Goodies and Baddies

A while ago, a picture came out of the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles laughing together. This was somewhat challenging to me as I thought the Dalai Lama to be a goodie, and Prince Charles to be a baddie. What are they doing together? They look like they are on the same team!

Maybe the Dalai Lama is a baddie after all? Maybe Prince Charles is a goodie after all? Maybe the Dalai Lama doesn’t realise Prince Charles is a baddie? Maybe Prince Charles is stealing the Dalai Lama onto his team of baddies.

It’s starting to sound like a pantomime.

I have been brought up on the idea of goodies and baddies. People are supposed to fit one category or the other, so we can label everyone, and create two sides, two teams.

The attraction of labelling people is that once you have labelled a person a goodie, you can get lazy and just believe everything they say and do is good. You no longer have to process or filter anything that comes from them.

This is really handy for anyone who wants to feed you bad stuff. All they have to do is feed it to you via the goodies. And you accept unquestioningly. For example, get the mothers to feed their kids poisoned food. Mum is a goodie, so it must be ok. Get a “good” celebrity to endorse CocaCola or insurance or banks or war. For example, Daniel Craig recently visited troops in Afghanistan. Great, that means war is ok after all.

Similarly we could miss something good that comes from a baddie. Because we categorise everything they say and do as bad. We could even mistakenly categorise good stuff as bad! For example, Prince Charles is into organic gardening. If you have him down as a baddie you might easily put organic gardening into the baddie category too. Or conversely, you might classify him as a goodie because he’s an organic gardener.

This is really handy for anyone who wants to stop you receiving good stuff. All they have to do is make out that the source of the good stuff is a baddie, or even a maddie (mad or bad). I think David Icke is a very good example of someone painted both mad and bad, when most of what he says is very useful and interesting.

Another danger is that we assume we are in one of the compartments ourselves, usually the goodie camp. And we are therefore at war with the baddies. Any sort of war between humans seems to be destructive and divisive.

So back to the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles. I must stop putting them, or anyone else, in categories! I have not even met either of them.

Most of what the Dalai Lama says and writes seems to me to be very wise. I have no idea whether or not he is part of the Big Plan for total planetary control. It doesn’t actually matter, because I have received a lot of wisdom from him. Providing I filter and process everything that comes from him, providing I do not idolise and blindly follow, I can just take what is useful for my journey and leave the rest.

Most people seem to be looking for a guru or idol, someone strong who can guide them, tell them the right things to do and think. This seems like the old way of doing things. The strength is within, and that’s where we need to look. Other people are just signposts or helpers along our own path.

Prince Charles, I am pretty sure is part of the global elite paedophile network. This is the depths of evil, to my mind. It does not mean he is 100% evil, and there maybe good in his life too. I remember he was once ridiculed for talking to plants, and this is something that is now gaining increasing attention and scientific acceptability. Plants that are treated well will grow well. They have a spirit too.

As I see it, the whole of humanity is on the same team. It is the systems and the indoctrination and the control that is crazy and evil and twisted. People perform (and are addicted to) evil acts as a response to what has happened to them. The only way for the human race to win is to acknowledge we are all part of the same whole. Divided we lose, united we stand. Categories and labels divide us, stop us helping each other along, and they make us look outside ourselves for the truth.

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13 Responses to Goodies and Baddies

  1. amosouldeer says:

    There are no “goodies and baddies”; they are all simple (some more so than others? 🙂 expressions of our “Self” 🙂
    It would be impossible to ‘re-cognize’ any pitfall or shortcoming in an ‘other’ without, first recognizing it as being an innate facet of our ‘own’, all ‘others’ being holographic projections of the same in order to better inner-stand them.
    Having said that, and without further beating about the bush, Dally-Lally also called George Bush his “buddie”, too. Signs of your Winds_or Bush agro_agri-CULT of yore ?

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree. Own your own projection. When I am angry with someone or something, I try to examine what it is about myself that I see that I am getting angry with.

  2. George Silver says:

    When you see Prince Charles or the Dalai Lama you are being sold a story a myth. You see their images on the screen and in the newspapers all carefully crafted to bring you an image. they are no more real than the actors on East Enders. The news on BBC is just a fabrication of the facts. A spotlight on what they want you to see. Nothing is real. It’s all smoke and mirrors.
    Live your life in the real World with people and things you can touch and feel. Ignore the politicians and “personalities” Royal or otherwise. They mean nothing to you or me. The powers that be want you to be a willing captured spectator of their make believe World so that you can be controlled. Break free. Ignore them. Live life as an individual with other individuals and stop living in make believe land.

