City Sites

University sounds like it is some sort of city. A One True City. Except it is spelled uni.ver.sity, like a “site”, One True Sity. All cities have universities. What is a city exactly? And what is a site?

“Cite” means to cross reference or quote or build upon someone else’s work.
A citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source. It’s a layer or a link to the real thing. The word “city” is a variation of “cite”. A city to me is a layer of human control and a seat of elitist human power built upon the Earth. This seems a bit like a citation, one step removed from the real thing, the real source.

Cities are built upon earth energy nodes, which is another sort of power centre. This time a natural Earth power. Sacred sites, such as Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, are on earth energy nodes. These particular sacred sites do not have cities built on top of them. But it seems that all cities are built on sacred sites. Cites upon sites.

The city overlays the sacred site. It overlays it in name and in deed. The true site (sity) is underneath the city, one step removed from us.

Humans are automatically attracted to the goodness of the earth energy nodes, the sacred sites, probably by electromagnetic forces. A good example of this is in Bath Abbey where there is an energy node. There is a worn dip in the floor exactly at the node centre, though almost all visitors will be consciously unaware of it. (They are about to do some work on the floor, so removing the evidence of this may be part of the development plan).

This makes it is easy to lure people into cities. Then you can plant your money making, tax generating, and indoctrination activities, noise and busyness, casinos, churches, theatres, shops, and gluttonous food. It’s a trap. People will feel good due to the earth energy which will give a false attraction to the superficial temptations on the surface.

Humans are also drawn to other humans, the group energy. So once you have a few people in the city, you have the combined attractive effect of the human energy and the earth energy. After a while, everyone is addicted to the temptations of the city, conditioned to need them.

“Sight” sounds the same as “site”. Being able to see things more clearly is something we can pick up from peaceful sacred sites. But this is much harder with the layer of chaos and confusion and interference created by the layer of the city on top.

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