The Dyslexics Are Right

Words control us. Especially if you spell them right. They cast a spell. That’s why there is so much emphasis on getting the spelling right, and leaving the right gaps. If you mis-spell the words, you can miss the spell, and have an opportunity to open up your mind.

In UK schools, we are taught the Queen’s English, one form of English designed so that we all learn EXACTLY the same language. The words get fixed in place by the spelling, and by the spaces either side. Our brains are trained to visualise words when we hear them. Our mind’s eye sees the shape that is the written form of the sound. If I say “How are you?”, you visualise the shape “you” in your mind. You don’t visualise “U” or “ewe” or “eu”.

Our language is limited, there are a finite number of words, so our brains become limited too, because we are taught to use words as they are written. We are taught to think in written words. Children are deliberately taught to read and write ridiculously early, well before they have even mastered the spoken and the heard. We must not realise that ewe, you, u and eu are all the same sound! It might lead us on to make links between things.

It seems to me that Latin was deliberately invented to overlay our language with a standard system. It is a very logical language, almost computer like. Latin teaches us that people come in three groups: Us, You, and Them. (and the singular versions of these are Me, You and Him/Her). This is handy for the Divide and Conquer principle. Get everyone’s minds fixed into these three groups as the only possibility, and so much easier to stir up the hatred that fuels wars, the Us against Them mentality.

Or it could be US, EU and THEM. We already have the geographical groups of US and EU. That leaves THEM to be the rest of the world. See how it frames our thinking?

Monty Python produced a famous example of unframing your words or missing the spell. The Four Candles sketch showed how Fork Handles are the same! Monty Python have produced films on the Holy Grail and Life of Brian. I think they were quite tuned into the craziness of the world and the sources of the craziness.

Quay and Key is one of my favourites. The Queen Quay and the King Key. These manifest in the City of Bath as the two crossed keys, laid out on the Georgian street plan. A quay is a key shape and sticks out into the sea, opening access for ships to go between sea and land. A key does just that, unlocking a door, opening access. Take that a step further, and a quay is aqua.y. All I did was miss out the space, and we have the water version of Key contains water!

An overlap of words shows me that Nazi and Zion are linked by Nazion. Fir and Fire are linked. The Fir Tree is a fantastic source for starting fires, the sap is very flammable, and fir cones make good kindling. You just have to misspell things, and your world opens up.

Ewe and Eye are almost the same as Eve! Where does that take your mind? And when you realise something, you have real.eyes.

If you are dyslexic, you might spell Horizon as Horzion, thus discovering an interesting link. (though I am not yet sure what hor means, but it seems to be something of great power over minds). Or you might notice that 2012 can morph quite easily to ZION, as it did for the London Olympic symbology. And now we have linked the Nazis with the Olympics, in two easy steps.

Maybe we should all behave dyslexically, and stop trying to correct dyslexics, stop treating it as an illness. I think dyslexia is a very useful skill.

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  1. dognamedblue says:

    I try & tell people that the english language was invented by the anglo-saxsons to control all aspects of life but I’m just laughed at
    fortunately I’m dyslexic [been tested twice & have an educational psychologist report to back it up] & chronic with words & numbers, I think in pictures [& colours & music]
    interestingly enough I’m dyslexic because I had my skull smashed in as a 4 year old [I believe that’s where my dyslexia comes from] … at Fir Tree infant school

  2. dognamedblue says:

    another interesting point is that the roman catholic church refused to use english as they said it was a tainted language

  3. suliwebster says:

    You sort of prove the point dognamedblue. Thinking in pictures, colours and music sounds far more beautiful, ethereal and human spirited than words and numbers. I have recently realised that my education means my brain is incredibly well trained, almost military style. I have always been brilliant at Maths and spelling. In some ways it is making it easier for me to unravel the plots, as I am a natural at decoding things. But your inner mind sounds more beautiful than mine. Though with time I am getting more practice at thinking without words, and finding them inadequate anyway for what I need to express.
    Wonder what the Catholics were on about? Maybe it was the fact that we have regional variations, and colloquialisms. Not rigid enough. Mobile phone text language is interesting as its breaking down some of the barriers.
    Fascinating that it may have come from some incident on your head. I always suspected that it was enforced training too young that did it. Especially as so many kids with August birthdays, i.e. the ones that start school just turned 4, end up with educational “problems”. And it was FIr Tree school! The coincidences are getting stronger and more frequent.

