Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose how much tax you pay and exactly where it went. I have just donated some money towards a charity for the blind, Fight for Sight, which is supported by a blind friend of mine. That was really nice. On the other hand, when I pay general government ordered taxes, I know I am funding the big machine out there which runs the wars and the arms trade and supports the banks. Not so nice.

I reckon most people pay about 80% tax in total. Income tax is usually 20%, VAT on most things you buy is 20%. Council tax. The biggest tax of all is housing tax. It’s not called a tax, but the mortgage or rent you pay ends up back at the banks pretty quick, and probably equates to around half of your income. They do nothing for the money, so therefore I call it a tax, which is money for nothing.

A pound that you are paid has 20p taken off for income tax, another wadge, say 50p goes on your house, the 30p that’s left buys stuff which gets taxed again. In a few steps, nearly all of that pound you were paid is back at the banks. They have nearly all of the money, nearly all of the time. We get a few crumbs temporarily to just about meet our needs if we work hard.

When you look around, you can see all the tax generating outfits everywhere. Every shop or business is generating taxes (income tax, business tax, VAT). Every building is generating taxes from mortgage or rent, council tax, fuel tax. Every bus, train, car, plane is generating fuel taxes, road taxes etc. Cigarette tax. Alcohol tax. (No wonder they want us to smoke and drink more). And the amount of shopping on the internet must be generating a lot too. Each day the government nets a huge haul of taxes. They spend lots, and then they just get a big top up for free every day. A bottomless pit of money.

Every transaction is generating more taxes to prop up and perpetuate the system. Tax avoidance is something that the big corporations have worked out how to do. Instead of getting angry with them, find ways of doing your own tax avoidance. The bottom part of your income is untaxed, and therefore worth more than the top part. Small businesses don’t pay VAT. The less transactions you make, the less tax you pay.

Meanwhile, the things that are supposedly supported by our taxes are becoming increasingly corporate, such as hospitals and schools and social services. Education is not free, there are huge numbers of extras that parents must pay for, and soon, most schools will be corporate funded, not government funded. So where are the taxes going?

When we pay tax, we are giving our power to the government, who decide what the money will be spent on. For example, homeopaths are not free, but GPs are, because the government approves of GPs, not homeopaths. If I want to see a homeopath, I have paid twice, once in taxes for the GP, and again for the homeopath.

I notice there are more and more charities and fundraising that cover the things that taxes were meant to cover, for example premature baby care, hospice care for the elderly, equipment for schools, caring for injured soldiers, national cycle networks. There is independent fundraising going on all the time around us. And maybe this can replace the tax system.

The press makes it virtuous to be a taxpayer. But don’t be fooled. Taxes go towards wars, weather modification, and funding the global control machine. Really tiny amounts come back to you. We don’t need government run taxes. The taxes give them the power. We can do it ourselves. People are already donating money, time and energy to things they believe in, of their own free will. No more taxes, no more tax collectors. And maybe a genuine free market.

Like most things these days I can see two paths ahead. The one where the tax system and governments are spiralling into tighter control and the world is getting increasingly chaotic. And the second path where there is a neat little way out which actually improves things. The one where we have smaller businesses, less working hours, less financial exchange and more gifts of time and energy, more power to people, and less for governments, more free will and less global control. As always, there is a choice, and it is only when things go badly wrong that we start to look for the better, more hidden path.

(See also earlier posts: The Gift Economy, The Queen’s Debt) Ref: Sponsored blind bike ride Fight for Sight

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2 Responses to Taxing

  1. George Silver says:

    You are one of the few people who can see the truth about tax. There is a word for people like us “anarchists”. Most people never bother to find out the true meaning of “anarchy”.
    People have been brain-washed into thinking the “the government” is necessary in order to run their lives.
    Governments are parasites. They started off being benign and helpful with things like general protection and arbitrators of disputes. They needed to be paid (tax). Just like the Mafia.
    As the parasite grows is sucks more and more from it’s host until it begins to control the actions of it’s host. Eventually like every parasite it kills the host.

    The Bank of England is the main parasite. The Bank of England is controlled by “private” secret (by law) shareholders.

    Have you ever wondered why the UK government needs to “borrow” money AND pay interest from it’s own bank?

    The government could issue it’s own money on behalf of the people and NOT pay any interest to fabulously wealthy individuals who hide in the shadows and create all of the wars and famine in the World for profit.

    The fact is no politician gets the chance to get into power without the “nod” and backing from these “secret parasites”. They even control ALL of the mainstream media so you will never read about it.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Maybe everything starts off benign and then grows and gets out of hand, then the next stage is collapse of some sort, and something new takes its place. A bit like the life cycle of a tree, except that trees are not evil as far as I know.
    I have been pondering the meaning of anarchy and monarchy recently. Monarch is moon.arch. What does the “arch” bit mean? There are a fair few monuments that are arches, Marble Arch being one.

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