Body Experiments

This is how they get willing participants for body experiments.

A mainstream news story (The Metro, 4/10/12) tells of an 8 year old girl who goes cross country running, and then gets a sore ankle. Her Mum takes her to the doctor, as all good parents are trained to do. Now she is in the NHS system.

After some tests, she is told she has cancer. This seems surprising, but the doctor says so, and the doctor is right. This paves the way for a lot of intervention, maybe even pioneering intervention.

The girl’s leg bones are removed and replaced with artificial metal “bones”, which can be stretched as the girl grows, using magnets. When she is fully grown, she will get some adult replacement metal bones.

The girl and her family are grateful to the NHS for saving her life and her leg. That’s because they believed that her leg and her life were in danger.

But supposing her leg and her life were not in danger? The diagnosis is made on the basis of test results. This is very compartmentalised in the NHS so noone knows what anyone else in the chain is doing, and noone follows a single thread through the system. Really easy to interfere with the process. Or maybe doctors have had instructions on how to diagnose certain symptoms as cancer. And doctors are heavily marketed with the latest solutions, the latest products. Either way, it seems quite likely that there was nothing wrong with the girl other than a sore ankle.

It’s similar to the things that went on in Nazi Germany, except it’s now with our cooperation, right under our noses. We are practically asking for it. And all because we trust the doctor more than ourselves. This trust has been manipulated behind the scenes to get willing victims for body experiments.

Another story in the same paper describes how a 17 year old girl was told she needed a new heart because she had had braces or ear piercings. It’s possible her original heart was going to pack up, but I think unlikely, and anyway would be something easily healed by alternative means. The girls reaction was that she couldn’t believe it! But believe it she did, because it was a doctor who told her. Despite her own opinion of her body, she still chose the doctors opinion over her own.

This is all happening voluntarily, out of choice. We do not have to enter the NHS system when there is something out of order with our body or mind. There are other ways. And if you do go through the NHS, you can say NO at any stage.

Why do they want to do these experiments? My guess is that they are developing a human race that has no spirit, no soul, no resistance. Perfect willing slaves. Like The Stepford Wives, they need to test out their creations in the real world to see how they work. Sick people and disabled people are therefore really useful to them, willing victims desperate for life saving body parts. And if there aren’t enough sick or disabled people for the experiments, they can just lure in a few more with a false diagnosis.

(See also earlier post: How Do You Know You Have Cancer, Don’t Believe What You Read)

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