  4. amosouldeer says:

    Itrenetsnigly eonguh, Elgnsih is iemdmatiley (arilhgt tehn; qlcukiy) crpomhesnbilee as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltetres ramien in tiehr oigrianil piotiosn !

  5. suliwebster says:

    Yes I read that in the mainstream news somewhere recently too. Da Vinci played with this sort of thing too. He wrote entire notebooks in mirror writing. I have recently been playing with the alphabet. Try turning things upside down or on their side, and a whole new avenue of possibility opens up! I wonder if this is why old people in homes like to read upside down. They are just starting to see things differently as they come to the end of their life. Finally using more than 10% of their brain. And we treat them as insane.

  6. amosouldeer says:

    ‘Love’, written in a certain curvy handwriting mirror-reflects ‘evil’ (which in turn/linear terms becomes ‘live’ in reverse form :). Reading from left to right, too, (compared to ‘pharsi’ and many other eastern languages) controls respectively left-right (i.e.western-eastern) hemisphere inter-activation pre-dominance accordingly. And what is the ‘Middle-East’ in the middle of, if not some ethnocentric political ‘corpus callum’!

  7. suliwebster says:

    Yes that’s interesting about the left brain western society and left to right reading programming our brain. And the way the hemispheres of the world reflect that of the brain. The Spiritual East, and the Material West. You mentioned something similar in my recent post “Light and Dark”, with the 4 days of material celebration and the 4 days of spiritual celebration. In Light and Dark, I was talking about a pathway between the light and the dark arenas. And this is again analogous to the brain and the pathway between left and right.
    I sometimes wonder if all the MRI scans these days are checking out the state of the pathway in the brain. Is it getting wider over time? Are the two sides connecting up more and more? This seems to be what is happening to me.

  8. amosouldeer says:

    A visible example of the fusion of both hemispheres ‘at work’ can be seen in the lightening-fast, deft fingerwork of many young’uns on their video game handsets, which combines logical application with instinctual spontaneity. Formal conformation of the same is implicit in the (at long last, for it serves to confirm ancestral wisdom;o) re-cognition of quazntum physics that “The perceive creates what thery are observing”…thereby knocking on the head, so to speak, all legitimate argument for & claim to ‘objectivity’ and separation !
    The glass is neither half empty nor half full; it is teeming with Consciousness 🙂

  9. amosouldeer says:

    According to Arnold D. Wadler (‘One Language’, Lindisfarne Books, 2006) :

    “Writing developed far later than speech. Thus the span of unrecorded time is far longer than the period recorded by historical documents. Primeval man did not need writing. His extraordinary power of memory took the place of hieroglyphs, cuneiforms and letters in the beginning. Behind every word, therte was something different from an abstract idea. Ideas were not metrely thoughts in the beginning og human life on earth. Every student of Greek knows that ID-ea is the same as the Latin VID-eo (I see), that ideas originally were ‘visions, images’ which were connected with ‘sounds’. The English word to WIT is the same word-stem, and a ‘wit-ness’ is a man who saw what happened. Every witness was in the beginning an eye-witness, to whom an event in the past was not ‘dark’ but ‘white’. Thus in German also, ‘Ich weiss’ means I know, and ‘weiss’ means white.” (p.53), and then :
    “From the time of Socrates, Plato andAristotle on, the Greek alphabet appears to run from the left to ther right, while the Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabaic alphabets were written (and still today are written) from the right to the left. This however is a result of the evoluituion of the Greek alphabet aftyer its reception, after its ointroduction by Cadmus. Originally most European alphabets Greek, Latin even the Teutonic Runic alphabet were running just as therir source, Phoenician or Hebrew writings, from right to the left. The fact that the Greek letters stem from the Oruient, from a Semitic source, is proved by another coincidence: the names of the Hellenic are not only identical with the Hebrew letter-names, but the words used are of Semitic origin and agree with threir meaning with the Semitic names.

