The Three Obelisks

There are three obelisks in Bath, a triangle one, a square one and a round one. They are aligned. Obelisks are placed on energy lines, so each one will be anchoring energy lines in position and harnessing the energy in some way.

The Triangle Obelisk…
Obelisks are nearly always square, so this is quite intriguing! It is in Victoria Park, positioned on an eye shaped island ( in the centre of the very straight Royal Avenue, so the traffic flows either side. In the centre of the island is a circular stone balustrade, the iris of the eye. And in the middle of that is the triangle shaped obelisk, dedicated to Queen Victoria. There are 3 huge stone lions, one at the base of each edge.

There is copper strip running up two of the edges to the pinnacle, and running down into the earth. There are 4 copper antennae on top, each about 6 inches high. One is at the apex of the triangular pyramid, and one at the top of each edge. All connected to the copper tape. You see antennae like this on top of many tall towers, especially churches. Churches are built to anchor and trap energy lines too. There is a way of joining up earth energy to sky energy that I am not yet clear about. What is going on below the triangle pyramid? Why do they need this copper connection?

The Square Obelisk…
Heading approximately East South East, (not in the direction of Royal Avenue), we get to Queens Square, part of the Masonic Queen Key of Bath. This feels like the most important one, and it’s in the middle of the line. It’s Standing on The Square, a Masonic expression. The Obelisk is square and dedicated to HRH Frederick, Prince of Wales, in memory of “honours conferred” and “benefits bestowed in this city”. Wonder what they were? Bath is certainly full of elites and Royal connections.

The obelisk originally rose out of a circular pool, and this is associated with monuments designed to capture energy, such as Silbury Hill, Castles, Pyramids. It is part of the electrical design.

The square obelisk was designed by John Wood, paid for by Beau Nash, with stone donated by Ralph Allen! It doesn’t get much more Masonic than this.

Occupy Bath camped in Queens Square for 6 weeks last year. What a great place to choose to defy the elite powers! This weekend, Occupy camped out again for 2 days to highlight the banking scandal that most have now forgotten, They were unable to get into Queens Square this time because the previously supportive council locked the gates to prevent access. They went to Royal Crescent instead.

The Round Obelisk…
Going further along the alignment, we get to Orange Grove. Right next to Bath Abbey. It would have been even closer to the Abbey if the Abbey still extended as far East as it once did. Maybe this is why the Abbey was shortened? To create the space not only for the Obelisk, but for its surroundings too. Concentric circles are important with Earth Energy, such as on Iron Age Hill forts with their concentric circular ramparts. The obelisk itself is square, but it is in the centre of a raised grassy roundabout. A perfect circle. It is planted up with trees and three curved flower beds, which creates three entrances, rather like The Circus! Circles within circles. The obelisk is dedicated to William of Orange, and there we have another circle at the start of the word Orange.

This is the oldest of the three obelisks, but only just. William of Orange came to Bath and was healed by the Hot Springs. The obelisk was erected in 1734, with the square one following in 1738, and the final one of the set, the triangle, in 1830. All are dedicated to Royals.

Obelisks are a bit like sundials. At different times of year and different times of day, they cast a neat line of a shadow in a certain direction. From this you can translate time to direction, or direction to time.

Time capsules…
These obelisks have been put here for a good reason. One of the reasons may be as a time capsule, something that survives the centuries, so that we can decode it now in our time. So that the information about Earth Energy and our connection to the spirit is not lost for ever. The information is all there if we care to look.

(See also earlier posts on Bath and on earth energy and the Queen including: The Bath Keys, The Golden Circus, Earth Energy Lines, Round Tables, Power Points, Queen Worship)

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8 Responses to The Three Obelisks

  1. dognamedblue says:

    there’s an excellent obelisk in edinurgh, behind the government offices at the end of princes street, but it’s so dirty with decades of internal combustion engine smog that people don’t notice it even though it’s right in front of them

  2. suliwebster says:

    Never been to Edinburgh, though I understand it has many similarities with Bath, including a domination of Freemasonry and Royal links, and a carefully designed Georgian overlay. There is also The Duke of Edinburgh. Interesting the obelisk is in Princes Street. Another Royal connection. I always thought there was only one obelisk in Bath until I started studying it! Maybe there are more in Edinburgh too.

  3. dognamedblue says:

    there are so many freemasons 🙂 it’s like every other person you know is one, although most are 3rd degree or lower, those ones appear to be in it for the drink & “get out of ??? free card”
    seems they didn’t realise you’re not supposed to spit on the cross
    when the queens in all along the royal mile from edinburgh castle to her “pad” holyrood castle they hang some very interesting flags [about every 10ft on both sides of the road], most are old blood line which you only recognise as you’ve seen them “somewhere before”
    some very interesting buildings in “old reeky” especially in the new town, strangely a lot are owned by city of edinburgh council

  4. suliwebster says:

    It’s probably the Scottish equivalent of Bath. They need an elite town based centre in Scotland. There’s a lot of stuff controlled from up there I think. The more I go on with this, the more Scotland crops up. And particularly the paedophilia.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s about to be another obelisk, near Stothert & Pitt’s steam crane on the Western Riverside!

    • suliwebster says:

      No really ! I will have to check out the alignments. They are certainly rebuilding Bath big time at the moment.
      I have also noticed recently that the bandstand in Parade Gardens may be aligned with the 3 obelisks. I haven’t pursued that one as yet, far too many threads to follow, far more than I can ever keep up with.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Regarding the triangle obelisk’s copper antennae and side strips, you wondered about the means of joining sky and earth energy? Couldn’t the copper be serving as lightning rods, which would certainly pull sky energy into the earth?

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, it certainly could be. I think this post was written before the Pope’s selection when lightning struck the Vatican at the moment of his selection. Church spires have these sort of metal rods too. Maybe the copper antennae also works like a TV aerial, pulling in data that cannot be seen unless it is fed into a decoding device.

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