Don’t Believe What You Read

This is the name of a Boomtown Rats song, the frontman of which is Bob Geldof, now a Knight. It’s a good motto, and maybe that’s why he has a knighthood.

If you believe the papers and the supermarket advertising, you would KNOW for sure that organic food costs more than non organic. Everyone knows that, it’s a well known FACT. I always buy organic when I can, I don’t care if it costs more, because I would rather eat organic food than cheap food, it’s much nicer, and it doesn’t poison me either.

Today I bought some lovely organic veg in Harvest in Bath. It had no packaging, and I could buy exactly the amount I wanted. I compared prices with the Co-op, which despite being a cooperative, tends to behave like a supermarket.

Co-op large lemon 35p, 1 small organic lemon 23p.   Co-op 3 pack courgettes £2.50, 1 organic courgette 51p.   Co-op 4 large mushrooms £1 special offer,  3 large organic mushrooms 70p.   Co-op sad iceberg lettuce £1.10,  1 really nice organic lettuce £1.50.    Co-op 3 pack pepper, green, red, yellow £1.85,  1 organic large pointy red pepper 57p.

Interesting! Only the lettuce was more expensive, and the comparison with a tasteless anaemic iceberg is not very fair. It seems I not only got the veg itself cheaper, it was much better quality, and I was not left with an unwanted green pepper or too many courgettes. (The average food wastage is 25% of what we buy, and this is almost certainly attributable to supermarket style consumerism).

So my observations tell me that organic veg is cheaper than non organic. This is just one example of many where my observations and experiences are different to what I am told is true.

I work on the principle that the most trusted information is that which you experience and observe yourself. That’s the only stuff you KNOW for sure. The second best information is that which trusted sources, such as good friends or family, observe and experience themselves. And the least reliable is the rest of it, the stuff from experts, or films, or papers or tv or books or politicians or what is known as accepted fact. Any information is useful, even lies, but it is only useful as a signpost to lead you to other things, or corroboration of your own, not as knowledge or truth itself.

We are taught the opposite from an early age. We are taught that the experts know best, and that includes the papers, tv etc etc. Then people we know and trust. And finally ourselves are the least trustworthy of all! We are taught to invalidate ourselves. This can lead to internal conflict and even illness. And it can be hard to break that habit.

The principle of not believing what you read applies to my blog too. Ideas and possibilities and alternative views are what I offer. What I write is the truth for me. Do not believe any of it without checking it out for yourself, and matching it up with your own experiences and observations around you and within you.

(See also earlier post: I Am The Truth, Shelf Life, We Are All Right)

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3 Responses to Don’t Believe What You Read

  1. Shalyndaw says:

    ‘Truer words could not have been spoken’ (in my humble opinion)!! How’s that for a paradox LOL 🙂 Nothing but our own experience and ‘knowing’ can we trust, but as you say other’s experiences and knowings can come close to ours although not precisely. As individuals we must travel our own pathway, have our own experiences, gather our own knowledge, join our own dots to make our own pictures. However we often arrive at a similar knowing to others because we are also integral members of the same species with similar evolving capabilities. We all have a Heart and a Mind and a Body, we are all ‘wired’ up in a similar fashion so it stands to reason that at some point in time we will all experience being true to ourselves and truthful to each other. This will happen when we experience the middle path, integrating both sides of duality and realising the centre of everything in this current 3D existence, vesica pisces. At the centre there is everything and nothing, it is a point of balance, an ultimate paradox, an ultimate truth!

  2. suliwebster says:

    “Everything and nothing” sounds a bit like the “more is less, less is more” theme. If you apparently have less, less stuff, less to do etc, you can actually have a richer more fulfilling life. You lost me on the Pisces bit. I constantly find things presenting as paradoxes too.

    • Shalyndaw says:

      Yes, Life is a paradox, Paradox is Life! Vesica pisces is a way of visualising the middle path – take 2 circles representing duality eg black and white, overlap them (integration, assimilation) and you get a vulva shaped center (the feminine). And if you follow the lines of that shape upwards and downwards swapping the colours as you go (duality), you get a spiral not unlike the DNA stands, the core, the center!!

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