Comfortable Prisons

A neighbour described to me how her grandfather was kidnapped from Australia prior to the war (I think it was WW1 but may have been WW2), and put in a prison camp in Germany. He was kept there comfortably for the duration of the war, with others like him, and shortly before the end of the war, the prisoners were smuggled back to their own country and released.

My neighbour tells me he was captured because of his skills and knowledge. He was an engineer, he knew about engines, and if left at large, he may have interfered with the process of the war.

The prison camp was reasonably comfortable, I saw the paintings that he did while he was interred. The prisoners had entertainment, and were able to put on lots of plays, and dress up, create music. This matches with some of the testimony I have recently watched from WW2 Auschwitz Truthers, who describe a reasonable level of comfort, and plenty of entertainment and sport, newspapers (to give them a warped view of the world outside) and a swimming pool.

It seems that if the prison is comfortable enough, and there is entertainment and activity, and freedom and responsibility within the prison, and good company, then hardly anyone will protest. It hardly even needs policing.

The reason for the imprisonment seems to be to take certain people out of circulation for a certain time period while something else was being achieved and orchestrated in the bigger world. To shield these people from the truth of what was happening, and to stop them getting involved.

Schools are a bit like prison camps that run from 9am to 3pm. They make them as comfortable as possible so the majority don’t protest about going, and even like it. It takes all the kids out of circulation. Keeps them hidden from what’s going on around them. Nursing homes similarly take old people out of circulation.

I once lived in a place that seemed so idyllic that it almost felt wrong! I kept feeling we were living in a sort of bubble, unaware of the bigger picture. Maybe I should have been more grateful, because forces soon moved us somewhere much more challenging, but also, in some ways, less isolated.

So the powers that be know from experience what they need to supply us with to keep us quiet, to keep us comfortable and unprotesting. Is the whole of the Western world set up like a comfortable prison? Entertainment is key, and activity, companionship, and a reasonable level of comfort, a bit of perceived freedom and responsibility, and a false feeling of knowledge of the world via the news. There is a certain level of comfort which keeps everyone happy enough, but dim, unaware of the bigger picture, and uninterested in finding out.

I can’t speak for everywhere, but Bath, where I live, is an extreme version of a comfortable prison. (Though it also has many hidden problems too). It’s almost unreal, it’s so comfortable and holiday like. Residents of Bath often call it the “graveyard of ambition”.

A North American Indian view of the world describes four races of people, the Whites to the North, the Reds to the West, the Blacks to the South, and the Yellows to the East. Each were endowed with particular traits. The Whites are said to be endowed with intellect and creativity. Maybe “Western” society has been set up as a comfortable prison so that the creatives and intellectuals of the world are isolated, too comfortable to get involved, to protest, to rise up and seek the truth of the global crimes against humanity. And when it’s all done, when it’s too late, the devastation complete, we will be released, and the comfort removed from us.

Ref: Auschwitz Truthers:

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2 Responses to Comfortable Prisons

  1. George Silver says:

    Without the internet we would have never been able to catch a glimpse of reality and sometimes see the shadows of our puppet masters pulling our strings.


  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes I agree the Internet has been quite crucial so far.

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