    HEBREW: Their meaning Greek name
    Aleph ox Alpha
    Beth house Beta
    Dalet door Delta
    Iod hand Iota
    Kaph palm Kappa
    Lamed illumine, teach Lambda
    Mem water My
    Nun fish Ny
    Ayin eye O-mikron
    Pe mouth Pi
    Koph hind-head Koppa
    Resh head Rho .” (p.79)

    Hm…so there’s a turn-up for the books 🙂

  10. suliwebster says:

    I’ve had this feeling for a while that all languages can be boiled down to much the same essence. Even different scripts. The way all our letters are morphing at the moment, soon English will look like Arabic. If not, I wonder if Isaac Pitmans shorthand was set up as a sort of translator, since it is written phonetically. And he got a knighthood for it, so it must be more important than it seems at first glance.
    There are some really interesting meanings in that list. Mem or My for water. I associate Mary with water, and French for sea is “mer”. Also water has memory.
    Illumine and teach are the same meaning here. Which is interesting as I often wonder of the Illuminati are teachers in some way. It is often said that our best teachers are those who cross our paths and cause a serious challenge to us. Because that is the only true way to learn, by being forced to look within in order to find a way out.
    And Nun is a fish! I always think Nun none, which is a bit negative. Maybe The analogy to fish is a better one.
    A friend of mine who is blind has an extraordinary memory. I think this is partly due to necessity, as he can’t keep looking things up on bits of paper. Written words diminish us. But until we learn a better way, they will have to do!

    • amosouldeer says:

      ‘Mer’ sea; ‘mère’ mother; ‘merci’ : thanks mum ! 🙂
      At first language was purely pictoral, then it adapted itself to Wo/Man’s expression of their feelings to the material world hithedrto described, before losing touch with the essence of the former by increasingly abstract, cerebral (left hemisphere; writing left to right?) activity.
      And today it’s a mnenomic device – “Mum’s the word !”

  11. suliwebster says:

    Brilliant! I’ve been searching for that connection for ages. Merci thanks mother water! And Mary of course is part of that. Mother Mary. It’s even in the Beatles song Let It Be, post 1966 (I.e. post Paul McCartneys death). The symbolism is the Bible is hidden for us to find. I keep coming back to this idea that we can’t be told and instructed how to find the truth. We have to seek it in order to truly discover it, because the truth is within ourselves. Everything else is a clue or a signpost which we can read or ignore. The evil ones are busy educating us to misread the clues so we head off on a wild goose chase.
    I also imagine that we did not have words originally. Much like the Chinese, we just had symbols. These were over time put together to form more complex, more precise meanings. I was reading a book last night (1984, which my teenage son describes as boring because its not really fiction!), and thought how powerful words are. A page of writing is just a mass of black squiggles on white. Yet because we have infused all these squiggles with meaning, it becomes very powerful. It can take us off into a whole other world as we read.

    • amosouldeer says:

      The “truth” is, You are the truth, and it is INSIDE of yOu !
      Unified Consciousness. So, all these ploys to ‘seek the truth’ (life-time’s spent meditating up mountains, textes ‘religiously’ and scrupulously scrutinized spent/bent over eons of (therefore non ‘living’) time, etc.) have been a dastardly plot (thank you dear religions, which have done more ‘re-legating’ than ‘re-li-er’ (fr. re-li-nking) to prevent Wo/man from dis-covering that they depend upon no ‘one’ other than them ‘SELF’.
      That words are perceived as being ‘outside’ of oneself – beyond our ken ? – draws us even further away from the point. Yet, “in the beginning was the word”, and the word was ‘Logos’, which reprersents the Consciousness that expresses itself through/from ‘yOu’ – no need for intermediaries (as in priests or their capitalist equivalent, ‘middle-men’).
      (Logos = verb – (the “be All” and end all 🙂 and the disciples the consonants anyOne ?)

