The Nuclear Family

The nuclear family is an expression that we associate with a family of four, mother, father, son and daughter. The government version is set up as the ideal, and we are all herded towards it, preferably living in a 3 bed family home with a number on the front door. It’s a kind of prison, and it’s a convenient administrative unit. But there’s another sort of nuclear family…

Earth, wind and fire…
We often talk about Mother Earth, God the Father in the sky, and the Son (Sun) of God. These map quite neatly to three of the four elements: Earth, Air and Fire.

The missing daughter…
I keep wondering about the missing daughter. The daughter must be water to complete the group of four. The words rhyme which is a good start. The daughter is also missing in a pack of cards. There are only 3 picture cards, the King, the Queen, and the Jack.

The name Mary seems to represent water. In French, the sea is “mer”. In English, the words maritime and marine describe the sea. My favourite link is in the Mary and Michael Earth Energy lines that run across Southern Britain. The Mary line frequently passes through sacred places of water such as Holy Wells, and these are often named Mary. So it seems to me that the missing daughter is Mary. And Mary is the water.

Nuclear reactions…
Back to the word nuclear again! Nuclear reactions are essential for life (though not nuclear power stations, which are government controlled bombs, waiting to be activated). Nuclear reactions ensure CHANGE. And if there is one certainty in life, it is that things change. Nuclear reactions power the Sun. There are two types of nuclear reaction, fusion and fission, joining and dividing. Every time two join to make one, we get a change. Every time one splits to make two, we get a change. Thus there is continual change.

The dance…
My knowledge of nuclear science is limited, but the concept of a constant flowing dance of join and divide, fusion and fission, is a very interesting vision of how everything works in the Universe, how change is inevitable, and also how we could have originated from just one particle.

Mary and Jesus…
There are two Mary’s in Jesus’ life. The one he was born from, and the one he created with. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Mary means mother (a mother horse is a mare, French for mother is “mere”, pronounced as “mare”), and lover as well as daughter. The two Biblical Mary’s seem to illustrate the fusion and fission of life. Jesus divides from Mother Mary at birth (fission), then he joins with Mary Magdalene to create new life (fusion). These are two very powerful human experiences.

Human family units…
The same cycle can be seen in our Westernised human world today, but in larger versions than particles. The splitting and dividing of families is natural and essential. The children grow up, leave home (fission), then may join with another human to create a new family (fusion). A child is born (fission). Someone dies (fusion back to mother earth, and father sky).

It seems that almost everything can be explained in terms of fusion and fission on a small or a large scale. It’s a dance, a constant movement, a swirling of particles, a swirling of people, a swirling of energy. Nothing much happens if you don’t move.

(See also earlier post : Earth Energy Lines)

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