  3. suliwebster says:

    About 7ish last night, I was thinking about you George, as I was printing off some old posts, wondering where you’d got to, and thinking you hadn’t commented for a while! Then 2 hours later….. You must have picked up the call! Good to know you’re still around.
    Yes I agree they are two fictional characters. In some ways, we all are. We are in costume, playing our various roles. But it doesn’t really matter if they are real or not, it’s what we learn that matters. They happen to be two conveniently famous characters, which makes it easier to illustrate what I wanted to say. The goodies and baddies trap is one which most of us frequently fall into, through training and habit. I, for one, need reminding of this trap, so I can avoid it.
    Whatever comes your way, whatever source it comes from, you can receive it how you wish to do so, and thereby transform what it is.
    The inspiration for the post actually came from a conversation I had as an individual with another individual whilst I was buying some bread in my local bakery in my “real” life. He was doing a lot of labelling of people, mostly as “baddies”, and it spurred my brain on to churn out a post on the subject.
    I see what you are saying about ignoring the world stage, but I am choosing not to at present.
    My real life can’t avoid the likes of Prince Charles and the Dalai Lama. Even if I tried to ignore them, and Downtown Abbey and British Gas and Xmas etc etc, I couldn’t at the moment. Not unless I isolated myself from everyone that I want to be connected with. Even then, the mass consciousness would probably allow a trickle through to my mind. My priority at present is to stay connected to the rest of humanity. And most of humanity are watching the world stage. So at times, I pop in there too.
    I also write a lot about paedophilia, as I would like to see an end to that. As Prince Charles is part of the global elite network, it’s hard to leave him and the other elites out of it.

    • amosouldeer says:

      I do not wish to shatter any “illusions”, but there is no “real life”; it is ALL illusion (wow, even me ! 🙂
      Y/our projections of the “news”, “facts”, of locals in the bakery or Charlies dalai-ing in the limelight, are all One and the same thing – external projections of y/Our Self that appear to be ‘other’ than Self !
      We have become so conditioned to the limited, ego/personality role that we initially chose for our incarnated self, as just one among an infinity of ‘roles’ available throughout the “real” multi-dimensional reality, that we have forgotten our true dimension; that of a sovereign, divine multi-dimensional being that co-created every single aspect of our experience.
      You are not simply an actor in some Shakespearean drama; you are simultaneously the play-wright, cast, plot, con-text, etc.; every-one and everything!
      Science would (still) have it that what we ‘see’ is a topsy-turvy ‘image’ of ‘external reality’. But where do we see the image – inside or outside of our head ? So, when we (as our conditioning would have it) see ‘ourself’ in the mirror, we actually see nothing of the sort.
      It is neither ‘us’ (for it is an ‘image’) nor is it “reality”…because it is (all) inside of our head !
      And just as you see an ‘image’ of (as opposed to your ‘real’) self in a mirror, so too do you see only ‘images’, imaginary projections from WITHIN your head, creating an illusion – what you call above “real life” !
      There is no ‘external reality’ or “real life” (as opposed to “false life” ?) as All is Consciousness.
      And if there is one thing you may be sure of, it’s that If anything could/were to exist
      beyond/without ‘your’ consciousness, you could not possibly be aware of it. So, if you are conscious of it – it’s a part of (as opposed to being ‘apart’ from ) YOU 🙂

  4. suliwebster says:

    I was using the expression “real life” in response to another comment. Though I guess you could say everything is “real”, in the same way that you could say that everything is an “illusion”. It’s just a debate about labels and meaning. I agree with what you say about it all being created within, though there is something missing with that explanation that I can’t quite put my finger on, as yet!
    I also think that no matter how anyone views something, they are always right in some sense. I find this hard to put into words, it gets to a level where words are too limited for communication. Though I did write a post on it “We Are All Right”. It seems to me there is no right and wrong at some level. And that everyone is in their right place. That is just another form of category and labelling.
    I do, however, acknowledge that there is a world that exists that is our controlled limited prison, framed by walls and lines we do not tend to cross. Most people I know spend most, if not all, of their time in that prison world. And some of them are happy some of the time within it, not believing that there is something else out there. The prison is often comfortable. I spend a lot of my time there too, though it can be frustrating, knowing there is something better. It’s what most people accept as “real life”. That’s the common use of the expression.
    If I was completely 100% out of that “real life” prison, I would not be using a computer, for one. I would probably stop using words. So while that is something I aspire to, it is too distant from where we are at, collectively, as the human race.
    I keep meaning to do a post on this. Interesting subject.

