Halloween Harmony

Halloween is short for “All Hallows Even”. This gives us a clue to its real meaning. On Halloween this year, 31st October 2012, nearly all the Earth Energy lines were in harmony. That’s a bit of a coincidence. It seems to me that it is a time to celebrate the last time of harmony before the Winter Solstice.

The popular interpretation of “even” is that it means “evening”. But it might just mean that all the Hallows are even on that day. Even is level, matched, the same, in alignment, Now if a hallow is a description of an earth energy line or a harmony of some sort, then that seems to fit quite neatly with all the energy lines being even, being in harmony, on that day.

Most definitions of Halloween say that Hallows are saints. So is there a link between Earth Energy and Saints? I have often wondered about the way St can mean either Saint or Street. And I frequently find that there is a Street leading to a major earth energy point, for example Honey Street at Avebury, and the town called Street very close to Glastonbury. It’s as if Street means an energy line that leads to an energy node.

In Brazil, there is a man known as John of God, who is a great spiritual healer. He works on an earth energy node using the power of the place combined with sound and human energy. You could almost call him a Saint. He is a modern day Jesus. It seems to me that a saint is someone who is a conduit, who harnesses the power of the earth spirit to help and heal and communicate for others less able to do so.

When the energy lines are in harmony, they have greater power. The time and place is very important with earth energy lines. In the right place (an energy node, a crossover of lines) at the right time (the time of harmony), separate worlds can communicate to each other. It is like a key fitting a lock and being able to turn and open a door.

When the lines are in harmony, this is the best time to connect to other spirits from other worlds, as everything is in tune and connected so much better. This maybe why the idea of ghosts and witches accompanies Halloween. The witches represent the ones with the power to talk to the other worlds, and the ghosts represent those from the other world. Maybe it was once a time to honour one’s ancestors, something we really no longer do. I suspect this is quite a healthy thing to do, as at some level, we are our ancestors. It is who we are, and for our own completeness we need to connect to them. If we are severed from them, we are severing some of our self, some of our spirit.

The Scots have been much more traditional with celebrating Halloween than elsewhere. They see it as part of the lifecyle and rite of passage for communities, according to Wikipedia. This seems to be an important time, and something which we have lost over the years, banned by Christianity, and promoted commercially as a sugar festival for kids.

Anything that Christianity bans has got to be worth looking into. Christianity wants us to stay fearful of death, and they want us to worship death, look at how involved the Church gets in 11/11, their day of death worship.

A quick scan of the internet and some song lyrics come up. A song called All Hallows Eve, by the band called Type O Negative! With a name like that, they must know something! (http://xms.songmeanings.net/m/song/3530822107858691464/). It seems to be about someone selling their soul to Satan as a deal to get their loved one back from the dead.

This is a quote I like from the Internet about how Halloween overcomes death….

“Through his death on the Cross, Jesus has destroyed Death. Death no longer has dominion over us, which means we can mock death because it has no power. That’s the essence of Halloween, the context, the meaning”

(See also earlier posts: Earth Energy Lines, Round Tables, Power Points, Death Worship, The Power of 11/11)

Book : The Key to the Secret of the Ancients

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10 Responses to Halloween Harmony

  1. amosouldeer says:

    “So is there a link between Earth Energy and Saints?” This is the time of year when the ‘veil’ that separates incarnate (so-called !:) mortals from the invisible worlds is at its thinnest, making for optimal communication between the two.

    ‘Samhain’ is one of eight annual druidic celebrations (four Solar, for the Spirit – solstices & equinoxes – and four Pastoral, for the Material World: Samhain (1/11); Imbolc 1/02; Beltane 1/05; & Lugnasadh 1/08). Samhain marks the beginning of the pastoral ‘New Year’ while the beginning of the druidic cycle started in February, at Imbolc. In the same way that ‘dusk’ was considered to denote the starting of the new day, with ‘dawn’ appearing six hours later bringing ‘light’ into the day 🙂

    Unlike the Christian Church, the druids measured time in accordance with a cyclical, as opposed to a linear, system. The eight annual Solar and Pastoral dates were only celebrated once evey nine months (periodof gestation!). The cycle begins with Imbolc when it falls on a Tuesday. It was not celebrated at Imbolc again for another four years, this time on a Friday. (The cycle reads: Tuesday; Friday; Monday; Thursday; Sunday; Wednesday & Saturday).

