12th December 2012

Earth Energy lines are always in harmony at the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Or are they? This year, I was expecting the equinox on 22nd September, but the last day of the energy lines being in harmony was 20th September. Strange. This implies that the equinox was early, around 3 days earlier than forecast. That seems like quite a big error to me.

What is going on? And will the Winter Solstice be early too?

According to some researchers, (including David Icke), the Earth is slowing down its spin speed, and will eventually stop completely in December 2012. Some places will be in darkness, and some in light, until the Earth starts up again, going the opposite way, the Sun then rising in the West, and setting in the East. As the Earth slows down, our 24 hour day gets longer and longer. We don’t notice because hours are not a fixed length, just a division of the day, so the hours get longer too. Plus our lives are purposefully filled with confusion and chaos to mask all the natural changes that are happening.

If we assume that the Earth is still orbiting the Sun at the same speed, it will be taking less days to go the same distance, because the days are longer. This means the Earth will take less days (but same amount of time) to reach the Summer equinox position. And that maybe why it came “early”. It is not actually early, but our day count is not an accurate measure of time. It is just a measure of the relationship between the Earth and the Sun.

Now for the Winter Solstice. If the Earth is slowing down at an increasing rate, then it is not surprising that the September Equinox is 3 days early. If this continues, the Winter Solstice will be significantly earlier, possibly about 9 days early, which falls on the 12th December which is rather neatly 12.12.12.

And this maybe why some interpretations of the Mayan Calendar say that the current way of the world as we know it will end on 12th December, and a new way of being will start to take its place.

In 1999, David Icke referred to the key date of 2012 as 12th December, not the 21st. But propaganda has 21st December firmly planted in our heads. Everyone knows this date, whether you have seen the end of the world movies, or you are a conspiracy researcher, and whether you take it seriously or not, everyone knows. How did the date morph from 12th December to the 21st? Is it to take our eye off the ball, to shift our focus to the wrong date, to catch us unawares?

Which is right? The 12th or the 21st? If the key date is in fact the 12th December, the Winter Solstice coming early, I think it is as well to be prepared. It is possible that the Earth Energy lines will harmonise from the 11th until the 13th December, in which case the 11th December will be a good time to find one and connect to the Earth.

(See also earlier posts: Earth Energy Lines, Power Points, Round Tables, Clock the Clocks) (ref: The Biggest Secret by David Icke)
(ref: http://www.keytosecretoftheancients.com/Key%20dates.html)

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4 Responses to 12th December 2012

  1. TSL says:

    Hello Suli,

    “How did the date morph from 12th December to the 21st? Is it to take our eye off the ball, to shift our focus to the wrong date, to catch us unawares?”

    I was discussing just this topic with an acquaintance recently, and, whilst I cannot claim to have anything like a total command of all the 2012 material, it is the case that the date changes frequently depending on the author and the time of writing.

    The “original” date seems to have been December 24th 2011. This was used in some documentaries in the 70s, is still referenced on many websites even now, and also chosen as the key date in the Shadowrun series of games and novels which first came out in 1989 (although this was after 21/12/12 became popular).


    The setting and background of the Shadowrun game is actually very interesting even though some aspects were, ahem, “inspired” by the writings of William Gibson. Decent summary in the Wiki article above.

    As mentioned in the Wiki, this 2011 date is attributed to Frank Waters’ “Mexico Mystique” (1975) and apparently it was worked out on the basis of Michael Coe’s earlier work, “The Maya” (1966). Coe later changed it to 11/01/2013 in the 2nd edition (1980) and then 23/12/2012 in the 3rd (1984).

    From a non-Wiki site:


    “Frank Waters first published the Book of the Hopi in 1963, and to research it, he had lived on the Hopi Reservation for three years (probably 1959-1961) and was subsequently seen as an authority on Hopi matters. In the book, Waters says that the Hopi believe that the Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs were ‘aberrant Hopi clans’ who remained in Mesoamerica while the Hopi migrated north. In 1975 he brought out his book Mexico Mystique, in which he showed common points in the cosmology, mythology and ceremony of the Hopi to those of the Aztecs and Maya, and equates the catastrophic end of the Fifth Sun of the Aztecs with the end of the Fourth World of the Hopi. Also in Mexico Mystique, Waters says that the 13-baktun cycle began on 12th August 3113 BC and ends on December 24th 2011 AD. He got this end-date of 2011 from The Maya by Michael Coe (first published in 1966, but Coe’s later works give a revised end-date of 23rd December 2012). This is obviously why some people have got the impression that the Hopi prophecies end in 2011.”

    21/12/2012 was referenced a few times in the 70s along with the other dates; however, after it appeared in a 1983 revision of Sylvanus Morley’s “The Ancient Maya” a number of authors of the time seem to have settled on it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    However, another date is given in “The Mayan Prophecies” (1995) of 22/12/12; some references also have 12/12/11.

    Despite what he wrote in “The Biggest Secret”, Icke himself has the date as 21/12/12 in “Infinite Love Is The Only Truth” (2005), making no reference to the 12/12/12 date at all; he also has 21/12/12 in “And The Truth Shall Set You Free” (1995, 2004), which predates TBS, however, I only have the “21st Century” edition so I don’t know whether it was given as 21/12/12 in the original. Also, the segment in TBS where he writes of 12/12/12 is given no references, IIRC.

    As ever with this sort of thing, YMMV.



  2. suliwebster says:

    Thanks for the information. I have not checked out the links yet but will do. I suppose there is a general agreement on the approximate time of change, somewhere between 2011 and 2013! If it does happen that the Earth stops spinning and then reverses, we will all know about it. If not, then the exact point of change may be invisible to most people.
    Curious that David Icke has changed his date without explaining why, but he always states that he is ready to change his view if new information comes along.
    I have also seen something that says that no one can time travel or see the future beyond 21.12.21, though I don’t know how reliable this is. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the point of change.
    I don’t really have a full picture of the 2012 thing either. Noone does, do they? But the energy line harmony shifting three days is something that is measurable by dowsing, and has been measured by someone I have met and trust, not something researched or recycled from books or Internet that is potentially sourced from propaganda. It will be interesting to see how the energy lines behave in December this year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ok the 12/12/2012 is passed and whats have happened? nothing, its better to stop with bullshits.

  4. suliwebster says:

    Possibly nothing happened, possibly something happened that you are unaware of.
    I don’t feel any particular need to be proved right. I write about possibilities and connect things up in new ways. It’s up to the reader what to do with it, and it’s also your choice whether or not you read it at all.
    If I waited for 100% proof of everything before I wrote it, I would write nothing. Putting things out into the public domain before having complete proof, allows ideas to be exchanged, and peopleto build on the ideas of others, or just play with ideas and explore them. This is a tried and tested method in science and engineering. Sometimes it’s called brainstorming. The Internet allows us to do that on a much bigger scale.
    The best proof is within yourself, and we each have our own truth. If your truth is that nothing happened on 12/12, then that’s your truth. I don’t dispute your truth. How can I? , I am not you and I don’t have your life or your experiences. My truth is slightly different, though I can’t say my own day was very eventful, I am still open to the possibility that there was some underlying change that was not obvious to me. Noone knows everything and noone is perfect. I don’t think that makes either of us wrong.
    And I am not going to stop writing what I want to write. I don’t force anyone to read it or to believe it.

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