It’s Just a Game

There are plenty of computer games around where you can kill people. Luckily they are only virtual people so no harm is done, is it? When you are playing this sort of game, you can get more and more advanced by doing greater and greater things to earn yourself more and more points and get to higher and higher levels of achievement. It’s addictive.

Remotely operating a drone is like playing computer game. This time the people to be killed are real, often innocent civilians, though taking a soldier’s life is not much different. Who are the sort of people that would be good at this job, and how are they persuaded to do it? Computer gamers are ideal! They are self trained already, and eager to go. Imagine getting paid for playing games all day! Dream job! All the drone creators have to do is to make the drone controls like a game, put in targets and points and levels.

Let’s take it a step further. Do the drone creators even have to pay them? Do they even have to wait for them to leave school and need a job? Hey, why not just sell the school kids the computer games, and then link up the games to real life with a bit of software. That way, the families and kids are paying for the killings and providing all the labour to do it. Assassins aren’t paid any more, they are willing to do it for free.

Our kids are being lured away from us and seduced into this virtual reality world which is not virtual at all. Behind the scenes, it is wired up to real life. Teenagers could be remotely killing real people from their bedroom in their family home. With our support.

It doesn’t stop at drones.

What else can be operated remotely?

Human beings can be mind controlled or microchipped. They need to be controlled, to be given instructions. Let a computer gamer do it! Give them the targets required and the levels to be reached, and away they go. Send them off to kill, steal, rape, start a riot, whatever is required.

Cars are fitted with satnavs. A two way control device. The newer the car, the more likely it is to have remote controls fitted. Why did the government give out Β£2000 grants a few years back to persuade people to get perfectly good old cars scrapped? Because the old ones aren’t fitted with any of the devices they want us to have. What sort of accidents and pile ups could a computer gamer cause?

Some games are not connected to the Internet, but they are good preparation for the next step up the gaming ladder, in the same way that pre-school is training for real school.

Next time you see a computer game, just think about how it might map to remotely controlling reality. It might not be just a game. And next time you see anything that can be remotely operated, wonder who might be doing the operating.

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7 Responses to It’s Just a Game

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Yes Suli, but what you are calling “reality” hetre IS virtual – an illusion ! These “games” are no more or less “real” than pink elephants of good English cooking !

    There is no physical reality ‘out there’, no drones, etc. The only ‘thing’ that is is your experience – pure unadulterated Conscuiousness πŸ™‚

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes I see what you are saying amosouldeer. I have thought about that one myself too, and I find it a bit of a conundrum. But then I am not being attacked by the drones. Or abused by paedophiles. On the one hand, it is that way round, yes, everything we call reality is virtual. But there is something else that nags at me to treat it as real, I am not sure what. Something to do with it seeming real to most people, and maybe we can’t treat the whole thing as virtual until ALL OF US get to the same point of conscious awareness. I personally am not ready to flip over into 100% conscious awareness, though I dip in and out of it. Most people I know, including my loved ones, are not actually aware of this concept, and I choose not to leave them behind. Therefore most of the time I exist in the dense human reality world.
    Maybe the knowledge of what is actually happening in reality world is what is needed for a human being to get to the point of conscious awareness. And that is maybe why I am driven to write as I do, to spread that awareness, so that we can all reach that higher level together, not just a select few.
    My own journey was helped along by many writers on the path before me.

    • amosouldeer says:

      But Suli, if ‘All’ is illusion, so is/are “ALL OF US” πŸ™‚
      People in general, and your “loved ones” in particular, are ALL “YOU”. They are all particpants in the holographic projection of a make-believe ‘reality’ that is situated (in fact) INSIDE your head (me included ! ouch…it’s getting crowded in here, what with all of your readers n all ! πŸ™‚
      Your “loved ones” are, like the incarnated ‘Suli’, simply playing a role in “your” reality experience/film.
      Paedolphilia and other such atroocities feature among the extreme expressions of the 3-d polarity-reality in contra-distinction to the emotions we hold for our loved ones – the expression/s of fear v. the expression/s of Love. But beyond 3-d ‘limited’ reality, in fifth dimension +, there is no longer polartity, there just “is”.
      For example, in 3-d I may see a ‘sunset’ here while elsewhere you see the same sun as ‘sunrise’. But from a higher (doimensional) perspective, the Sun is seen without such ‘limiting’ qualifications (setting/rising; bad/good; etc.) – simply for what it “is”, perceived wholly in its Unified state.
      What we ‘see’ as being reality is as real as the psychosomatic pain that we may experience; there is no ‘clinical, objective evidence’ to prove the existence of an origin to this pain…but we “experience” the pain nonetheless.
      ‘Reality’, then, is y/our “experience” – there IS NO external, objective empirical “reality” per sΓ©…
      …which nonetheless does not prevent amosouldeer from appreciating your writing ! πŸ™‚

      …which in no way precludes amosouldeer from appreciating your writing ! πŸ™‚

  3. suliwebster says:

    There is an argument that says the world is a stage and someone has to play the part of the villain or the paedophile, otherwise we wouldn’t have a show on the stage, would we? In a stage play, its quite interesting that the actor who plays the villain is not despised, and the actor who plays the victim does not feel pain or fear. What happens if people stop playing their part? Is that when the show ends, and we become something else? We take off our costumes and stop acting.
    I still find I act quite a lot, more perhaps than I would like to. Even now as I write, I am playing a part on the stage.
    When I am in a really good place, I see that everyone is in exactly their right place where they are meant to be, and everything is beautiful, and I love everyone. I find it quite tricky to hang on to that position! And maybe that’s because I don’t want to be there all the time. It sounds to me like you might get there more often than I do.

    • amosouldeer says:

      Beautifully put, Suli :

      “When I am in a really good place, I see that everyone is in exactly their right place where they are meant to be, and everything is beautiful, and I love everyone. I find it quite tricky to hang on to that position!…”

      The point is, this play/film that we have co-created is there in order to permit Consciousness to express and “experience” itself in as many varied forms as possible…infinity is in the air ! When we feel “at One” with everything and everyone, it’s a bit like this ‘home-coming’ feeling in which we -rejoin harmoniously with our Family, “loved ones” because All is Love. No-one and no thing or being is excluded here… We co-create(d) 3-d reality in order to experience ‘difference’, which boils down to experiencing ‘Unity’ but from a limited ‘point of view’ that is unable to contain the full picture, as in the sun-rise/sunset syndrome πŸ™‚

      Down (?) here, in 3-d reality, we are playing the ‘duality ‘ game, which requitres the polarity of good & bad, with ‘Free Will’ thrown in for good measure to add ‘spice’ and stimulate the play. It’s only when we take the play/film/game so seriously (because it becoimers so realistic & convincing) that we lose sight (literally) of the ‘plot’ (a bit like
      Alfred Jarry who, in the end became so involved in the character ‘Ubu’ that he had created that he began living as if he were Ubu).

      I “get there” no more often than you or anyone else. When you fall asleep, you re-join ‘where it’s really at’; we are no longer limited to and by our physical body and the limited 3-d ‘experience’/environment. Unified Consciousness knows no bounds. See you there soon, Suli ! πŸ™‚

  4. suliwebster says:

    That’s a good point about the actor who got so involved in his character.
    It’s also interesting that drama therapy is used to help people play out and experience things. A play within a play. And we can watch films or plays to help us understand all the different parts and viewpoints.
    “Lost the plot” is an expression I think of as meaning we have stepped out of role, abandoned the script.
    We ceratinly live in interesting times!

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