Light and Dark

It often seems like there are two worlds, one light and one dark. Now I am aware of both, why do I not hang out in the light one all the time? Surely that’s the place to be!

I seem to spend about half my time and energy in each one. No matter how much I think I should resist the dark world of the matrix, the Illuminati, the dense heavy control structures, I get drawn back in. If I analyse it, it’s not simply out of habit, its because I want to be there!

Half the time I want to go into their arena and fight. The other half the time I just want to peacefully be myself, focussing on the light and the good stuff, and spreading light and joy to all who I am connected to. They can’t get me in my arena because it’s full of light. They can’t even come in.

The second way sounds the best, doesn’t it? So why am I pulled back into their arena? Is there a purpose to that? Is it because I need to understand the darkness in order to be the light. Is it because that’s where the majority of us humans hang out? If I go into their arena, can I expose it for what it is, and tell all the people in there that there is another way, a better way, that they don’t have to accept the dark way of life?

I have been slowing my life down the last few days, and I have noticed my energies going into a lighter more peaceful state. But there are still forces of darkness that I know I need to be aware of, and I need to be able to deflect. The dark world drains my energies as if in a battle, and I need to recharge in a state of light and peace.

At the beginning of this year, I spent about 6 weeks feeling like I was floating. It was a wondrous time, but I CHOSE to come back down. I didn’t want to be separated from my loved ones. And I know I still have work to do, which I can only do in a more solid state.

It’s as if there are two processes going on in tandem. One is closing down the old dark world. The other is opening up the new light world. Both need work, energy. Some people may choose one arena rather than the other, and others may dip in and out of both as I do. Everyone is in their right place.

It also feels like the path between the two worlds is getting bigger and wider and has more people on it! At the same time, the dark world is getting darker, and the dark forces are trying very hard to shut down the path. Maybe the path will soon be so wide that the light will just flood out along the path like a tidal wave towards the dark world and take it over.

Light is not just the opposite of dark. It is also the opposite of heavy. Enlightenment means shaking off the heaviness, the denseness, as well as the darkness. Becoming more fluid. We have phrases such as “to melt in someone’s arms”, which means you become less solid and more liquid like. Another one is to be “on cloud nine” which is going into an even lighter gas state. A feeling of melting or floating is a feeling of being free.

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3 Responses to Light and Dark

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Many of our ‘dark’ sides are currently coming to light, as a result of ‘waves’ of conscious awareness and our transmutation of flotsam’s jetsam. No more storing away down in the holds and waiting for a rainy day ! The tempest is scuppering in a pre-Spring clean and bringing everything to the surface ! (Are you good at swimming, too ? 🙂

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes I am quite fond of swimming. But who knows what sort of flood it will be? Floodlight, flood of water, flood of energy? Flooding of mind? It will all become clear at some point! Maybe increasingly clearer as the time approaches. My recollection of the time when I seemed to be “floating” is that it was triggered by a mind flood. An opening up of the locked away. Expanding into more than 10% of my mind. (See my earlier post Mind Blowing)

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