My mother recently told me about an elderly relative who had her teeth “done”. There was nothing wrong with her teeth! My mum said it was odd because it seemed to take away the character of her face. And she had a lovely face. Bingo! That’s what they are trying to do to us, they want to make us all LOOK the same. It’s getting a little bit like Stepford Wives.

Have you noticed all the cartoony, computer game people images around these days, where their teeth look like one straight horizontal strip of white plastic, almost like a shiny white gum shield? That’s the imagery we are getting used to, especially the young, and that’s what we are being driven towards. Maybe it will make it easier for them to introduce robots into our society without anyone noticing. Maybe it will be easier to replace people with clones. Maybe they just want to get rid of our uniqueness. They want us to be the same, yet separated. I think the best way forward is to be unique, yet connected.

Teeth straightening for kids is free on the NHS, despite the “recession”. This is often for cosmetic reasons only, no medical reason. I know because I have been through this with my own child. It was assumed that we would both want him “corrected”, and I assumed it must be medically essential if the NHS was paying for it. It was only when my son asked the surgeon the right questions that we were told otherwise. That has saved 2 tooth extractions, and 2 years of wearing traintracks (which must be quite a lot to go through, even if you like the end result).

Parents are persuaded it is good parenting to give their child the best start in life. As an adult, you have to pay for it, so the pressure is on to have it done while it is free, at about age 13, that key age of enlightenment and blossomng which is so heavily interfered with. And if your Mum says you need correcting because your smile is not right, your own Mum doesn’t love you as you are, how does that make you think of yourself? Another example of delivering the Illuminati agenda via the parenting industry. The message is that no one will like you if your teeth are not “perfect”.

I have frequently defended our decision to decline teeth straightening, and repeat to people how my son is lovely as he is, he has a lovely smile, lots of friends despite having “imperfect” teeth, and I would not want him “improved” in any way. This is not the sort of thing you are supposed to do and say as a parent, but people do take heed of what I say, and it almost gives them permission to do the same if they so choose, by setting a precedent, and offering another possibility.

The teeth of Hollywood stars look odd too, Kiera Knightly, Jim Carey for example, have overly interfered with teeth, that make them look more plastic, more doll like. Princess Kate has had her teeth done since hitting the world stage, a dentist friend tells me. Johnny Depp is deliberately, humourously, made to look that way in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as a parody.

It’s also interesting that cosmetic teeth straightening for kids on the NHS is acceptable, but people get very uptight about many other types of cosmetic surgery being tax payer funded. It’s all part of the same thing. There is so much manipulated psychology involved in this. People are unhappy about how they look because they are constantly bombarded with images of people who look “right”, and people who look “wrong”. We get upset about teenagers being so worried about their looks, but feed the whole thing by supporting cosmetic teeth straightening.

How do kids teeth get wonky in the first place? People that live in tribal communities, untouched by Western Society, have good teeth. What are our child rearing practices doing to our kids? Dummies, bottles, thumb sucking, poor diets and dental work are routine for Western babies. This creates the problem that can then be “fixed” later on to fit the global agenda. It’s almost like they can remould us how they want us to look. But they need to create an excuse to do it.

It is not teeth that make a true smile. A true smile comes from your whole face lighting up with the sprit energy from within, with warmth and delight and joy.

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