Who is TED?

A teddy is known as a “transition object” in child psychology. You are supposed to wean your child off the genuine touch and love of its mother, and replace it with a substitute at the earliest possible age. Personally I think babies and kids are better off with the real thing.

TED Talks is a very slick looking organisation that gives talks to big audiences all over the US and Europe. They have produced huge amounts of online videos too. Everything seems to be available free. A billion views so far. Pretty successful, pretty big, for something that looks “alternative” at first glance.

Talks have been given by the likes of Bill Gates (a philanthropist) and Gordon Brown (a paedophile) as major speakers. It’s a “philanthropic” not for profit organisation. Jimmy Savile was a “philanthropist” too. It doesn’t look good so far, does it?

The slogan is IDEAS WORTH SPREADING. The website describes how an idea can be transmitted across the world instantly at virtually no cost. If a prepared mind receives an idea, it can reshape that mind’s view of the world, and alter the behaviour of whoever owns that mind. And the idea can spread. I agree with all of this, it’s quantum physics. It’s how all the healthy ideas can be spread around too. The problem arises when this technique is used with bad intent to control people’s minds. TED’s intention seems to be to hijack the growing consciousness in humanity.

The website goes on to say that mass media, technology, and market forces can amplify the power of ideas. They have supported projects that create change in global public health, poverty alleviation, and biodiversity. These are the same sort of fronts that Bill Gates uses to help carry out the big plan of the global elite.

It must require a lot of funding, and a large corporate style business structure. So who’s involved?

TED is owned by the Sapling Foundation, established in 1996 by Chris Anderson. It seems to be a conduit for donations. Who runs Sapling, and who makes the donations is well hidden. Since 2001, Sapling has been seeking to “allow the extraordinary passion and inspiration created every year at our conferences in California and the UK to effect beneficial change in the world.” Who benefits from the “beneficial change”? My guess is the business partners.

TED has interesting business partners, such as IBM, American Express, Shell Urbanization Project, Sony, CocaCola, DOW Chemicals, Walt Disney, Microsoft, etc etc. The same sort of corporates that propped up the 2012 Olympics. Why are all these transglobal businesses involved? Surely they will want their own brainwashing messages to be transmitted via TED, and will be unwilling to support any ideas that go against them.

Chris Anderson, founder of Sapling, is from my home town of Bath, where he was previously the multi-millionaire entrepreneur owner of Future Publishing. Since he acquired TED in 2001, via The Sapling Foundation, it has changed direction to the new mission of IDEAS WORTH SPREADING. One of the non profit organisations that funds are channelled to is the Acumen Fund. This was set up by Chris Anderson, and the official listed founder is his wife. Acumen influencers and funders include the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and 3 individual unnamed philanthropists. They have international offices. Their business is poverty, most likely creating poverty.

I have always been puzzled by the death of Chris Anderson’s daughter, Zoe, in December 2010. She died in a newly fitted (2 weeks before) gas shower at her father’s home in Sion Hill, Bath (Sion Hill, Zion Hill, Mount Zion, all the same thing). Her father wasn’t there at the time. The gas fitter was later convicted of manslaughter, though he denied misconnecting the actual pipes that caused the gas leak that killed Zoe, and seemed genuinely puzzled by what had happened. It all sounds very mysterious to me. The conviction was just too quick and straightforward, and the evidence flimsy, when anything could have happened in the intervening 2 weeks.

In her memory, a memorial fund has been set up. This seems to be mixed up with The Sapling Foundation. See link below.

TED is mass brainwashing, an attempt to take over the consciousness of humanity. The real alternative news and ideas are getting too big, so the world controllers need to wheel out their own version to scoop up the masses, those who are still lured in to a trusted brand name to provide them with their needs. I am pretty sure this is it. In this blog post, I have only traced back a fraction of the powerful elite network behind TED.

TED has been put there as a substitute to intercept our connection to the real thing, the real source of truth. Just like a teddy is given to a baby. It looks very convincing until you research it.

(See earlier posts: Don’t Believe What You Read, I Am The Truth)


http://www.ted.com/pages/42 (Who owns TED)

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7 Responses to Who is TED?

  1. amosouldeer says:

    1 across (anag.) : Term in TED; ‘DETriment’ ?

  2. Wish13 says:

    Bill Gates promotes and distributes vaccines via his Trust / Foundation with his lovely wife Melinda to ‘rid’ Africa of diseases (read ‘population control’).

  3. suliwebster says:

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also support ICMEC which is a cover for worldwide distribution of missing kids to global elite . See my post on Centre for Exploiting Missing Children. Bill Gates is a philanthropist. Philanthropist means lover of humans. Paedophile means lover of children. These words have turned the meaning of love on its head. Jimmy Savile was a philanthropist too.

  4. suliwebster says:

    UPDATE: The whole of Queens Square in Bath (with obelisk in the centre) is surrounded by TED X bunting tied to the railings. There is a red X, overlaid with a black TED on every triangle. People have written messages on the back. Queens Square is The Square of Bath, It’s very Masonic. It was the home of Bath Occupy for 6 weeks in 2011, one of the smallest and most peaceful Occupy camps. Last weekend, Occupy returned for 2 days, but the council had barricaded the Square, and they went to Royal Crescent instead. So it seems that TED has taken over from Occupy, and intercepted yet again! The TED bunting was an immediate reminder of last year’s Occupy camp, which also had notices tied to the railings. It seems a very deliberate attempt to capture the Occupy audience.

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