Mind Your Own Life

Since about the Equinox, I have felt a shift in what I am driven to do. For many months, I have felt quite driven to OUTPUT everything in my head. And if I didn’t, I felt quite blocked up.

Now it seems that everything is out there. If I haven’t told people or put it on the Internet somewhere, then someone else has. The world is awash with information on what’s really going on, and its spilling out into the mainstream on an almost daily basis, There is enough stuff out there, and enough aware people interwoven throughout society for anyone who wakes up to tap into.

For the last couple of weeks, I have had a nagging feeling that I need to slow down, and BE THE CHANGE. Not just preach what is happening, and what I would like to happen, and what I would like to stop happening. Just get on and do it, think it, live it, feel it right NOW.

I keep thinking Oh won’t it be good when the world changes! But that’s wrong, because it is waiting for someone or something else to sort it out for me! This is still stuck in the old way of doing things! So why not make my own world change right NOW! What am I waiting for. I just have to live the life I want to lead, which is a calmer, slower one, where I don’t worry about time too much, don’t plan ahead, simplify, get rid of a lot of stuff, look after my health, enjoy my family and friends etc etc etc. And in particular, I no longer want to keep trying to pack too much into each day. There is nothing to stop me doing that right NOW except my own obsession with trying to achieve too much and save the planet single handedly.

Whatever I do will have a knock on effect everywhere around me and with everyone and every place I am connected to, no matter how far away. So by saving myself, I inadvertently and effortlessly contribute to saving the world and humanity.

And anyone can do this, you don’t need to know about the conspiracy to make your own life. You just have to take back control, be captain of your own ship, and master of your own destiny.

I am reminded of a phrase from the Duchess in Alice In Wonderland ‘If everybody minded their own business, the world would go round a deal faster than it does.’

(See also earlier post : New Religion)

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