Olympic Deaths

The symbol of the flaming torch has been around a lot this year. In particular, the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympics was filled with flame. The flame, or torch is used as a signature by the Illuminati on their murders. The graves of Princess Diana and JFK are marked, quite overtly, in this way. And there was even a mysterious fire that broke out near the Olympic stadium during the Olympics!

So why use this flaming torch symbol at the Paralympics? No one died did they? There was no terrorist attack, was there?

The newspapers constantly labelled every Paralympic competitor with the history of their disablement. Thalidomide. Iraq War. Afghan War. Just to emphasise this, the Channel 4 Opening Ceremony coverage was interspersed with war “facts”. Still think no one died? The Paralympics was a massive celebration of Illuminati death and destruction through war, the pharmaceutical industry, and anything else they are taking the credit for. Not only must we be destroyed, we must celebrate our own destruction too.

The idea of being happy about your miserable fate is similar to the housebound domestic servant, otherwise known as the housewife. Not only must she serve everyone, she must smile and be happy as she does it. Stepford Wives style.

It is not politically correct to say anything against disabled people, and this will make people reluctant to speak out about any uncomfortable feelings they may have about the Paralympics. The positive side is the incredible way that disabled people overcome their disabilities, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit, and in this sense, they are very able. I see this in my disabled friends anyway, without the need for the Paralympics. But this goodness has been exploited by those in charge for their own ends. What are those ends?

Another aspect of the Closing Ceremony was the shape of the Owl as part of the worship. The Owl has been used for centuries, by those in charge, as a symbol of child sacrifice. The Owl is even depicted in the street layout of Washington DC. The Illuminati are telling us, hidden in plain view, that children are being sacrificed. The energy from the Olympics and Paralympics is enormous, and the Olympic stadium is situated on an earth energy node, with many other key sources of energy connected to it via the London Eye, Canary Wharf and others. Those in charge know how to harness and use this energy, and this is what they will have been doing. My guess is that energy from child sacrifices has been used in conjunction with the Olympic energy to manifest the next stage of their plan. And this will not be in the interests of the human race.

The only way to stop their plan is to stop supporting it. Look at what you are doing and thinking in small ways every day and how it props up the system that perpetuates the evil. Make changes in your thinking and actions that reduce the support you give to the system. Spend more time and energy on thinking and emotions and actions that you know feel right. We are all contributing in some way, and it is almost impossible not to. But we can slowly detach, bit by bit, from the system, and let it die from lack of support.

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