Normalising Paedophilia

The Jimmy Savile news story has been good in that it has exposed some paedophilia going on in the world. Not so good is that the mainstream media carefully avoided mentioning that Savile was a procurer for the global elite paedophile networks. The problem didn’t end when Savile died, and nor will it end when they lock up a paedophile or two. It is much bigger than that.

Now the media is turning its attention to the solution. The public would like a solution, and if someone else provides it, that’s great, because then they don’t have to. All sorted, carry on shopping, back to normal, the government are dealing with the problem. This is the standard Problem Reaction Solution process kicking in.

I read The Sun’s reported solution, which is two fold. First is to GPS tag the offenders (including innocent framed ones presumably, but probably not including the elite ones that never get caught). If they hang around school gates, the GPS tag will flag it up (the elite paedophiles will just get to go straight into the classroom as honoured guests). The second part of the solution is better support for children after an attack, listening to them, that sort of thing.

Both of these assume that Paedophilia will continue as normal. There is no mention of actually trying to stop the paedophilia. There is an acceptance of paedophilia as totally normal in everyday life. We just have to learn how to deal with it better. That’s the message. Those that can’t deal with it will be given support and treated as if they are the problem.

The same sort of thing already happens to kids who don’t want to go to school. They are called “school refusers”. They get help and support and pressure to try and persuade them to do something they are kicking and screaming against.

And the same sort of thing happens to kids who don’t want to go visit their absent father. The kid or the mother is the problem. They get help and support and pressure and legal action to make them go. Even when they are kicking and screaming against it. Eventually many of them stop kicking and screaming, stop protesting, and submit.

You can see the way this is heading. The plan. It’s a plan, and it will only come good with our consent.

The only way to stop paedophilia is to dismantle the global paedophile network, from the top. This is the same network that runs the world, and includes religious leaders, Prime ministers, presidents, Royals, Judges, as well as the mainstream media.

It seems impossible to dismantle. They have too much power, don’t they? How do they get that power? They get it from us. We give it to them.

The only way forward, it seems to me, is to withdraw support from the system that perpetuates the paedophilia. It cannot exist without our support. Put your time, your energy, your thoughts, your money and your power elsewhere, outside the system. Bit by bit. Don’t wait for someone else to solve the problem for you. Every little thing you do, think, even your beingness, adds up to a bigger picture.

The 10 Commandments have a lot of Dont’s in them. But there is not one that says you must not commit sexual acts on children. Maybe this is why the Vatican do not have a problem with it. It’s not actually forbidden.

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See The Tap Blog for more on exposing the global paedophile networks.

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3 Responses to Normalising Paedophilia

  1. Breaking news: St John International head office in London have this week made the decision to grant awards to two known members of a paedophile gang in New Zealand. The awards are to be presented by the Queen’s representative in NZ, the Governor General.

  2. suliwebster says:

    It sounds like the awards are something to do with the Queen. So they are probably awarded for services to the Queen’s Agenda, part of which includes establishing and maintaining global paedophile networks. There are two other interesting possible links in what you report. New Zealand is New Zetland, the old name for Shetland. As Scotland seems to be a major centre of worldwide paedophilia, I am wondering if Shetland might be a big part of things too. The other link is St Johns Ambulance, almost openly stating they are linked to paedophilia too. Their symbol is the Maltese Cross, and I have found links between the Knights of Malta and the Knights Hospitaller of St John, who I suspect have a strong base in Bath. What is the real purpose of St John’s Ambulance I wonder?
    This is a page from their website about the St John Fellowship.
    It is part of the Order of St John Grand Priory. The St John Fellowship have 225 branches worldwide. This is obviously the control arm hidden behind the charity. The charity will no doubt be a cover for other activities, as all large charities seem to be.

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