Political Politeness

When I am on my own, I can be really honest with myself. When I am with one other person, especially someone close, I am slightly polite, but mostly honest. When I am in a group, I am very polite and less honest. Sometimes I am surprised how honest I can be with complete strangers, especially ones remote from my day to day life.

This does not mean that I lie, more that I am putting on a bit of an act to conform to what I perceive as socially acceptable. Most people do this, except very little kids who are soon trained out of it. It’s considered a virtue, to be polite.

Making polite conversation is an initial way to connect to people, but I find it can be hard to voice my own truth. Which is one reason why I find writing online a good outlet for my thoughts. If my truth is too suppressed, too bottled up within me and unspoken for too long, I can suffer from a throat infection, which is a classic physical reaction to a suppressed voice.

The media helps to control the polite agenda by pushing the subjects that are ok to talk about, even offering the acceptable viewpoint that it is the one you should hold if you don’t want to offend anyone. The Olympics, the weather, cancer, the Royal Family, celebrities and TV programmes are all acceptable subjects to politely talk about. Conspiracy theories are not.

Polite means not upsetting people by stating any hard to take truths. It means not taking any risks with what you say, not risking being ostracised or ridiculed, not risking offending, not risking your reputation. I don’t want to upset or offend people, so I am careful what I say, but when I do present some truth without being defensive or angry or personal or arrogant or self righteous, people usually welcome it. I would say that people crave it. We are all desperate for some more honesty amongst ourselves.

How interesting that “polite” is almost the same word as “politic”! And really quite similar to “police”, which is like “policy”. Politeness and politics are both about the social facade and social acceptability.

The problem is that we are led to believe that we are the only one thinking differently to the polite facade, and it’s easy to believe that the majority believe in it. If we could be more honest with each other and let go of some politeness, I think we would slowly discover our shared true spirit deep within us all, and the polite political policed policy overlay would automatically start to crumble away without our support.

(See earlier post: Opinion Poll Control)

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4 Responses to Political Politeness

  1. George Silver says:

    For many years in my “working life” I was in charge of marketing and sales. You find yourself putting on a “suit of charm” that eventually becomes almost a second skin. I became a better “me” with this suit on. I listened to people (well I looked as though I was listening). I wasn’t controversial. Everyone thought I was thoroughly nice guy. I was successful at my job. When I wasn’t “working” I found I could slip this suit on and off whenever I liked. There is always a price to pay. With the suit on I was Dr. Jekyll but without it I was Mr Hyde. Every time I took the suit off Mr Hyde became stronger. Eventually I was running a large organisation. It took time but in the end I managed to kill both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and find myself. In my retirement I’m now just a likeable, self opinionated pain in the arse. But it’s me. WYSIWYG.

  2. suliwebster says:

    I think finding the true self is the way forward. There are so many things trying to pull us off that path though! And that’s why it is such a long journey. The suit analogy is a good one. I am guessing you were wearing an actual suit for your job too! Schools are increasingly moving towards suits as uniform. If you dress in a costume, it is easier to act like someone else, and not be yourself. It is interesting that it had to get worse and worse for you before it got to a point where it had to be dealt with.

  3. I too wore a real suit during my 25 year career in insurance and again I also found that putting on the suit gave an outward sense of authority lol !!
    Since I became ill and disabled via a car crash whilst working I no longer wear the suit. It took me a long time and much soul searching to find the real me. But after around 4 years of stress and financial worries ,also I lost my job and was only 44 with a wife/ carer and 2 young children to try to look after. We nearly lost our house on 2 ocassions but someone is looking out for us.
    I have since embarked on a long and hard voyage of discovery beginning with a re appraisal of mr david ickes opinions eg the moon influence and situation ,proposal,solution. I have found many esoteric books and so on that have ”enlightened” my knowledge of how this world operates ahaha.
    But if you believe the real issues then a major event is soon to occur for all inhabitants of earth. Many/all will be sent to their correct place too !
    We do have help somewhere though call it divine-call it what you will but we are not alone now and they know it. Hence the massive up gear shift in elite destruction proposals. The next 4 months will be decisive in our favour. But we must still work hard at reaching the next level. Well all of us that want the next level that is ! If you prefer the status quo and I don’t mean the rock band lol,then stay away from me.
    Blessings to all who know and feel the next step !
    Richard xxx

  4. suliwebster says:

    I notice that people often become enlightened after going quite a long way in the apparently wrong direction. Eventually some event happens that is so big you have to take stock of your life and reevaluate everything. This happened to me too. I did lose my house, and I nearly lost my kids too. But we have all come through stronger with our hearts and priorities in a much better place.

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