      • amosouldeer says:

        “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, and the word was with God, and the word was God (LOGOS, Unified Consciousness). All things were made by him; and without him was not anything that was made” (St. John, my parenthisis 🙂
        When Christ says :”I am the Alpha and the Omega”, the beginning and the end, it’s the beginning and the end of the “alpha-bet” that is being expressed…yOu can take my word for it 🙂
        Another point, when we are reading, and regardless (no pun intended) of which way the writing is written (right to left, or inversly), we actually indulge in a constant ‘coming and going’ (that is evocative and akin to another physical co-creative activity) that often takes place without our conscious awareness.
        For example, if you had written “I was reading a book last night (‘1884’, which my teen-age son describes as boring…”, the reader may have back-checked several times before cluding that either a typing error had been made, or that there was ‘another’ book, this called ‘1884’, etc. But, concurrently (to this ‘literal’ appraisal – concerning the ‘content’/meaning of what is being read), there is also a syntactical reading – verbs, nouns, adjerctives, spellig variations/miss-takes (see what I mean?:) , and so on, ALL of which call into question what is going on with the (written) word.
        For the word ‘apple’ evokes concurrent inflections in the mind of the reader, while, at the same time, none of these can be appreciated ‘simultaneously’. You are either conscious of the word’s ‘literal’ application/signification, or of its syntatical/scriptural application/significance, but not BOTH at the same time.
        So what DO yOu read ?
        In fact, in the same way that the respectively ‘limited’ points of view of the ‘same’ Sun may lead us to see it as either rising or setting, there is a ‘higher’ perspective that ‘sees’ the ‘whole’ picture, uniting both literal and syntactical in what might be described as the “tension that expresses itself between them”. For while logic assures you that this ‘apple’ cannot be simultaneously real or imaginary, and a grammatical figure, it nonetheless succeeds in invoking just that…and much more.
        For it is here where the unfathomable aspect of the Logos comes fully into expression, in all its invisible inter-play ! You become so accustomed to believing what you see, to believing what you read, that yOu have lost sight of the fact that the sOurce of it All (including, then, the medium through which the perceptions express themselves -(paper/computor screen etc.) is YOU – Conscuiousness itSelf !
        Were this not the case, you would not be (able to be) ‘conscious’ of this message.
        Hm…come to think of it…:)

  12. suliwebster says:

    Then we are back to symbol reading. You can read what you like into anything, so why not read what you want to read? What suits you at the time. I got the idea of symbol reading and symbol readers (tools for the divine consciousness) from Philip Pullman, Northern Lights. Each symbol has many meanings, say about 40. There is one main meaning, and many sub meanings. You interpret symbols as you choose according to who you are, and factors such as place, time and circumstance. The symbols are really just a trigger for invoking the truth within/without. They are a more sophisticated version of a divining rod, which is limited to binary type answers (yes or no). I wrote a post about it awhile back The Golden Circus.
    I find that almost anything can trigger off something in me these days. When I read a paper, I read it completely differently to the correct trained way you are supposed to. And I think whoever writes it is also having some sort of spirit working through them such that the writing has more than one interpretation. The point is that there is no “correct” interpretation. You can just choose or feel your own way to see things. Once something has been put OUT THERE, it takes on its own life.
    The beauty of this is that we can all create our own reality, that suits our own path, because our interpretation depends on where we are at in our life.
    How come Omega is the end of the alphabet, not Z?

  13. Russian scientists Pjotr Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin conducted an interesting experiment that is in a way related to what you wrote in this blog entry. They sent a laser beam to an embryo of a salamander which then continued to travel to an embryo of a frog. It changed the DNA code of the frog into that of a salamander which was later able to reproduce, unlike the genetically modified sheep Dolly. The laser beam was modulated to the frequency of the human voice. It was the scientific version of the ancient art of casting a spell.

  14. suliwebster says:

    Fascinating, Thankyou. It is getting quite intriguing to see exactly how modifiable DNA is. The next step in thinking is that we can modify our own DNA, if only we know how to cast the right spell. Though this could of course get messy and go wrong, of not done well. All this ancient magic needs to be used wisely, and for good intent.
    I wonder if TV and radio can modify DNA?