  5. amosouldeer says:

    Yes Suli, your second to last paragraph describes the fifth dimension (and beyond), in which neither ‘time’ nor ‘words’ serve any further purpose.
    “We” already exist within these ‘higher’ (or you might, equally, call them ‘inner’) dimensions without (no pun intended) necessarily being consciopusly aware of the fact. For we are ‘multi-dimensional beings’, simultaneously experiencing expressions of existence on multiple planes. What some call “past lives” are concurrent; they only appear in terms of ‘past’ or ‘future’ from a strictly linear, three-dimensional ‘reality’.
    In 5-d, telepathy replaces the need for computors and telephones, as sure as the latter have progressed from beiong ‘tied’ (or emprisoned) to land-lines; all that remaions now is to by-pass the handset to re-install former intuitive co-naissance, knowledge itself. 3-d is polarity-based and, like intellectual understanding, by nature, implicitly exclusive – it excludes the learner from what is being learnt. It’s what marks the difference between ‘fear’ (which is exclusive) and ‘love’,inclusive.
    Intellectual and mental understanding presupposes an orderly acquisition of concepts that remain external to the person, and for this reason, introduces no changes in them.The process of knowledge is inclusive. Knowledge insists upon the relationship between subject and object. Even more, it represents the union of the “knower” with what is “known” or “now One”. “Knowledge”, then, presupposes that they who “know” assimilate themselves with what they know, in a process of ongoing penetration – of co-creation – in the relentless accommodation of Spirit.
    If intellectual understanding refers to the existence of external things, viewed from the outside, knowledge approaches the essence of things as experienced from the inside, thereby advancing along the road towards “wisdom” and the realisation of all-embracing, non-exclusive Love.
    This is somewhat akin to the dichotomy that exists between traditional scientific investigatory methodology – in which the ‘subject’ observes the ‘object’ – and contemporary quantum mechanics – in which the ‘subject’ is, so to speak, the object’. Quantum mechanics bewilderingly concedes now that the ‘observer’ influences what is observed. Indeed, that the observer IS what is being observed: that there is no division between subject and object. In other words, the traditional paradigm of “objectivity” is no longer either logically or rationally admissible! “Seeing is believing” now sees itself transforming into: “seeing is being”!
    Product producing, and in turn producer!
    So Charlie-boy herding llamas is an expression of you, expressing some part of you that you have yet to grow to love 🙂

  6. suliwebster says:

    Just noticed Knower and Noah are the same. Maybe that’s why he built the Ark. He knew.
    Yes I have read some quantum science stuff where they set up very complex situations to demonstrate that the person is completely uninfluenced by the experiment itself. But then what the experiment seems to prove also seems to imply that the person MUST be influenced by the experiment! A Catch 22 really. They can’t prove it by the old methods.
    Personally I don’t need that kind of evidence, and see evidence based “facts” as the old way of doing things. But many people still seem to demand it. That’s another subject I keep meaning to write about!
    The camera is a classic modern day manifestation of the observer affecting the observed. And I think it illustrates the point very well. (See The Wedding Photographer)
    I guess the Charles and the Dalai Lama thing is for me personally about using labels, or not using labels. So easy to slide back into it when you are surrounded by it and have done it all your life. I would also go so far as to say I still quite like using labels, there is a comfortable familiarity to it.

  7. suliwebster says:

    I did a post a while back on telepathy, Nature’s Free Internet. The problem is of course that even though most people are using it subliminally, we are not yet skilled enough, nor do we have enough belief in it to ALL use it. I guess there will be a critical mass of people at some point. Or maybe conditions will shortly speed things up towards that next part of the human process.

    • amosouldeer says:

      ‘…maybe conditions will shortly speed things up towards that next part of the human process” much sooner than many yet think, Suli. RV around this 21st December for the re-birth and ‘beginnings’ of an alternative life beyond and with-out (as you call it) this “prison world”. “Critical mass of people” is likely to assume a new dimension 🙂

  8. suliwebster says:

    I think it is probably the 20th Dec. That’s when the energy lines are all in harmony again. Not long!

  9. suliwebster says:

    Be where?
    Maybe both days are significant in different ways.
    Maybe the whole thing is an illusion, a trick, and nothing will happen at all.

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