Why I Need Money

Most people cannot visualise a world without money. Which shows how mind controlled we are!
What are the thought processes that make us want to cling on to a system of money?

Step 1. If I have no money, how will I buy the things I need, the essentials in life, food, warmth, housing, clothes, water? And the luxuries like wine, coffee, holidays, car. That’s why we need a money system, so I can have money to buy things. Otherwise, how would I survive?

Step 2. But if there was no money, I wouldn’t need to work to earn money, so I would have the time and energy to sort all these things out for myself.

Step 3. Oh dear, that would take ages to sort out, even if I wasn’t working, and I don’t think I have the skills, or even know anyone who has the skills to sort all that out. We seem to have become deskilled.

Step 4. I need money to pay other people to do things and make things for me. So I can own them. Everything I buy has had other people’s time and labour put into it. I have servants, they are just outsourced, invisible to me. Money is a screen so I cannot see how much other people are doing for me. I am propped up by lots of other people below me in the pyramid. I feel I am entitled to buy things because I have earned the money, but That means I am buying people.

Step 5. That is why I don’t want a money system any more. I don’t want people to be bought. I don’t want to be bought, and I don’t want to buy other people. We can still all do things for each other, and share our skills and produce, but of our own free will.

We are all playing the roles of masters and slaves (or clients and servers to use a more modern expression) in the system of monetary control. The reason we want to hang onto money is because we are not always the slave or the server. It’s because sometimes we are playing the master or the client. In the middle classes of the UK, the balance has been set so that the master role is sufficiently large for us to want to keep the money system and turn a blind eye to the people who are almost entirely slaves within the same global money system, Chinese factory workers for example.

So are we any better than the elites? Or are we operating exactly the same way as they are, just a fraction lower down the pyramid?

Getting out of the money system is a huge thing to do, but taking small steps to reduce your involvement is simple, and anyone can do it right now. Earn less, Buy less.

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