    • amosouldeer says:

      ‘You’ can modify your (own) DNA – take a look at Dr Bruce Lipton’s work on genes and DNA modification – in the same way that you can modify your own surroundings/reality. It’s less a question of “spells” than of unfaultering Self-confidence in one’s own innate (response) abilty 🙂

  15. suliwebster says:

    Somehow I KNEW you’d come up with something like that Amo! It’s not as fixed as we are led to believe is it? Maybe that’s why they want everyone’s DNA samples on database (if they havent already got them all). So they can see who has been modified, and who hasn’t. Then they can link that up to all the other records they have on us, our eating habits, TV viewing habits, our travel habits, our visits to the doctors, our music tastes, our vaccination history, our family line etc etc and see what affects the DNA. Then they can modify their control programs accordingly to create the DNA they want us to have.
    And we can take control of it ourselves instead, just by believing its possible and knowing how to do it.

  16. paul says:

    also interesting
    Here are a few words as I see and hear them to see if this resonates with you.
    Decipher or de, to undo or of, ci/sigh/cy, of mind and spirit and fur, animal hide or
    fer as in ferrous or iron/red/eoptions. Are you starting to get the depth of this
    web-sters yet?
    “Ster” is star or divine feminine creative essence or the right brain where “regis”
    means to rule from Latin. Another thing I always notice is the placement of the
    letter “n” since that letter simply means to make something yours, it’s a
    possessive letter once added to the front of a word to separate vowels or vow-Els
    with El being the same concept as the power of intent in creation to create
    something. It worked something like this. Today we say “an egg” where it used to
    be spelled like “a negg” and the “n” just moved to the “legal left” brain where
    right is “lawful rite” where I choose to sit in between those worlds. I am center
    just-i-fied. If one is seeking justice they are phonically seeking just-is and should
    therefore be happy with their choice but then, that wasn’t your intent now was it?
    Up until this point it could be safely assumed and presumed you were only
    wanting what just is and weren’t you not given that phonetically misspelled to
    you? Alas, you weren’t working in Phoenician law now were you?
    This is a game of universal honour where all is fair in love and war make no
    mistake about it but the good news is, you are beginning to see the trickery of
    creation itself and that was always and will always be based in sound. It suffices
    that you only see the nature of the spell and how anything you say can and will be
    used against you and quite effectively. Do you now see why? I could write an
    entire library of works on every word but the truth is, it was only the tricks of the
    matrix/patrix we have to expose and become the neu-trix on the block. Mother
    tricks, father tricks and new tricks where old dogs had better become puppies
    again lest their chosen by assumption masters continue to beat them. I’m hoping
    that you can tune into the shows where I not only read these on air but I expand
    on the concepts to give people a better understanding of how this reality really
    In order to rise from the ashes, the phoe must be nixed. For me, that’s the true
    order of the Phoenix or phonix/phonics since an “e” is usually silent anyway.
    While you may be reeling a bit from this information, take heart because it is far
    simpler than you think and that again is the trouble with the left brain; it wants to
    figure out everything even when there is no figuring out to be done. I constantly
    remind people to just breathe and let the seeds take root and that can only
    happen when you can shut down your monkey left brain that has been mined for
    too long. Here are a few key words/sounds with how I see and hear them: I am
    sound only motivated
    Ra/re/ri/ = sun of, light of god
    Ka, ca, cau, = spirit/mind embodiment
    Se’,say, ce, = herself, himself, itself or the trinity of creations parts
    P, R , rho, roe, row = spirit breath, creation itself
    X, ex, ecs, ecks = 10, IO the goddess, chi, key, quay, chee, cles (french for key),
    on/off binary, sperm/egg, penis/vagina etc.
    El, elle, L, U (int’l sym-bull for electricity/intent/masculine), = the power of intent
    into the void or the mother sound “Ma-sonic” made manifest.
    I could list dozens more but one thing I have noticed is that all things return to the
    divine feminine inasmuch as the masculine electrical can only move using
    feminine electrons. Without the womb of is-is, the masculine is effectively
    impotent, not I’m-potent. This is where the impossible becomes the fully I’m-
    possible. A great teacher once said that god is light, which is only a higher
    vibration of sound, that you are light and that you are gods. My take on that is
    quite simple really; be careful what/watt you/ewe wish for and start acting
    responsible/re-spawns-abel and be mind-less versus mind-full or you’ll be at
    effect to another’s cause/Ka-se/caw/crow-n, my crow ka’ing for you/Ka-au-se
    etc…..mwahs and love, sharing more soon, kate of gaia