    This meant that in total, twenty-one years (does that ring a bell ?) was required in order for the twenty-eight celebrations to have been feted (one every nine months) before the initial, beginning-of-cycle day, always a Tuesday at Imbolc, came round (cyclical) again to a Tuesday.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Thankyou very much for that. I was vaguely aware that 1st May was important to the powers that be, but not any of the others. The cycles are really interesting too. My favourite way of working is to arrive at some conclusion by myself, then have it corroborated, which is what has happened here. I am getting more and more interested in the Druids, especially as there seems to be a lot of it about in Bath where I live, and in the surrounding area, Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury.
    I need to think more about the cycles when I have had some sleep!
    The Tuesday thing is quite interesting. My decoding makes that something to do with Mars. And our modern way has Monday, Moon day, as the start day. It’s also interesting that the Druids ways seem to map quite well to our 7 day week and to our current calendar, with the four material world dates happening on the 1st of the month.

  3. amosouldeer says:

    In the “good olde days”, life used to organize itself (in accordance with animal practice and vegetal custom:) around the Lunar cycles, as does the ‘Hijri Qamari’ (or islamic) calendar today. Here, a year is always 12 months long, so the months are not linked with the seasons and drift each solar year by 11 to 12 days, returning to the position it held with relation to the solar calendar every 33 years. (Now then, who was it who was 33 years ‘olde’ when they…? 🙂
    When a group of women live under the same roof in the ansence of males, their monthly cycle quickly coincides to exactly the same ‘period’. As soon as a man (solar, male principle) arrives to live on the scene, this synchronicity goes for a burton.
    At one point, someone (guess whjo) came along and deliberately altered our natural rythmes in order to distance us from our innate symbiotic relationship with All.

  4. suliwebster says:

    I am not sure that the good olde days were perfect either, but there’s definitely stuff to be learnt from the ancient ways.
    I don’t quite understand how the calendar shifts 11 or 12 days out of season every year. Surely that would cause winter in July and summer in January half way through the cycle? Have I missed the point there?
    I am not fond of The Moon (see many earlier posts on the subject, particularly Blood Sacrifice). I have not noticed synchronicity of women’s cycles stopping when a male is present, but I am now wondering if this depends on something about the particular male, possibly a blood type. I don’t see anything good in the Moon, and I do my best not to tune into it! I really don’t want to be controlled by the Moon. And I would suggest that getting women to worship the Moon as THEIR planet is like getting the population to worship the Royals or the Pope. It is persuading us to love our abusive masters, to give them the focus and energy they need to carry on abusing us!
    This starts to raise the question of What Is Natural? Which I keep returning to. If the moon cycles are artificial, then maybe other planetary cycles are too? Is anything natural? Where do you draw the line between natural and artificial? Maybe there are just degrees of natural, a bit more or a bit less.
    I agree all our “natural” rhythms have been tampered with, and there are many people on a quest to rediscover them. It sometimes feels like a rewinding or unwinding process, peeling back the layers to what was before. But this time with the advantage of today’s knowledge as well. I think eventually I will get back to a point where even the Sun will seem artificial. The Sun controls our time into time slots, so it seems that a totally pure life would not have the Sun as we know it.

