Apocalypse 20.12

20.12.2012 is approaching rapidly. I don’t think ANYONE knows what will happen, even the elites and their masters. So how come so many think something will happen? Where do all the predictions come from? And why do I think 20th December is important?

Apocalypse means unveiling, or revealing, of the hidden. If that’s what’s coming, then GOOD!

This is why I think there is big change coming….
…The Mayan Calendar cannot see beyond 21.12.12. Mayans alive today are also prophesying a new world. …Dowsers tuned to the earth energy lines know something is coming.
…The elites are acting as if something is coming. Whether or not it is of their own making, I don’t know, but I suspect it is not, and they are just trying to control the outcome to their own ends.
…The planetary alignments are aligned in a way that has not happened for 26000 years.
…Two interviews I have watched with Bill Wood, and with Inelia Benz, which I take to be genuine. Bill Wood comes from high up in the US military and says the elites are panicking because they can’t see beyond 21.12 and they are losing control. Inelia Benz is a new soul on Earth, her purpose here is to raise the vibrations of the planet.
…My own feeling is of time speeding up, chaos getting crazier, time getting more unsynchronised, and a sort of whirling energy everywhere. Others around me report the same.

What could happen?…
I don’t know, no one does, so all I have are possibilities.
…maybe it will be a seamless transition, hardly noticed, but with a big change of direction, like a change in the wind. People will feel different, but not understand why. And slowly things will change to a better world.
…Maybe it will be unobvious but disruptive. For example, the earth energy line grid may be replaced. This means that places sitting in the control points will lose the power, places like Windsor Castle, Abbeys, Churches, airports, probably HAARP centres too.
…The Earth will stop spinning and we will have days of continual darkness or continual light. This fits neatly with The Dark Knight references.
…The synchronicity of everything on 20.12 and 21.12 may allow all sorts of traffic and communication between worlds, times, parallel universes etc. There could be a sort of intergalactic time travel immigration and emigration going on. It’s also an opportunity to create a change, a transformation.
…We go to zero point. All matter collapses into its tiniest form, and like the camel through the eye of the needle, everything (us and the planet) will whoosh through something to emerge the other side. The prediction I have seen for this is that it will be at 11:11 am GMT on 21.12.

This is the day the earth energy lines are in harmony. This is the day to go out and meditate at a good place. You don’t need to know where they are, you can just feel it. Preferably in groups, and preferably away from your own private space, but whatever feels right for you at the time. Put your good energy towards the Earth and Humanity and the Universe.

Now is the time to create the new world, by being what you want it to be. Be joy, be peace, be love. Meditate and radiate what you want. I believe our own minds will be doing the creating collectively. We are collectively “God”. 12/12 was the last window of opportunity for resolving old issues, now we are in creation time. There are SEVEN days between 12.12 and 20.12. Sound familiar?

The elites want to control the creation…
The biggest goal of the elites is to control our minds, because we have the power and it is our minds that control what is.They have got many people into a state of total control, feeding them with daily instructions on how to think, act and feel. This is all preparing for what’s coming. They want to control the Creation of the new world, our new world! What will they do on 20.12 and 21.12 to distract us from our rightful purpose? Surely they will want us all meditating on the wrong thing, on death and destruction. Killing the Queen would work nicely, but maybe they will come up with something else. The instructions will be issued, and how much we obey will depend on how well trained we are to respond. This will affect the outcome. The Xmas program is in full swing, with everyone wishing for presents, being stressed etc. If you are getting stressed with Xmas shopping, it will not help! If you save up your peace and joy for the 25th, you will be too late! If your wishes are for material goods, presents, you are wishing for a new world the same.

Predictions can control the outcome. Because a prediction is a pre-dictate. It frames people’s thoughts and channels them a certain way. If there are predictions you dislike, then don’t sign up to them, no matter how convincing they appear. They are designed to be convincing, so that you channel your energy to create that outcome. Keep focussing on the outcomes you like, no matter how unlikely they seem.

My visions…
These are my possibilities as to how I see it shaping up. But you can make up your own.
…I think we will all be given some sort of choice as to whether we stay or go. I’m getting a strong feeling myself that I will staying, I feel I have more work to do here on Earth, and I want to be with my kids.
…The synchronicity will give us each an opportunity to make a wish on 20.12.2012. Be careful what you wish for, and don’t get it mixed up with Santa bringing presents. I am wishing for peace, love and joy, and a breaking down of barriers of the mind. If you wish for death and destruction, then maybe that’s what you get.
…The Moon will go away and be seen no more. Regular readers will know I am not fond of the Moon.
…We may have constant light, or constant enlightenment, being lighter, less heavy, less evil.
…The flood that’s coming may be a flooding of mind. The barriers in the mind will fall down, and all will see clearly. We get our minds back. Though there may be an initial shock!
…There may be fear, panic, alarm at the change, but this will create death and destruction. Many Hollywood movies have trained us using role models, to react with negative emotions! And hand our power to the State in a perceived emergency. Don’t copy them.

Countdown to 20.12.2012…
Not long to go, and we have survived thus far. It feels like a pregnancy, an expectant mother. Mother Earth. Waters are about to break, and the birth is about to begin.
Here’s a blog on the Countdown, from a friend of mine, someone very tuned into the Earth Spirit. http://www.keytosecretoftheancients.com/2012%20Countdown.html

(See also earlier posts: The The, 12th December 2012, 21st December 2012, Forecasting, Opinion Poll Control, Earth Energy Lines, Halloween Harmony, numerous posts on the Moon)

For interviews, search for Bill Wood Project Camelot, and Inelia Benz Project Avalon.

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5 Responses to Apocalypse 20.12

  1. amosouldeer says:

    There is one thing that you can be sure of NOT happening on the 21st. December 2012, and that is “nothing” !
    {PS: any chance of you sending your present early this year please, Suli ?}

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes, I am increasingly certain that something will happen. I am looking forward to it. You can’t have your present early because I’m not doing any Xmas shopping til 24th, and, depending on what happens, possibly not even then!
    I’ve taken to calling the 20th “New World Eve”. And the 21st is New World Day. I think they might overshadow the Xmas versions this year.

  3. amosouldeer says:

    Oh, I was talking about my (or rather your:) ) ‘Planetary Alignment’ present that’s been awaited for the last 5,125 years ! I’d even returned to Albion especially for it, (and to help hold the Norfolk Ley lines 🙂
    Joyous Alcyone balance vibration to you all 🙂

  4. suliwebster says:

    Good on you! And lucky Norfolk!

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