Killing the Hot Springs

The fountain in The Pump Rooms of Bath is out of order. This is where you can get a glass of the natural hot spring water to drink, sourced from the King’s Spring, and cooled down to a nice warm drinking temperature. But there is no water at present. It is dry.

Last week I was told this was routine maintenance that they do from time to time. Some water had to be sent off for testing. What? If it’s a routine test, how come they have to turn off the supply? This is the heart of Bath’s lucrative tourist industry. What’s going on?

This week, I thought they might have it turned back on, but it isn’t. How long does it take to do a “routine” test on some water? This week I was told a different story. The story has moved on from routine tests. The water is CONTAMINATED. The drilling at the Gainsborough Hotel-to-be (supposedly to provide the elites with a private source of hot spring water) has contaminated the King’s Spring. The Pump Rooms fountain will be out of order for the foreseeable future. It’s undrinkable.

I have been writing about the Hot Springs damage for some time, and this is the first time I have had a glimmer of confirmation of the damage that is being done, though I have received many unconvincing denials and excuses. The Gainsborough Hotel project is behind the whole thing. Every bit of damage points back to this. This project is a front for killing the Hot Springs of Bath, or at the very least, killing the access to them.

But just in case the Gainsborough Hotel project doesn’t kill the Hot Springs, the backup plan is the proposed Fracking in nearby Keynsham. This is to the West of Bath, not far from where the Bath Spring water comes in from the Mendips. The local MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg describes the Fracking as an “extremely exciting and cheap source of energy”. I am encouraged that the Bath MP Don Foster is voicing concern over the effects on the Hot Springs. The Fracking company says Fracking is totally safe, surprise, surprise. All that is required to continue is council planning permission, as government licences for the whole area between Bath and Wells (i.e. the whole area through which the Spring water travels) have already been granted. Fracking is designed to destroy the Earth, and seems to be targeted at good earth energy sites around the country, and around the world. In Lancashire, Fracking has been linked to Earthquakes. Fracking will also affect our tap water supplies.

The Hot Springs in Bath is one of the most amazing natural phenomena on the planet. And there seems to be a hidden agenda to destroy it.

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