The The

Words such as “thee”, “thine”, “thy”, “thou” are words I associate with the Bible. They are no longer in common use. But what do they mean?

“Thee” is often translated as “you”, but that doesn’t seem quite right. I think “thee” is more “you and me and everyone”. It has a sort of “us” feel to it. And if they meant “you”, surely they would have used the old word of “ye”?

Theology is “the.ology”, the study of God, the study of “the”. Atheism is anti God, anti “the”. “The” implies there is only one of something. Words beginning with “the” or “th” crop up in interesting places. It seems to me that “The” is God, which to me is our collective thought, our consciousness. Thought begins with “th” too.

It doesn’t make any difference what your religion is, if any. The collective thought doesn’t distinguish one from another. The name and the image may be different, but the thought is the same. I will call it The The because I like the name, and it doesn’t pick one religion over another. (The The is the curious name of a band from the 80s).

The The controls our collective reality, but it is our minds that control The The! Our minds are The The. The elites have known this for a long time, and this is why they are constantly trying to control our minds. Our minds have been reduced, so that we are only aware of 10% of our brain, and we are constantly fed and implanted with imagery and ideas and facts and information and entertainment created by the elites. The objective is to mould everyone’s minds to suit the agenda of the elites. This way, the elites control The The, the Collective thought, God.

The The is the Creator. That means us. We create our own reality. “Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory” is from the Lords prayer. That means us, all of us. We all collectively have the Kingdom, the power and the glory. We can make it beautiful if that is what our thoughts so desire. It’s all so simple, and it’s all been hijacked for evil means!

Religion convinced us that humans are separate from God. But God is the sum of our thoughts. We are God, and we run the show. The only thing is we need to start running it ourselves, take back our rightful power, and stop blindly following the implanted thought patterns of the elites’ agenda. The elites can only win with our cooperation and mindless obedience. We have a choice, and we can choose to think our own thoughts.

When you take back your own mind, your projected thoughts are your own, no longer implanted recycled thoughts. These thoughts will contribute to The The, and how things manifest. Just our thoughts are enough to make a difference. I would say our thoughts are going to make the biggest difference of all.

Govern.ment means “control mind”. Enter.tain.ment means “enter, hold, mind”. You get the idea.

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