Move The Spotlight

Moving the spotlight is a classic trick of the Psychopath. All paedophiles are psychopaths, they see other humans as objects to use.

Earlier this year in Bath, there was a festival called “Illuminate Bath”. A really peculiar part of this was to focus a spotlight on the pavement after dark, and then keep moving the spotlight. The idea was for kids to join in as a fun game. I see it as a psychological game. Little kids would run after the spotlight to try and stay in it. It’s quite compelling. The whole thing was very Illuminati like, and I am confident it was a display of their power.

On the stage, the spotlight is used to shift the audience’s attention to the desired point. All eyes move to the light, and everything else, the things they don’t want you to see, are left in the shadows.

Here are some ways that the spotlight has recently been shifted away from the crimes of the global paedophile network….

Lord McAlpine was accused of child abuse by Steve Messham. Before long, McAlpine was complaining that he, McAlpine, was the victim! Poor McAlpine, we now are focused on feeling sorry for McAlpine, and something must be done so that these elite people cannot possibly be falsely accused again. The spotlight is on McAlpine’s victimhood. Any part of the spotlight now falling on Steve Messham shows him to be a liar. See how easy it is? Easy when you know how, and when you are used to doing it.

David Cameron was under pressure to say something. He said that there was a witch hunt against homosexuals! Now the spotlight moves from paedophiles to homosexuals as the biggest criminals on the planet. All homosexuals are suddenly caught in the spotlight, while the paedophiles are in the shadows. The debate becomes about homosexuals.

The BBC run a radio program discussing how viewing child abuse pictures is not really child abuse. Again it’s moving the spotlight away from the child victim towards the perpetrator as the victim, who is just an ordinary everyday person with normal sexual instincts, who has been misunderstood. Our sympathy is directed to the perpetrator.

BBC Any Questions asks if people accused of (or even charged with) paedophilia, should have anonymity. Again the spotlight is shifted to thinking of the welfare of the abuser. The possible innocence of the abuser is higher priority than the innocence of the child. The horror of the crimes themselves, the child victims, the innocence of children destroyed, are all put in the shadows. Paedophiles are portrayed as just ordinary people with the same rights in Court as everyone else. The global paedophile network slinks through the shadows and off the stage.

This is one that really winds me up… All the media use the term “child pornography” instead of “pictures of child abuse”. They have done for decades. It moves the spotlight away from abuse to pornography, to an association with adult pornography easily available in your face in all newsagents and other very public places, as part of normal everyday life. Pictures of child abuse are taken when children get abused. The market for such pictures is an incentive to further the abuse. The addiction to them helps to further abuse. Looking at such pictures is further degrading and abusing a child that has already been abused. The word to use is ABUSE. Even that seems quite mild when you consider what it actually describes.

We all have our own “spotlight” to control. If we are drawn into their spotlight, we are constantly on the defence, fighting to tell everyone what’s in the shadows, what can’t be seen. Put your spotlight where you want it to be, and the truth will come to light.

I have yet to hear the government or the BBC mention anything about wanting to STOP paedophilia. That’s because they want it to continue. All they ever do is move the spotlight.

(See also: Psychopaths, Normalising Paedophilia, Centre for Exploiting Missing Children, How to Steal A Child, Light and Dark)

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3 Responses to Move The Spotlight

  1. Anonymous says:

    Me2. Don’t they just move the fresnel? Oh dear, was Roger Manners both a paedophile and a homosexual? Is that how the present Duke of Rutland seeks to justify the title “Master of the Hunt”, even though Roger Manners, the then Earl of Rutland, could not manage to get a hard-on for his own wife (Elizabeth Sidney, daughter of Sir Philip Sidney) owing to a) erectile dysfunction b) he married a woman who couldn’t give him the Omargs c) he was rejected by Queen Bess and so decided to set up a psychopathic paedophile ring of his own in East Twerton? d) All of the above. Or possibly e) Like Jesus, “Roger” Manners was actually a WOMAN, so that’s all right then…? You tell me!

    • suliwebster says:

      I am not familiar with any of these people you mention, so am looking them up as I go. There seems to be a whole hotbed of Bath history around Twerton that I havent explored, though I have to say the stuff in Combe Down and the town centre keeps me busy enough. It shows how much easier it is to tune into things that are physically around you, rather than through the internet.
      Have you read any of Cathi Morgan’s stuff? She was a child in Swainswick area, still owned by Oriel College Oxford. She was a victim of Bath’s MK Ultra program it seems, and she went to a Jesuit school in town. She no longer lives here, and left before I arrived, so between us we have experienced different sections of Bath time.

    • suliwebster says:

      The Hebrew name of Belvoir Castle is Kohav Hayarden, meaning Star of Jordan. Hawarden is a name linked to the Ralph Allen Estate and also Nelson’s mistress Emma Hamilton. I have started tracking what I call the Maude Line (maudlin) which has Cornwallis (Cornwall), Hawarden and de Montalt (Italy, de Monte Alto) names in it. This is all part of the Ralph Allen inheritance, and yes Francis Maude, chair of the Tories, is in the same line. Cornwall is run from Bath in the Newton St Loe office of the Duchy of Cornwall, thats out your way! Prior Park is on a hotline to the Vatican (see The Holy See Over Bath).
      Manners also sounds like Mannings, a Combe Down family, currently a funeral parlour sited on the now closed Masons Arms.
      You probably know that Bath is now twinned with Bethlehem.
      I notice Rutland has a turf maze, one of 8 in the country, and my blog logo is based on another one sited in the Scillies (owned by the Duchy based in Bath). Maze, Mazon, maison (French for house), house of masons. (See Troy Story).

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