Germ Warfare

Germ warfare means detoxifying everywhere with loads of chemicals. That’s why most people’s homes, clothes, food utensils, workplaces and even food, are now laced with chemical poisons. It’s because we are all desperate to be germ free. Scary germs hovering everywhere. The other thing about germ warfare is isolation. Germs are spread from humans and animals, so we mustn’t get too close because it’s dangerous. People must be isolated from each other.

It seems to me that Germ Warfare is a major cause of disease, and a major prevention of healing. The chemicals make us sick, and the lack of contact prevents healing. The power of genuine loving human touch is immense and can aid recovery, and also keep people well in the first place. Medical staff are encouraged to wear rubber gloves, school staff are forbidden to touch kids. Parents are encouraged to put their kids in various isolating places like separate beds and separate bedrooms, prams, car seats, anything to prevent our essential connection to each other.

By the time we got to WW1 or 2, we were already well trained in Germ Warfare. Germ Warfare started in the late 19th century, and is now accepted fact. It seems it could have been a deliberate mechanism to subliminally program our minds ready for German Warfare.

Similarly, the German Warfare then reinforced the idea that germs need to be eliminated to save us from the perils of germs or germans invading us.

Before Germ Warfare, there was another theory of disease. Miasma Theory. This goes back to at least the ancient Chinese. It says that diseases such as cholera come from Miasma, which is BAD AIR. I have only just come across this, though I have been very sensitive to bad air my whole life. If you are in the wrong place with the wrong energy, you are very likely going to get ill. You need to be somewhere else with good air, or clear the air around you.

Nurseries, classrooms, offices and most homes are bad air places. Central heating and shut windows create bad air. Toilets create bad air, and they have been brought into our homes in the last century, even into people’s bedrooms as en-suites! Gas boilers create bad air too. Pollution from roads and building sites creates bad air. Electronic devices create bad air. You can see why they don’t want us to know about the Miasma Theory.

Fear of germs is a major motivating factor for people to get vaccinated. It also makes us hate and blame each other for spreading germs. The hate and blame in the atmosphere is another contributing factor to the bad air!

You can see why Diana was hated by the establishment. She touched AIDS patients! That blew it, that set them back years with their plan. She showed the world the power of human touch and love. And how we should not disconnect ourselves from each other.

Nurses are being programmed to be frightened of their patients. They no longer know what illnesses their patients have, so they are taught to treat all patients as having potentially fatal contagious diseases, such as TB, or hepatitis (the latest big scare stories). At present,they are not provided with protective clothing, but this will surely be the next step.

The Hollywood film Contagion was released a year ago, and scares everyone about a flu epidemic which gets out of control. It spreads by coughing and sneezing, and originates from a bird. Everyone rushes to get a vaccine, though stocks are limited. Everyone believes the flu is deadly. People who catch it are isolated and ostracised. Even someone who sniffs or sneezes is regarded with suspicion or fear. It’s the germs out to get us. Part of WW3, the final war.

Interestingly, Wikipedia have a whole paragraph on classrooms as a major source of disease, and describe this as Miasma! Having worked in a school, I couldn’t agree more. It is normal for staff and kids to be sick. Wikipedia say that classrooms build up tolerance to the diseases, and then after the holidays, children come back with weaker systems and get sick more easily. That sounds like it plays right into the hands of the government who are currently pushing for shorter holidays and even more time in unhealthy classrooms!

Fear and panic will kill us more than germs ever will. Look what we have already allowed into our lives through our collective fear of germs.

Ref: Wikipedia….

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  1. amosouldeer says:

    Dear Suliwebster, are you the ‘Julia’ on the ‘tap’ blog ? Please contact me if you wish on :
    Hope that the water in Bath is not overflowing ! Joyous ‘SATurNAlia to you 🙂

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, well spotted! Though it’s a very thin disguise, not even a disguise really, just a pen name. I like having lots of different names, I have 3 now, and have another new one in mind! It makes me less fixed, and confuses the authorities and form fillers. It also reminds me that I am not my name.

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