humanity.

(See also earlier posts : No Audience, No Show, Crop Circles and the Olympics, and several Moon posts)

This is a video about the vortex energy at the Olympics which includes information on the medal.

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2 Responses to Olympic Medal Decoded

  1. Anonymous says:

    the dot in the centre is over an area of the river called delta wharf( the symbol for delta is a triangle); next to canary wharf(the pyramid), the top point of the triangle is over the olympic stadium which is surrounded by triangular lighting so the theme seems to be triangles!

  2. George Silver says:

    On the other hand it could be just a load of professional drug takers running around a track.

    By the way nothing is coming through on the “thought” internet.

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