The Role of Evil

Many people want to kill the evil doers. But by doing this, you are assigning yourself the role of judge, with the authority to kill, and you become like them, you become the evil. It then follows that you want to kill yourself.

You can’t use violence to obtain peace. The end does not justify the means. Violence begets more violence. To gain peace and love, you have to be peace and love. Waging war to gain peace is becoming like them, is it not?

In the book 1984, Winston finds an organisation that is anti The Party. It’s called the Brotherhood. When he is initiated, he is asked many questions, one of them being Is he prepared to throw acid in a child’s face for the cause. Winston answers YES. He is so programmed with The Party doctrine, and so desperate to get rid of it, that he will support the same evil principles that he is against, providing he is on the other team. The other team, The Brotherhood, is another version of the same thing. Winston has become evil, the very thing he was against.

I am, at times, grateful for the evil. Because it has shown me the way to the truth. It is only by dodging all the evil I see coming at me, and by seeing the reflection of evil within myself, that I have found my path. The chemtrails have made me look up at the sky, and see the beauty of the sky. They also remind me that I pollute the planet with my car, and that I choose to be indoors on sunny days, screening myself from the Sun by my own actions. The Freemasons have made me look at the detail of my home city, and not take the beauty and the record of history for granted. I have used their stone markers to discover the Earth Energy. The money lenders have made me withdraw from consumerism, and pursue a freer lighter life of more love and more sharing. The paedophiles have highlighted the biggest crime of all, and shown that children must be the highest priority in a healthy world. Evil has driven me to seek good through connecting with the planet and humanity.

The evil has indirectly enriched my life and my soul, and given me spiritual growth. You can’t tell a person how to become enlightened. But you can help them find their own way along with prods and clues.

How can we know what good is, without the contrast of evil? How can we see the evil inside ourselves without the demonstration of it outside ourselves? Maybe this is the story of Adam and Eve, and the Tree of Good and Evil. The whole thing was set in motion to show the dark and the light as contrast. To understand what evil is, and therefore understand good.

There is no escaping the need for the existence of evil. Which means that everyone is playing their part, just like we learn from watching a play on the stage. How could we learn if there was no baddie? These evil people and structures seem to be necessary for the world at the moment, for it to evolve. Someone’s got to play the evil parts, and it’s not a nice job, is it?

Now I understand the role of evil, maybe I will get to play evil next time round? Which makes me wonder who is playing the role of evil right now? Do you have to understand evil in order to play evil? And if you understand evil, then surely you must understand good? Who are the evil elites? Are they actually more advanced souls? If so, they will be very relieved when the show is over.

Actors really enjoy playing the role of the villain, they are supposedly the best roles. To act out evil on stage is a great way for people to recognise it when it comes along, not just coming at them, but within themselves too. The stage and film versions have to be extreme, to highlight it. The world stage is the same. Extreme.

The hard bit is to recognise the evil within yourself. If you are angry with something then what is it in yourself that you are angry about? That’s the growth. Looking within. Evil will automatically die when it is no longer required.

What is the reflection in me of the evil of paedophilia, I often ask myself? Why does it make me so angry?

The whole system we have is propped up on evil, and it is hard to admit that you have a part in it. We all do. I am part of the system every day of my life. I try to detach from it more and more. “Lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil” is part of the Lords Prayer. If we are tempted to continue with the surface comforts of this current system, then we are tempted into supporting the evil. If we wish the wars and the slavery and the paedophilia and the satanism to collapse, then we must necessarily be prepared to lose the entire system we have, and rebuild from the ashes. People turn a blind eye because they don’t want to face their part in it all, their own internal evil. It’s not a pleasant thing to face.

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