    from here

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Paul that is very interesting stuff. The rise of the Phonics is indeed upon us. I am in agreement with pretty much all that she says though I have come to these conclusions via a different route.
      I always see O neg as one egg, and I guess A neg could be an egg. These two blood groups are very similar genetically. Looks like they made an egg the ONE and only egg.

    • suliwebster says:

      I might have to take some time out to read some of her blog ….

      • paul says:

        yep she has done some good stuff and her spirit is alive and they have spent a long time trying to kill off our spirit – especially at school

  17. paul says:

    off topic but some more with spirit
    Hell hath no fury . . . like a mother whose child has been sickened by a toxin that’s almost impossible to avoid.

    Two activist groups, Moms Across America and Thinking Moms Revolution, want the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recall Monsanto’s Roundup, the most widely used herbicide/pesticide in the world.

    Now is the time to do it, they say, because the EPA is conducting a registration review of glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup.

    Representatives of the two groups contacted the EPA to request a meeting. When the EPA ignored them, they rallied supporters. Over a period of three days, about 10,000 moms from all over the country rang the phones off the hook at the EPA.

    A week later, five Moms Across America leaders were sitting around a boardroom table with nine EPA employees who have the power to recall Roundup. The moms brought lawyers, scientists and advocates from Organic Consumers Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, Consumers Union, Beyond Pesticides and the Truth-In-Labeling Coalition as back-up.

    What was supposed to be a one-hour meeting turned into two. The EPA’s Dana Vogel, director of the Health Effects Division in the Office of Pesticide Programs, and other EPA staff stayed glued to their seats as one mother after another shared heart-wrenching stories of their experiences parenting children with life-threatening allergies, severe gastrointestinal problems, mysterious autism-spectrum disorders, and major nutritional deficiencies.

    The common thread in those stories? Exposure to glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

    Wrenching tales of preventable illnesses

    The activist moms had long suspected pesticides might be behind their children’s health problems. So they had their families tested for glyphosate. The tests showed unsafe levels of glyphosate in their drinking water, in their breast milk and in their children’s urine.

    That’s when they resolved to get in front of the EPA. And when they did, they told their stories.

    Moms Across America co-founder Zen Honeycutt recounted how when she learned of the link between glyphosate and autism, she had her middle child, who had been exhibiting autism symptoms, tested for glyphosate. His urine had 8.7 parts per billion glyphosate—eight times more than is allowed in drinking water in the E.U. She immediately eliminated all potential sources of glyphosate from his diet. After six weeks, the glyphosate was out of his system. And so were the autism symptoms. He stopped hitting people, and his grades went back up from D’s to A’s.

    After a year of eating organic, her eldest son’s walnut allergy went from a 19 to a 0.2. It’s no longer life-threatening.

    In fact, all of the mothers’ children suffered from deteriorating conditions until they put them on all-organic diets. When they figured out that going organic was the only thing that helped ease their children’s symptoms, they started investigating the food they had been eating for possible causes of their children’s poor health.

    Each mother began to suspect glyphosate.

    Zoe Swartz, leader of East Coast Moms Across America and founder of GMO Free Lancaster County told the EPA, “I’m really angry that I didn’t know that there was glyphosate in the food I was feeding my daughter.” She described her toddler’s problems with “leaky gut syndrome” which has been linked to glyphosate exposure. After three weeks of an organic diet, the child’s symptoms began to disappear.

    Megan Davenhall of Thinking Moms Revolution, mother of an 11-year-old boy with autism, told the EPA, “It’s going to be a long road for us.”

