The Power of The Earth

I have always been a barefoot sort of person, enjoying the feel of going barefoot as much as possible. The first sign of Spring for me is going barefoot on the grass. So when I was given a book called Earthing, it made perfect sense.

The book is scientifically based, and describes the healing power of the Earth, and how we have become insulated from the Earth over the years with rubber soled shoes, sealed in houses, Tarmac, cars, etc etc. The list of Earth insulaters in our society today is quite staggering. At the same time we are all being heavily interfered with by Electromagnetic radiation.

Our natural state is to be the same voltage as the Earth, and modern society changes this. Animals are much happier and healthier out in the cold connected to the Earth than they are in sheltered sheds that disconnect them from the Earth.

Controlled experiments show exceptional healing occurring just by connecting to the Earth! There are several ways of doing this. Barefoot is the most natural. You can also use a wire to connect your body to the earth through a rod stuck in the ground. And since our electric sockets (in the UK) are all earthed, we can connect to that if the other methods are not available.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is the effects on the US Tour de France cycling team. They were earthed overnight and also earthed when they had serious injuries. The healing and rest they experienced was much improved, beyond the bounds of mainstream medical expectations.

And now on to my own experience! Some time ago I bought an earthing sheet. The first night I was disappointed to experience a restless night. The second night I had stomach pains, and by morning I was faint and dizzy and couldn’t get to work on time, and then had to leave early (I have not been off sick in 2 years). The pains were crippling, and I was not happy til I had taken the sheet off and slept off the pain.

That doesn’t sound too good, does it? But please read on. I realised that the pains were like migraine pains but on different chakra. My lower 4 chakra. It was a chakra attack. I wanted to send the sheet back, but was encouraged to persevere, but just a little bit at a time. That’s what I have done. I just have the sheet folded at the foot of my bed, and kick it off when I have had enough. As I get more and more used to it, I can feel the positive energy I get from it. I now look forward to having my feet wrapped in the sheet every night.

The positive effect is less dramatic than my initial negative effect of an “overdose”. The fantastic thing about the intense negative reaction is it shows how powerful the Earth is. A sheet containing some tiny silver threads connected through a thin wire to the ground. That’s all it was!

There are a few others who have had a similar bad initial reaction, and I suspect blood type or place may have an influence. My electricity earth is on a small energy line, the same line that goes across my bed. It cannot yet be explained by the Earthing people why having more wires wrapped around you has a greater effect, but they know it does. This ties in with my dowsing experiences, which says that the Earth Energy is a different energy from anything known in modern science.

Earth Energy lines are a slightly different research area from what I am describing here, and as yet, I have not found anyone else joining them up. I don’t yet know how the lines influence the Earthing process, but I would expect there to be a difference if you earth on a strong energy line or node.

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One Response to The Power of The Earth

  1. suliwebster says:

    UPDATE: I have now been sleeping on the whole sheet for several weeks, and feel great. No side effects. I attribute a massive improvement in my skin to this, especially my hands which usually get sore in winter. I normally wear washing up gloves and put on cream twice a day in winter, but no longer. And my hands feel as good as they do in the summer when I am barefoot by the sea.

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