Do As You Are Told Days

It was the Royal Wedding in 2011 that got to me the most. The prime minister decrees that everyone, all the citizens of his nation, can have the day off work! (or school). What a generous government we have indeed, to allow us all one extra day off.

The catch is that you don’t actually have the day off. The day is dedicated to the Royal Wedding. Celebrations are organised up and down the country. You are expected to devote your time and energy to focusing on the Wedding. Royalty Worship Day. It’s hard to avoid, because it sneaks in everywhere you go, not just on the day, but leading up to it too. And everyone around you joins in. You are considered odd, conspicuous, for abstaining.

There are other days like this. Christmas is a day for Consumerism and Gluttony Worship. The day the Olympic Torch Came to Town was a day for worshipping the Illuminati Torch of Death. They are not holidays. They are days dedicated to the cause of the evil ones in power. Everyone focusing on the same thing at the same time creates a sort of power surge that goes through everyone’s minds.

A real day off from the treadmill is when you do what you choose to do, and be whoever you choose to be. A day of freedom.

Today is Black Friday, big in the US, and getting bigger in the UK. Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving, and marks the beginning of the Xmas shopping season. It’s a Shopping Worship Day. There are many special deals on offer. Despite the reductions, the shops make good profit. People think they save money by spending money. I am starting to think people don’t actual want to buy things any more, they just want to buy “special deals” and “offers”.

Wikipedia says that people are often given Black Friday off work to create more shoppers. It’s another Do As You Are Told Day, disguised as a holiday. Violence can occur when obsessive shoppers race towards their bargains. It must be great for the government to see how well trained we have become.

Coincidentally, JFK was killed on 22nd November 1963, known as Black Friday. There are a several other “Black Fridays” in history where people have been killed for protest, or in massacres, or by weather based disasters.

On the Day the Olympic Torch Came To Bath, my home town, children were given the afternoon off school. They were prepared for the day for weeks ahead with related activities. Parents who did not take their kids to see it, were letting their kids down, which made it very difficult to not do as you were told. If, however, you want to take your child out of school for anything to do with your family, you are deemed to be interfering with your child’s education. Building a strong family is not what the government want.

Kids are trained from young to do as they are told, which means we all are. I often hear a parent say “Do As You’re Told”. Primary school teachers are obliged to train kids to follow instructions. Those kids (and teachers) that do this well are rewarded. Those kids that don’t are considered disruptive, challenging, in need of correcting.

When each of my kids started school, aged 4, they changed. After a while, they stopped being able to work out what to do with their time, their day. On non School days, they would ask “What are we doing today?”.

We are so accustomed to being told what to do, that most people find it difficult to function without a schedule of some sort for their day. Perhaps this is why people welcome the governments’ instructions for their days off, and feel grateful for having an extra holiday.

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12 Responses to Do As You Are Told Days

  1. amosouldeer says:

    These situations, with their in-built, pre-conceived retroactive ‘programmed’ responses, represent perfect opportinies in which we are invited to separate the wheat from the bleat, pardon me : chaff.
    ..So Suli, having read your article, er…what do I do now ? πŸ™‚

  2. amosouldeer says:

    Ah, I see ! Don’t “do as you’re told” ; tell… as you do ! πŸ™‚

  3. suliwebster says:

    Yes, it could be turned into an opportunity. There is certainly a choice about how you react to it. I notice that more people are getting fed up with Xmas, and reducing their obedience to it. A good sign.

    • amosouldeer says:

      It’s equally opportune to suggest that you can put a ‘cross’ on Xmas this year; peoples’ obedience will likely be elsewhere… πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous says:

        Do as you’re told !
        Watch the following (at least from about 1hour in :o)

      • amosouldeer says:

        Following on from peoples’ obedience back to “Do as your told”, please discover the ominous US prison scetch & the hilarious high-finance sequence, amongst others.
        (‘WordPress’ has renamed ‘amosouldeer’ (or enlisted them into ?) ‘Anonymous’ πŸ™‚ )

  4. suliwebster says:

    Thanks for the vid link. Will try and watch some soon.

  5. amosouldeer says:

    Here are some more links :
    Zero Point: Vol 1 – Messages from the past

    Zero Point: Vol 1I – The Structure of Infinity

    Zero Point: Vol 1II – The Legacy of the Ark

  6. suliwebster says:

    Ok thanks. I don’t get much time to watch you tubes, but do occasionally. They certainly look interesting. I have read a bit about Quantum Science and Zero Point Field in a book called The Field by Lynne McTaggart. There is also a new theory of science (well about 25 years old) which seems to explain all the psychic phenomenon. Its called the Big Breed Theory. I can’t say I fully understand it! But no scientist that has looked at it has been able to fault it as yet. I personally don’t feel the need for a science to explain it, as long as I have my own proof to myself. But it is nice to see all these separate areas of study and expertise converging.

  7. amosouldeer says:

    We came from ‘Spirit’ in order to spiritrialize matter (“Job done!”); now we’re heading back to Source by spiritualizing ‘matter’ (work in progress) which involves the fusion of all (apparent) mutually ‘exclusive’ opposites – spirituality v. materiality – in a return to Unity in the form of the re-dis-covery (of what has always been ‘there’): Unified Consciousness.
    (“Eh? Beam me up, Scotty !”)

  8. Noo says:

    I just discovered your amazing blog this week. Regarding the change in your kids when they started school, have you ever looked into home education? It’s booming in the UK – local groups must have increased at lest ten-fold since we began 6 years ago. Recommended reading: John Taylor Gatto in the first instance. ‘The Underground History of American Education’ can be read online or downloaded.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thats really good to hear home ed is booming, Noo. I have looked into it, about 15 years ago, and was quite keen to home educate from the start, but my kids wanted to go to school, and I allowed them the choice. Schools have a bit of a social monopoly, and thats a big part of the enticement. But maybe the monopoly is dwindling as home education rises. My youngest recently said that if he was starting secondary school now, he would choose home education, music to my ears! I educate them at home anyway of course, but I have to counteract the school effects first, and find time and energy inbetween all the school and other demands.
      I have read some John Taylor Gatto, in particular his seven lessons of school stands out in my mind. I think he has it totally sussed.

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