    She began her research when her son was diagnosed at age three. As she turned to organic foods, and eliminated chemicals, he started to grow—something he hadn’t done for two and a half years. He weighed only 38 pounds at age six. Now, Davenhall told the EPA, “He’s doing better. He’s not off the spectrum. … It’s a long road for us, because my son was so very damaged. … He was skin and bones and it’s taken us years to recover his gut health.”

    “The damage didn’t need to happen to him,” Davenhall said. “And I don’t want to see it happen to one other kid out there, not one. What we feed our kids, what we put into our bodies, is the most important thing. Healthy food should be available for everybody. It needs to happen. It needs to happen today.”

    Sarah Cusack of Thriving Family Health talked about her daughter Claire who at 12 months, changed from a happy, easy-going baby to a miserable, constipated baby who was literally starving. She was emaciated. She had a huge bloated belly. At 20 months, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. But the turning point came when she switched to an organic diet. Claire is now a healthy six-year-old. Her mom is a health coach. Cusack says that an all-organic diet is the centerpiece of her practice. She’s seen improvement in clients with myriad health problems, including migraines, eczema, rashes, gastro-intestinal conditions, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, constipation and auto-immune conditions.

    Swaying decision-makers with Science

    After the testimonials, It was time to hit the EPA with hard science.

    Honeycutt delivered a 20-minute presentation on how glyphosate figures as an environmental cause of so many of the diseases impacting our kids today. She left behind a binder, prepared by Moms Across America volunteers, packed with scientific articles supporting her assertions. Zen’s presentation and the materials she presented to the EPA covered the following points.

    • Exposure to glyphosate correlates with chronic illness. Chronically ill people have significantly higher levels of glyphosate in their systems than healthy people.

    • Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor which is toxic to placental cells. This means it may impact our ability to conceive and carry healthy babies to term. It may also cause breast cancer.

    • Glyphosate destroys the gut bacteria we need for good health. Scientists have observed that in chickens and cattle, glyphosate kills the good gut bacteria while leaving behind bacteria that causes food poisoning. Glyphosate’s negative impact on our microbiome may be the reason for increasing rates of allergies, celiac sprue and gluten intolerance, and colitis and Crohn’s disease.

    • Glyphosate makes vaccines far more toxic than they would otherwise be. When children are overexposed to glyphosate, they are more likely to react badly to vaccination. There’s an intricate connection between the gut and the brain, such that an unhealthy digestive system translates into pathologies in the brain. Aluminum, mercury and glyphosate work synergistically to create severe deficiency in sulfate supplies to the brain. This may be what’s causing the epidemic levels of autism and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

    • Glyphosate is a chelator that deprives living things of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This is how glyphosate kills plants. It may also be how it’s killing people. Glyphosate-induced vitamin deficiency may be a factor in the growing cancer rates. Glyphosate has been directly linked to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A recent meta-analysis found that exposure to glyphosate doubled the likelihood of contracting B cell lymphoma.

    • suliwebster says:

      Glyphosphate sounds pretty grim, and it is indeed hard to avod these things completely in a Western Culture. My hat goes off to these people for their research and bringing it to public attention, and for not giving up on their children.
      Unfortunately I have been noticing that “Organic” is not in itself the answer, because the supermarkets and corporates are working hard to takeover and control the organic movement. If we do everything by labelling, we are at the mercy of the labellers. We learn to trust a label, and then they put in anything they want behind the label. An “organic” label has a certain list of criteria same as any other label. For example, you could end up with all your organic food being growing in a lab and still being correctly labelled “organic”. I think this is what will happen. Anything with a supply chain is going to be tampered with. Anything with a supply chain involves slavery of some sort. Anything with a supply chain involves a trusted label. Ultimately we need to find a direct chain free connection with our source, and not depend on corporates to provide for us.
      I recently saw a headline which said “Free From Cooking and Eating”. Free From glyphosphate ! Yes the new way forward. Until the next problem. Imagine if we didnt have to cook and eat at all, there’s a thought, Much as I love cooking and eating, I feel that it is a bit of an obsession in our world.

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