Boring Bath

A big van labelled “Drilcorp” is parked up near the Hot Springs at the Cross Bath. A big drill is drilling down. The road, Hot Bath Street, is closed for 6 weeks. On the side of the van is a list of things that Drilcorp do: “Well drilling, ground source heating/cooling, dewatering, sonic soil sampling”. What is going on?

Drilcorp were part of the project to create a new borehole in Bath earlier this year. Supposedly for the benefit of the elitist Gainsborough Hotel, which still does not in the slightest resemble a hotel. There were several different conflicting official stories accompanying this borehole (See Stories of the New Borehole), and it was supposedly completed around the end of February 2012.

I can’t find any information on the latest round of drilling. Surely the citizens of Bath should be better informed about all this tampering with the Hot Springs? Possibly even the citizens of the World? It is a World Heritage Site with world famous Hot Springs.

Who are Drilcorp? The Drilcorp website announces that they do “geothermal climate control”, which is not very reassuring. It sounds like they are using earth energy to control the climate, and that may be exactly what they are doing. There are some interesting phrases they use about how they got the water they wanted during the first project.

Firstly, they claim to “safeguard the Thermae Bath Spa facility”. They are not claiming to safeguard the natural water supply to the facility, just the facility itself. Though the hotel “will be the only hotel in the UK to use natural thermal water”. So maybe the Thermae Bath Spa no longer has natural thermal water? And that might be why it needs a man made boiler to heat up the water, rather than a cooler to cool it down (See Hot Springs Go Cold).

Secondly, they talk about the “desired target water”. The hot Artesian water was the wrong type. So I wonder what is really going on down there. What are they trying to tap into, and why did they have to go deeper than expected?

Thirdly, Councillor David Dixon is quoted on the borehole drilling: “has been a hugely successful operation and the source we have tapped into shows signs of everything we could hope for”. This could be read in several different ways. What source did they tap into? And what could they have hoped for?

Fourthly, they quote the water as flowing out at 49 degrees. It is only 47 degrees at the Roman Baths source, and previous statements on the New Borehole started at 48 degrees, then revised downwards to 47 degrees. This temperature disparity is getting stranger, and I am thinking that either the Cross Bath is actually the hottest point, not the Roman Baths temple after all. Or that they have a man made boiler down there underground because there is no longer enough natural heat.

I can’t help noticing the 18th century stonemasonry carving on the Gainsborough Hotel-to-be in neighbouring Beau St. The City of Bath Coat of Arms is flanked by a lion and a bear. The sword blade rises upwards like an obelisk, and the hilt of the sword has diagonal markings like a screw, which makes it look like a drill boring down into the Earth. Has this been going on for centuries, this tampering?

The architects for The Gainsborough Hotel are EPR. They have worked on The Palace of Westminster and The House of Lords! So they are accustomed to the buildings of the elite.
A quote from their website about the Gainsborough is “provision is being made for conference facilities at the upper most level”, which I take to mean the most elitist people in the world.

And just to add the icing onto the cake of the story, the whole very expensive Hotel project is funded by a loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland! The ones that are heavily in debt to the taxpayer. Shouldn’t they be paying us back first before lending money to the Very Rich?

(See also earlier posts: Hot Springs Go Cold, Stories of the New Borehole, the New Bath Waitrose Store)

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2 Responses to Boring Bath

  1. Christine b says:

    This is really fascinating information. Thank you. My guess is they have always been tampering. What do they know about the power that lies beneath. I can only imagine. They seem to have gained total control. That hotel has a bad vibe. Even so I am tempted to spend my retirement fund to take the waters!

    • suliwebster says:

      I get the same conflict, Christine. All this tampering and fighting over it, yet this is also my home and I want everyone to be able to take the waters, anyone that pilgrims here, even those with no money.
      Only today I found out that the leisure centre (for commoners) had a natural hot spring bath inside when it first opened in the 70s. The fittings are still there, so could easily be reinstated, but access is denied by the Council, probably on health and safety grounds. Meanwhile, millions are being poured into making the hot springs available to the Very Rich, and they tell us this is for the benefit of the people of Bath.

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