Rory’s Story Cubes

The Metro today describes a new kid’s toy called Rory’s Story Cubes. They comprise of nine dice, each with 6 symbols. You roll the dice, and use the symbols to trigger your imagination to create a story. This seems like a form of symbol reading or dowsing.

For some time I have found myself finding answers in symbols and numbers as I go about my daily life. It has been puzzling me how this comes about. A symbol that was placed in a particular spot seems to be there just to give me the right answer at the right time as I walk by and am drawn to look at it. As if someone has sent me a sign.

Now I think I know how this works. It works in the same way that dowsing works.

I have recently been on a dowsing course, to dowse for Earth Energy lines in particular, though the same skill can be used to find water. Water dowsing is carried out 100% successfully all over the world, including the UK, in mainstream science and engineering.

The dowsing rod I learnt with is just a bit of old coat hanger, but you can use a key dangling on a bit of cotton, or even your fingertips. The point is it doesn’t really matter what device you use to get the answer because the device is just a physical manifestation of the answer, a way of conveying the answer to your conscious mind.

As well as using the rod to find where the Earth Energy lines begin and end, you can ask a question, such as “Is there another energy line nearby?” or “Does this line want to be moved?” The questions are generally set up to give a Yes or a No, because the dowsing rod or key or whatever can only give two possible indications in its movements. It’s a bit like binary.

It’s very important with dowsing that you are clear about the question you ask, and you have to understand how to read the answer. This seems to be unique for each dowser. You can’t tell someone else how to interpret their answer.

When I go about my daily life, I have times when I am tuned in, and times when I am not. When I am tuned in, all sorts of answers come my way just from seeing words a different way, seeing alignments of landscapes or buildings, seeing numbers, experiencing coincidences. These things weren’t placed especially for me, though that’s how it feels. It’s just like the dowsing rod. The answer is available everywhere, but we need some physical manifestation in order to access it.

In order to be tuned in, you have to let go of what you have been taught, the narrow frame of thinking that says exactly how something must be interpreted. Instead interpret things however your mind wants to. Bypass the interpretation that has been set up for us by those in charge, and let your mind be like a free moving compass needle that settles where it wants to be.

Another word for dowsing is “divining”. And I see this as divine energy at work. The divine is the ultimate truth. You can only get the divine truth if your intention is sound, for the greater good. If your intention is for greed or for evil, then you will not be able to tune into the frequency of the divine, so you will not be able to receive the answers.

Symbol reading is a form of dowsing that gives you more detail than a yes/no answer. My earlier post The Golden Circus describes The Circus in Bath as a symbol reader. I guess things like Tarot cards work the same sort of way. There are probably many many more examples. And it seems like a good sign to me that Rory’s Story Cubes might be allowing kids to have more free thought.

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