  5. amosouldeer says:

    Womens’ cycles do not stop “when a male is prestent”. Any group of women living ion the same building (from two to two-hundred and beyond) with respective cycles occuring on any of the month when they first begin to occupy the same space “in the ansence of male prsence”, shall very soon coincide their cycles upon occurence of each Full Moon. However, if only one man begins to live undrr the same roof, the respective cycles discontinue their synchronicity.
    We know that the Sun symbolizers the Male Principle, and the Moon the Female Principle. Those interested in the ‘equality of the sexes’ will not be disappointed to observe thzat both Moon and Sun appear as being the ‘same size’ from Earth !
    The size of the Moon compared to that of the Earth is 3 to 11. This same proprtion to one another is also sharted by our other planetary neighbours, Venus (Love; Women) & Mars (War; Men). 3::11 is 27.3%…and the Moon orbits Earth every 27.3 days ! (The average rotation perion of a sunspot is also 27.3 days.)
    In the northern hemisphere, the Sun moves, day and night, to the left against the stars, taking a year to return to the same star. The Moon swiftly circles around in the same direction every month, taking 27.3 days to return to a star.
    The Moon ‘influences’ tides, plant culture and all MANner of phenomena on Earth, which is not to say that it “controls” them. Their is a higher rate of suicides recorded on Full Moon dates than at any other period of the month, for our emotions are most inclined to become, comparatively, excessively engaged at this time.
    As for the 11 or 12-day calendar shifts, while the Moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth “the Moon orbits Earth, (the period in which we ‘see’ it changing shape), the lunar cycle itself is 29.5 days long (from new Moon to new Moon). The Moon spends the extra 2.2 days “catching up” becauseEarth travels about 45 million miles around the Sun during the time the Moon completes one orbit around Earth. 29.5 days x 12 (months) = 354…between 11 and 12 days less than the 365-odd day year 🙂

  6. suliwebster says:

    I am curious about the idea of women’s cycles unsynchronising when a male cohabits. But it is not in my experience or those I know. My own first and second hand experience is that women are synchronised when they cohabit with each other (or have closely connected lives), regardless of males cohabiting. Hence I feel there must be additional factors which unsynchronise the cycles. . Additionally many women have erratic cycles, which you could argue is due to lack of tuning in with the Moon.
    My biggest question about the whole thing is Why Do Women Bleed? Other animals don’t need to. Why is an amount of blood drained out of a woman every month which is greater than the “safe” amount recommended by the Blood Donor Unit. It means that women between the ages of puberty and menopause (moon.pause) are functioning under par. It is interesting that trauma can bring on early menopause, and trauma can also awaken your mind to the truth of what is going on.
    I agree that the Full Moon is a time of concentrated emotions.
    Ok now I get the 11 or 12 day drift. It’s to do with the synchronicity of the Moon cycles and the Solar cycle, which has a 33 year shared cycle. Because there’s not exactly 12 moon cycles in a solar cycle.
    Interesting ratios of Earth to Moon and Mars to Venus as 11:3. Nice round numbers aren’t they? Like the 400 Sun:Moon ratio. Very neat. Not very random. And 11 x 3 is 33 !.
    Interesting how decimals can disguise neat numbers. 27.3 is not as neat as 3/11. (x 100). Similarly with Pi. 22/7 is neat compared with approx 3.142.
    There are still a lot of things about the Moon which don’t add up for me. Though I haven’t paid it much attention for a while.

  7. amosouldeer says:

    Mooon ? Magic ? Mystery ?…

    There i_s no such thing as magic or mystery; both concepts de-scribe what remains as yet not innetrstood by the beholden, but as everything else, integral facets of co-creative Consciousness 🙂

  8. suliwebster says:

    I haven’t watched the link, but I might! TED has troubled me for some time! Your comment has sparked off a bigger search into them which I have had at the back of mind for a while. Not least of all because of the Bath connection! I will do a post on it soon.

  9. amosouldeer says:

    While you are at it, check into who (i.e. multi-national corporations !:) finances ‘TED’ – nuff said ?

  10. suliwebster says:

    Already have done thanks! Following the dollar is often the most interesting bit!

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